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Robert Hugsy

A member registered May 14, 2019

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Insta follow. Looking forward to see your game :)

It was a fun ride. I would suggest a faster fire rate at the start of the game :)

Wild Woods community · Replied to _Jar in Bugs

Died a few times to check if that is consistent, and it isn't. I'll try to figure out what exactly I'm doing that triggers it.

The game is great, I love it. Visuals 9/10. Gameplay I won't say anything because I still want to see how far can you take it. Wonderful mechanics and it kept me going at the game. Thanks again for bringing back the keyboard input.

When you die, in the follow-up menu that pops up, where you have the two options, you can't navigate with keyboard. Could you please check into that?

I see you implemented back the keyboard support. Gonna give it a try today and let you know :)

Thx for doing that!

Oh I see now. I have some shitty old joysticks, gonna try it with those and play it in two. Will let you know how it went.

Will there be any keyboard support in the future?

The game turned out to be really great but the most "annoying" issue to say it would be the jumping and how long you had to press for it to work in some way. I found out that mid game.

Overall 10/10. Keep at it.

I will give it another go soon. Thanks for adding keyboard support.

I can't move. :(

Playing from windows machine. I can only shoot bolts. And I can't select menu options. Could you look into that?

Looking to find out what's the theme. Would help a bit in deciding the project.