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Rober Baca

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I agree, I think the music is really catchy and it fits perfectly in a platformer game !

The intro music is called "Victory!" and was composed, performed, mixed and mastered by Viktor Kraus. If you wanna check out more of his stuff, visit

The music in levels 1-4 was composed by Juhani Junkala. You can check his game audio portfolio: and homepage:

The music in levels 5-10 was composed by Chance de la Soul ( 

By the way, thanks for your feedback, it helps me to be a better videogame designer. i am glad you liked my game!

I´m glad you like it !


Arrows Keys: move

CTRL: attack

Enter: Advance dialogs 

Hola Miguel, en Google Chrome y en Brave funciona perfectamente. Que navegador estas usando?

thanks for the video ! and sorry for the loud audio haha

Haciendo una autocritica, también cambiaría las pantallas de "Victory" y "GameOver" para seguir con la estética del juego. Otro pendiente es en lugar de mostrar la energía del jefe final con números, colocar una barra de energía.

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Hi ! I was wondering if some assets are missing...the shopkeeper dialog box for instance, or the papyrus health

This game is awesome ! hope to see more levels !

Me faltó poner barreras para que no puedas manejar por cualquier lugar de la pista...o hacer que el auto disminuya la velocidad si te salis del asfalto. Pero para ser un prototipo creo que quedó bastante bien.

Thanks ! I´m glad you enjoyed it.

Nice game ! maybe you use the shake screen effect too much. Anyway it was really fun

Great game! Love the story . I came here just to feed some ducks and I find a deep and beautiful message about life. Maybe we all need to find our inner duck...

Sorry to hear that. Are you playing on Google Chrome? You can try the android version available now!

Gracias por jugar !


Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry , it´s not working on firefox nor waterfox. It something with the XML data. I will fix it soon.

I will release it on android soon !

Thanks !

mmm I´ll look into it. Did you use google chrome?

I am glad you like it !