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While working on our game, Potions! we needed to make a random customer generator to create characters that come to the store

And as the system progressed we started to have a lot of fun making different customers for the trailer etc

I thought it would be fun to make a web based Customer Creator that anyone can use to roll a random character, give it a name, and send it through to be added to the Wall of Fame!

* This is in no way NFT related - just a bit of fun to share

Kia ora whanau

I'm excited and a bit terrified to hit the go button on our first version of Potions!

Manage your bustling potion cart, serve the ever increasing demand using magic and physics fun. Travel the land in search of new spells and ingredients, before your time runs out!

We've had over 100 days of lockdown in New Zealand (2021) and like most of the world we are navigating ongoing issues.. However I've managed to plummet completely into the depths of game dev!

The game has evolved since the first demo (Nov 2021) and is now playable from beginning to end in what I hope is a fun experience overall!

If time and resources allow I would like to continue to add a few things to the game, though I feel like the it's in a pretty good spot currently.

The Demo has been updated to the latest version and there is now an option to buy the full game - which I hope is priced accordingly..

And a second trailer below;

Happy New Year!

Finally got a full version out! 

Thanks so much! I was really close to Version 1 for Xmas, but still some things to add/polish.. There’s still more I’d love to do to the game, but I think it’s nearly ready to go! No Patreon at the moment sorry, I’ll look into it :]

Hi! Thanks for your comment :)- I'm working on the release version right now and aiming to get a version 1.0 out for sale ASAP. I'd like to get it done before xmas - will keep you posted though

Is there a gurgling sound? Should remove what’s in the cauldron - maybe we need a clearer visual


Hi there - if you press alt+enter it will go full screen, I will look into that as default :)

Thanks for the offer!

Kia ora whanau,

I'm Mikey, a gamer since the 80s and new to game dev..

Recent COVID lockdowns in New Zealand meant work stopped and I was left with a lot of time to invest into something new - learning about how games are made.

And after some experimentation I've just released a trailer, demo and info for my first game, Potions!

It's a game about running a small Potion cart that travels the land in search of new ingredients and recipes, with some magic, physics and colour mixing thrown in for good measure - not to mention infinite(ish) customers!

Really excited to be a part of the platform for my first game and hopefully to connect with gamers who might enjoy an escape into our little world.

Shoutout to my partner who helped with the sprites and adding her magic touch to the artwork!

Thanks so much! Sorry about the sound, I'll look into it :)

Thanks for playing! A few people have found the telekenesis a bit tricky so I'm going try and improve it 

cool game - super hard!