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The monologues of the player add a lot of charm, really clever adventure game, love the planet based mechanics.

Very good concept to play around, enjoyed it playing on my phone. Touch controls work fine, the tutorial really helps a lot. The game requires some patience, but it's really good :D

Love the simple and stylish retro pixel art, feels futuristic. Gameplay is very entertaining, gotta watch each steps. Really like the alien sprites.

Simple, addicting and tough, scoring 5 was a challenge for me :P
Played on my phone, for some reason the desktop.jar doesn't get past the grayt apps logo.

I'll have to check that stealth system you made with Ashley, looks like a lot of work was done in there!

Great stealth action game, easy to understand and play, fun and very natural to play.

Very polished game, died at level 2. The gameplay is very smooth, simple turn based is quite fun. Excellent work with the sounds and VA.

I just uploaded RC3 with an important bug fix that also made the last stage almost unplayable

Thanks a lot for trying the game and the feedback.
@kyperbelt, I also fixed a bug related to collision handling, that should be fixed now, again, thanks for the feedback :)

Tell me it's a platypus spaceship! I cannot unsee that.
Looks good, enjoyed watching the earth dramatically explode after crashing into a planet. Maybe it's a little slow paced but it's fair enough

Buen juego, saludos :)

Really fun puzzle game and easy to get into. Gave me some puyo puyo vibe :P
Perfectly played on the browser.

Would really like to try a jar for linux/mac :)
Devlog looks really interesting!

As @Darren mentioned, the desktop jar lacks the manifest: "no main manifest attribute, in desktop-1.0.jar", maybe you can build using provided gradle: gradlew desktop:dist

On android plays and looks great, motion controls make it feel really natural. Can't dislike pong :v

Good simple concept, neat animations.
Played on an old samsung galaxy perfectly, kind of hard to get the controls with touch but it adds to the fun!
Hope you guys continue on it :)

Excellent game! Feels really polished, and very ambicious. Sort of hard to get into at first, but it really motivates to continue playing since it doesn't take that much to restart.
UI is clean and not hard at all to understand. The audio fits the atmosphere incredibly. Achievements and statistics are very helpful to see what you can do.

Thanks for all the comments :)
@kyperbelt: Thanks a lot for the report, I will check that out, though the code is very bare bones in many places and it's probably asking for a brutal refactoring hah
@mmachida: That's a great idea yes, we have a lot in our minds to do with this, but after playing by ourselves we realized it the potential of making it very challeng based, online would be awesome yes!

Cursor keys and playing tips added!

@devilbuddy: Thanks for the comment.

@apricotjam: Wow that's great to hear :D. I agree with you I don't think it's unfair, if it had more easier levels to have a decent learning curve for the player mechanics it wouldn't alienate lots of players..

We will make a full game out of this idea and mechanics after the jam is over, so serioulys I'm very happy for all the feedback. I will continue to check all your entries ;)

Had to go easy mode to get past level 4 with the spawning red guys. Good mix of enemy patterns.
Upgrades are great, but wish I could have upgraded the ship speed more lol. The data logger was a nice feature.
Nice shmup entry :)

Never mess with a space brocoli.
The most fearsome ingredient to fetch for your space salad.
Good entry :)

Feels very classy, was a little weird to play with mouse for me, but love the pixel art and gameplay is very clean.
Good gaem :)

Very clever and entertaining mechanics. Love the awesome effects, runs perfectly on my old laptop.
Great game :D

This is really fun to play and looks awesome, I'm gonna have to check how you did that screen effect.

Nice use of lights, really makes you feel the atmosphere of being stranded. Good use of physics, tried to escape with a ship stucked on my wing hah, good entry :)

I added some playing tips on the game page, hope it helps :)
We really appreciate the feedback! It is very valuable.

Guys. play with the lights off!
Creepy, excellent atmosphere was accomplished here, lightning does a great work, and that thing really scared me :P
Saludos de Uruguay!

Loved the characters and the "voice acting" haha good to see some humor
Clever use of the perspective camera. Was able to finish after getting killed a lot by stupid things, but nice twist.
Great submission :)

Wow haha! Thanks for the comments guys. The audio department couldn't get in time, l got confused with the deadline and submitted 9 minutes, 5 seconds before the deadline :P
I know what you did there mmachida, keep it a secret haha. Will play your game tomorrow with time!

Replied to Ben McLean in LibGDX?

That sounds very troublesome way to fix it... Have you tried using alpha transparency instead of a color? It has been working fine for me that way.

Posted in LibGDX?

Are you using Tiled maps? This is common if you're using a spritesheet that has no padding between each tile. If you modify your image to add a 1px padding between each tile and import it on tiled as such (telling it has a 1px pad) it should display fine.

In case you already made some tiles and don't want to manually rearrange it, I've used this gimp plugin in the past to automatically add padding (or do other modifications) to spritesheets:

Posted in LibGDX?

Glad to see people using LibGDX :D
It's quite simple actually, you need to take advantage of the Viewports, more specifically FitViewport.
Documentation: https://github.com/libgdx/libgdx/wiki/Viewports

Let me show you some snippet for a Screen class which will always maintain the 64x64 aspect:

public class LowResTest implements Screen {
private Color color = Color.BLACK;
private Viewport gameView;
private SpriteBatch batch;
private Texture texture;

public void show() {
gameView = new FitViewport(64, 64); // This is the internal resolution your game will display regardless of window size
batch = new SpriteBatch();
texture = new Texture(Gdx.files.internal("badlogic.jpg"));

public void render(float delta) {
Gdx.gl.glClearColor(color.r, color.g, color.b, 1);
gameView.apply(); // we set this as the current viewport (we could have more viewports, for example a hudView)
OrthographicCamera cam = (OrthographicCamera) gameView.getCamera();
batch.setProjectionMatrix(cam.combined); // Don't forget this else your viewport won't be used when rendering
batch.draw(texture, 0, 0);

public void resize(int width, int height) {
gameView.update(width, height); // also don't forget this
} ...

Hope this helps!

And good jamming to all! I still have to spend some day to brainstorm ideas :P

Days 7-8.5

Intense last weekend tweaking, programming the missing features, bugs, box2d collision going bananas, etc. I really would love to document more but bed is a priority now. However we finally were able to close the cycle and say: "this is the game"

This lacking important thing was missing but was added thanks to Marccio


Tweaking box2d values, changing colliders to be CircleShapes to get away from stucking, and adding a "Stomping goomba" type of enemy :P

Title and Level selection screen:

The title screen is very basic, however the level selection was very important. Unlocking levels when you finish them, a par time and your best time when finishing it. Also Level data saved to json! So it can keep the unlocking progress and the time scores

Gameplay life cycle:

The player has 3 lives, if he gets touched by any enemy he loses 1, however if he falls on lava or acid it's game over (which means level restart). The level has to be finished by collecting all the chibi ice cream and getting back to the ship:

Firing cones:

Almost forgot! The overlord can fire some happy cones that will make the enemies fall back by disabling it's linear velocity and applying a force to center.

Left out due to time:
Out of what I planned doing, only 2 out of 10 or more type of enemies were implemented, and no enemies firing at you, etc.
No cocky effects, particles, expensive animations or backgrounds.
Luckily the player mechanics and the levels we're designed is enough to call the thing quite a fun experience, which I like very much :P

Music and sound will come in a few hours...

Some stuff I learned:

Interactive games like side-scrollers can get tough when using box2d if one is not very used to it and wants to tweak it a lot to have the desired experience. Issues like tunneling, enemies not colliding with bumpers to turn around, etc. Our CollisionHandler class turned into some spaghetti monster at this point.

In the end it was an excellent experience for an amateur like me in gamedev and libgdx, despite all the hard work it took (and taking) it's really awesome to see your game working. Now only remains to design a bunch of extra levels.

Good luck to all those who didn't finish their games yet!

Days 3-6

After taking some days to chill on January and then getting bombarded at work, I got back into jamming this week.

Art style:
Considering that time was precious, we decided to go back to a simple style of 8x8 sprites and tiles, even with 0 experience on doing this, Marccio made all the sprites for the ice cream overlord, the chibi ice creams (the ones you have to rescue) and some slug enemy. And I made very crappy tiles :P

Load game entities from Tiled:
I already had the box2d collision data being parsed, but now all the game entities are defined on a layer and are loaded at runtime for the corresponding Level and created in the game: Player, enemies, chibi ice creams.

Adding some behavior to enemies (AI):
I took a while thinking about this, but I decided to make something easy to escalate for the enemy behavior, be it walking, firing at the player, etc.
It works by making the Enemy entity having an Array of AiBehavior implementations, which are supposed to do different things with the enemy, so it's easy to add or remove them.
For now only a WalkBehavior is implemented.

Rescuing the ice creams:
Important mechanic that defines if you finish a level, these blue guys are happily waiting there for you to just get them, make some happy face then leave disappear. This was done by marccio

Improved the mechanic for the player to feel more intuitive for the player and agile, thanks to Marccio testing the game.
Box2D collision filtering was added by using categories and masks, kinda messy but got it working fine at least.
Added acid/lava pits that will instantly kill the player (respawn and restart the level).

Ice Cream Overlord - Github

Day 2 - Wall climbing

A mechanic I decided to add is to simply do wall climbing sort of megaman x style but while also being affected by the gravity and falling velocity of your ice cream mass.

I'm going to briefly explain how I did it.

Sticking to walls:
Added 2 fixture sensors to the sides of the player, actually only 1 is "active" at the time depending if he's facing left or right (I simply destroy and create the fixture). When the thing is against a wall and the player is not on ground you can stick by pressing towards the wall. When the conditions are met a force is applied against the wall making the player stuck but is also affected by gravity and it's velocity, so if you're falling fast you won't be able to hang on it.

Wall jumping:
Another force that I apply to bounce off the wall and a little upward, so while on air you can maneuver. Had to refactor input logic to use an adapter, less spagghetti, less mindfuck...

Added the sprite that marccio made (thank you!) with sliding and idle animation, probably not final yet.

Next I'll be sketching some enemies to use, lots of things to do in order to cook this thing up, but it's nice to be learning while doing it :)

Github - Ice Cream Overlord

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Day 1 - Into coding.

Spent the afternoon pulling together the basics to have the player moving and jumping around a level.
While toying with physics I decided to make the player slide instead of walk/run, since it's an ice cream :D

Creating levels:
Using Tiled map editor and libgdx-utils (by dermetfan) to parse box2d data into the game so I can easilly edit collisions or any type of body/fixture within tiled.

Game entities:
Extending Box2DSprite and using a simple interface to update and to communicate collisions.

Thank you box2d contact listener

Player stuff:
For jumping im using a footer fixture as a trigger to detect if the player is grounded, got away form ray casting this time..
Decided to add some states so it will be easier to handle animations and other stuff in the future.

Wasted some time creating a HUD class, had to learn about scene2d stuff, damn tables :P

All is going as planned, soon my mate will get into the artistic side and I'm also tempted to try Spriter.
Linking the repo: Github - Ice Cream Overlord

Happy jamming to you all! And merry Christmas! (or intense coding night while totally drunk)

Looking great man. And yeah if this is your first time, Box2D is not in the top 5 friendliest things to learn I still hit my head with it quite a lot, but it sure helps a lot.

(Edited 3 times)

A bit late to the party, but not too late hopefully!
I've been brainstorming for some hours (even getting distracted at work) I ended up with a logical and realistic concept.

So let's begin with the story...

After a few thousand years the Earth faced extinction due to a global ice age that ended up freezing the entire planet, suddenly a new life form that had been dormant the whole time awakens and uses the remaining ships and technology to escape towards space and find warmer planets (but not too warm) to live in, the ice cream people...
Not much time goes by until aliens from other galaxies find about this so called "ice cream" and how tasty they are, so they decide to invade and have them under control. Luckily, they were not alone in space and were not an unusual life form.
Lords from a far away galaxy hear about the situation and the Overlord of the whole ice cream people decides to go on a mission to rescue and conquer back the homes of their friends.

What about the gameplay?

This will be a 2D platformer mix of a shooting action but more puzzle oriented. The Overlord of ice cream has his arsenal of cones to his disposal, however these cones are not as powerful as bullets and can't kill enemies, they will be used to push them away, making them fall on pits, and even defending against enemy bullets. The player will have to rescue a certain amount of ice cream people to win and proceed to the next level.

So many ideas I could be adding... but hey! it's a jam, can't be too ambicious and I already feel this is kinda crazy!
I will be working to bake all that is needed and if time is with me I'll see what it ends up being.

Follow updates on twitter if you're interested: https://twitter.com/LordCoppetti
I'll be updating with in-game stuff here.

Hope some of you guys did read lol, I'll be checking other's dev logs ;)
Good jamming to you all!

A very raw sketch of mine with the player, hopefuly I will get help with the art :P

Hi fellow developers, artists, and users of LibGDX.

I'm a software engineer from Uruguay who started getting into gamedev as a hobby not so long ago. Libgdx has been my main tool for learning and practicing game development as I find it quite fun and easy to use.
I probably intend to do something 2D as I've yet to step into the additional axis and well... I just like retro stuff from the nes and snes era. About tools within libgdx: Box2D, dermetfan's libgdx-utils, Tiled map, etc, are ones I'm used to use.

I'm participating with my teammate who has better dominion over art creation than I do, however we don't have fixed roles, I love doing ugly bizarre sketches sometimes. We're in for the fun!

Nice meeting ya all! Let's create some crazy stuff.