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Robin ♥

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Had a really good time on this game with a friend of mine !
Cute graphics, nice gameplay, learned in 5 seconds : perfect : D.

Only complaints : not having 1 ball color / player is a little confusing at first.  Also : some boss battles are reealy long. The succubus and the final boss took us much more time than any other. Touching them just once can take long, and do so little damage : ).

Played the first 2 levels of your game : a lot ofgood work and ideas !
The controls still have a lot of room for improvement (i was playing with a dual-stick controller) : they work, but you sometime need 3 fingers to imput an answers (the two sticks + confirm) wich can be tricky.
Maybe you can solve all of this with mouse-control (i mean : everything is pretty visual : with a mouse i could point the right answer efficiently, and even draw better than with dual sticks).  Also, mouses-control are great to move in a isometric-3d environnement (right click/left click give a lot of options).

I agree with Kattywampus on all of the sound-feedback.

One of the thing i have find the more helping in the game was when another caracter tell me a trick (like think of "KI" as a "key"). Those mnemotecnik tricks where all given "in bulk" by a text-box at the start of the 2nd level, but maybe it would have been more efficient if i "discovered them" one by one by talking to someone in the forest (like, in a mostly safe-zone at the start of the level, or in one of the corridors). Maybe "finding" those PNJs once in the forest making them accesible latter in the start-village ? (More Pnj's diversity could be great (other "persons" not only faeries).

Only visual complaint : the particles on the sword. Nice 5 minutes, then too much present. Overall visuals works fine : a little more diveristy and they'll be plenty of thing to watch without needing a permanent-sparkly effect : ).

Anyway : will follow your work, core game is working nice, time content and level-design can only improve that.

Done : ). The extension of the game-jam helped a lot. I still have a lot of rule-book polishing to do, but at least everything is here and playable (。-ω-).

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A little update !
The sempaï-romancing-multiplayer-print-and-play game is going great !
The first tests where cool, and now i have 9 days left to make it cooler.
You'll have to eye-contact people, and take your chance proposing them : D.
Cards will look something like that : (maybe a little less brightly-white : D)
(of course : the pink one is a kohaï-card, the green is a sempaï-one)

Tactical flirting ! I can't wait to play that ^o^

Created a new topic Your idea's so far : 3 ?

Hi everybody ! Really motivated for this one : )
Just feel like doing a little topic to discuss basic ideas / objectives etc.

My objectives for this one :
- make a card game
- for a lot of players (like, 5 to 12 or something like that)
- with not so many cards/player
- with some sempaï-romancing in it !!!

So far : i got a exel table done.
Next step : first prototype fabrication : D. Yeay !

Really good graphic & writing ! The talks between the two protagonnist are just hilarious : ). For me the platforming and jumping still feel a little rigid, but overall, a really great job.

Cool and beautiful game !
Not reallyhorny for me, but already a little cute : 3. I like the main caracter, but the way she walk seem a little strange/off to me. The battle moves are great.

Wow, i now have replayed the final-version, and i put my ratting up accordingly. For me, this is by far the hottest & cuttest game of this jam. The little brushing sound you had is just perfect and had to the "tactile" feeling, the color-effects works really well, and the "apex and after" feel strong & accurate.
For me, the straightforwardness of your game is a great force : everybody colored something some day, we all know how to do it. The only way i think you could improve it would be adding more and more little things, like specific reaction when you colorize specific parts of the critter, a more polished interface, and so on.
Whatever you do with it in the futur : great work.

Haha, it's a metaphor. Instead of big-icicles and sweet fruits, you can try to picture more lewd things. The pleasured "smiley" cards are also a big part of the narration : ). At first i thought about making something more explicit, but it's more inclusive this way. The way you play is important too : it's a collaboration, between two persons, a construction where nobody knows exactly what the other have in hand. I see that as a good sexual metaphor, altought i think you can play the game without noticing it at all :).

It's so cute ! A beautifull and charming idea.
For me the absence of sound is really good : gives more importance to the attitude and mimics of the little critter.
Can't wait to see how you improve this great start ^^.

Arf, at first i tought this game could also be played alone (with a kind of "solitaire" feeling, trying to occupy as much space on a table as possible... but it turn out to be pretty boring : /), i think that making card games that you could play alone is even a bigger chalenge than making coopérative-ones.
I will surely try it one day thought : ).

Thank for this ^^.

Posted in Game Ideas

I'm so exited by this game-jam !
Don't know exactly what i will do for now, but one thing is certain : it will be a card game !.. or at least something printable !
One of my main idea for now is a solo card game, but that can change.
Of course the hornie-est of things (like, let's say the representation of sexuality) pose multiple questions, and challenges almost incompatibles with games...
Here are a list of some traps i intend to not-fall in :
- I won't make a game that display sexuality as something where performance is the goal.
- I don't want to make a game that objectify,
- I will try to make something as not hetero-centrist as possible, something where you can choose what-you like, and also pick opportunies that arise...
... or at least i will die trying ^^ !

...Very impatient to see all the things other will do ♥.
Best of inspiration to you all !

Annnnd... done !
I really finished this one at the last moment possible (cause i'll be far from internet for the week end).
A 100 card game ! All of them differents ! To print yourselves ! (okay, this last one is a bummer, but i made the files easy to print : )
As ever with game-jams, it lack a lot of testing (and might change in the futur because of that), but as few as they where, tests where fun and works !
Don't hesitate to ask question and add remarks.

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Hi ! It will be a card game about walking the way you like on forbidden grass !
To be more specific, you'll have to choose between cards to form the longuest chain of walks possible (kind of like a "snake game" : you can't walk on the same place twice). Hopefully, it will be playable 1 to 4 players.
But anything can still change at this point. I'm currently making the first prototype and i'm eager to test it. i still have to decided if it will be played on a grid, or if the table used will be the limit.
I already have illustrated 100 way to walk, and hope they will all be in the final version ^^.

Hi !
This will be my first rainbow game-jam, and i have a question.
When i first read the jam description, i got the idea of-what-i-wanna do in a minute, but i'm afraid that it could be a little off-bounds.
This will be (if i succeed) a game about walking on a forbidden-grass, and walking your own way.
I intend to do a print-it-yourself card-game (wich is not the more narrative medium).
My concern is : the relation with the theme is of course metaphorical and creative (i'm making rules to match my first idea ("nobody should tell you where and how you should walk"). But it don't talk literally about a queer experience, and the same lack of literallity can be pointed if all games must be "stories untold".

So... is metaphor okay ? For me it's still about queer and minorities, but i would understand completly if it does not fall (huhu) in the boundaries for this jam...

Thanks ^^.
Each player must play a card on each turn (because cards are like a time-counter for this game). And all they are allowed to do is written on the item they use (this way, it allow specials actions where the player can't flip any-cards for a turn). But most of the items alow to flip 2 or more cards anyway (the "vanilla" ones allow only that and cost nothing).

Version 1 fishnished ! (huhuhu)
It's called "pond of the unfinshingable", and it's like a memory BUT :

- different fishes have different values,
- each turn, the active player use one of four possibles items
- some items costs points, other cost nothing.
- the game end in 8 turns
- each player have the same 12 cards starting-deck, but at the end 4 of them won't be used.
- let's be honest : there's a lot of some luck, and some of a lot of strategy and carefull timing. Just like real fishing !
So you can say it's a pretty accurate fishing-simulation... : D

Trigger warning : might contain some roughly translated english. Sorry for that : ).
Enjoy !

>( u °3°) it look so cool !
Defenity gonna print-and-try it !

Woaw ! Physics !
This look neat : ).

Created a new topic Strasbourg-Fishers reporting !

Hi everybody !
Just a quick post to say they are (at least) 4 french peoples in Strasbourg doing this game-jam.
For now, we have three ingoing project ! A card game, a board game, and a vidéo game ! (most of us are attracted by printing, paper, and so on. Normally, we will release things in "print it yourself pdfs..." : )

The card game is the one i'm making, so i can talk about it a little :
It will be a 3-5 players game, and a little twist on the famous memory-game (return a matching pair to gain it).
But with more competition, strategy, tension, drama !!!... (or maybe not. future-tests might change everything : D)
Only one thing is for sure : you will be able to wrestle some fishs-things WITH YOUR BARE HANDS !!!
See you soon ♥ !