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It's a very nice game, the art is amazing and the concept is creative. It is a little tricky, and I've found my self very stuck on what to do next, but since it is a puzzle game I suppose that is to be expected now and again. Other than that, I quite enjoy this!

This game is super cool! It's creative, and its fun to test different things you initially think wouldn't work.  I've never seen anything like it before, but it's an amazing experience.

This game is absolutely lovely. The aesthetic is very calming and well done. I quite enjoyed the calmer approach to a "keep it alive" game. The message of the game is very sweet and very well executed. Overall It's a very enjoyable small experience!

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It's a very lovely game, my only comment is that I have a bit of difficulty telling what the plants are when looking at the plants and referencing the book. However the art is very well done, and I'm sure it would be easier for a plant expert to tell.

I've just played through this, and I have to say its amazing! It has many sweet moments and a very well thought out and executed story. The dialogue has a very natural and casual feeling to it, never getting too heavy despite the implications of the overarching plot. The gameplay is not overly complicated, but also keeps itself from becoming repetitive. It was an absolute joy to play, and I hope to see more games from you in the future!

I was doing it on the campfire screen. I tried it just now on the map screen, and it works just fine. Thank you very much!

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There seems to be a little bit of an issue with feeding yourself, as i can bring the food to myself but nothing happens. Could be an issue with my browser or laptop? Other than that, it seems to be a very lovely and calming game!

Even though it's still a work in progress, It's fun, unique, and overall a pretty cool game! I have to thank you for making it free, because the amount of time and effort put into it really shows.