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Don't give up O prince of darkness

I'd like vanilla, strawberry, and blue bunny. I hate the cones so please put it in one of the small plastic pots please!

Third part:

Second part:

Want to see the content you didn't choose but are too lazy to start another save?

Want to hear someone else's interpretation of the game as they play?

Want to know what happens in the Ruthless route but you don't want to do it yourself?

Easy! Watch a Let's Play. I recommend starting with Chapomon's reading. He's pretty smart:


Bruh it's been back to them since 0.6

This is a space for posting theories, thoughts, criticism, and thirsting about the latest version of the game. As usual, just be polite and tasteful.

I've been keeping shut all this time to see if anyone else noticed, but the old man in the first scene has always said things that ruled him out as being Clement. For example, that he had *brothers* when Jean-Marie was Clement's only sibling that we know of.

Good job with the new update! I haven't read it yet, but I want to leave a few comments right off the gate. For starters, I've heard some speculation somewhere about Storm's lineage, including the possibility he reproduced somehow. I want to clarify this is wrong: if Asterion had sex with someone with a vagina, he'd end up getting pegged.

As for P, you might notice he shares initials with the word "peg." Now, it's easy to take this as P being more related to this whole Storm business than it appears at first glance, but I think it's meant to be symbolic. Going back to the Asterion pegging situation, perhaps what this reveals is a subversion of traditional gender values, as the greek statue-esque demigod, epitome of masculinity, even in this case assumes the more "traditionally feminine" role.

To tie this to P, perhaps the symbolic meaning of his name then relates to this act of subversion, in which he presents as a domineering, masculine figure, but has the capability to assume a more nurturing role around Storm.

So why is this important? The story has something to say about those who are lost, including those unable to fit in with society. The mystery of Storm's lineage is a red herring meant to distract from the tragedy of someone like P who has no place in modern society, in part because of societal values present as far back as the time of Asterion's pegging. In the end, P is the one who needs the hotel the most, it is made for him.

Anyway, I'm very excited to see how this update turned out.

Personally, I want an option to play dolls with Argos. Maybe an option to interrupt Argos to pet him. Perhaps even an option to call him a good boy.

>Can sustain themselves entirely out of Minotaur Hotel™ Grape Juice
>Have the most sex appeal out of anyone in the cast with zero effort
>Elevate other characters through their sheer presence
>Usurp the PoV to elevate the story too because the former wasn't enough
>Aren't even in the game yet

Black chads just can't stop WINNING

My least favorite character is Jean. He seems like kind of a cunt.

So what are you guys' predictions for the next build? Here's mine:

Right now

This is a space for posting theories, thoughts, criticism, and thirsting about the latest version of the game. As usual, just be polite and tasteful.

I did some testing on my side and asked some people to try the game on Android but none of us had this problem. Could you tell me what cellphone or tablet model you're using?

This is a space for posting theories, thoughts, criticism, and thirsting about the latest version of the game. As usual, just be polite and tasteful.

As stated in the devlog, 0.5 will be the ending for Chapter 1. So Chapter 2 will start in 0.6

In Chapter 2

This is your designated location for talking about Nerus 0.4. Thoughts, theories, criticism, thirsting. Just keep it tasteful and civil.

I assume you mean the song Dust and Memories. Check the game's About screen, every song is listed and hyperlinked there.

It is. Unfortunately, life has been getting in the way when it comes to releasing the next build, but it will be out once it's ready

The idea is adding CGs in the future, yes. The artist working on the game is a very busy guy so it will take time until he can start working on CGs though.

I don't have a release date for it yet

It doesn't have a Discord server and I don't think it will, at least officially. You can contact me directly on Twitter.

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In desktop you can either hold Ctrl or toggle it with Tab. In Android you can press the skip button. Desktop also has a screen detailing the controls you can access through the start menu.

It's coming out for Android tomorrow

Seconding this. Imagine how warm those coils are.

Just released a very small update to add a feedback survey at the end of the build. Feel free to check it out if you want.

They'll be back by Chapter 2. Maybe even a bit earlier.

It's going to take around two or three more updates after this one to get back to them, I suspect. So no.

I'm around halfway through the Prologue revision. I don't have a solid date but the objective right now is having it finished before the end of the month. Please keep being patient!