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Rockman Nagasaki

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There was a lot of glitches on my game. The first one was that both the characters went wild on their own and one of them ended up outside the stage and the other unable to get back on the ground. The second glitch was also happened but this time the red one went under the stage.

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Alright, I look forward for the remake game

I have a Dell laptop and the system is windows 10.  I was showing my friends on discord but the game froze about three times. I tried putting it to 800x600 and 640 x 200(?) but the game still froze.

The game kept freezing on me. I even put it low resolution and kept freezing

had a little problem with it? i was walking about 5 seconds and i died early, is it suppose to happen? it happened about...3 times that i died super quick.