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Never read the book, and I barely have time to read anything that heavy these days. Looking forward to hearing it from a velvet panther like yourself.

That was pretty fun. I agree, the mechanics are pretty cool and I'm interested where you go with it.

This might be localized to me, but I noticed a lot of screen tearing when I was moving the avatar. I don't know if the zero engine supports v-sync, but because the game is not very demanding in terms of system requirements, it might be a good idea to turn v-sync on.

This game runs slow... on really crappy computers. I tested this game out on my friends brand new laptop (which has an integrated GPU) and it ran fine. I disabled my GPU, and it still ran fine. My friend's computer's are crap, so, problem solved. Sort of.

So, I'm no longer sure it's that integrated graphics cards are the issue. I've done some profiling, and it seems that there is a lot of logic going on. With a dedicated graphics card, the CPU doesn't have to deal with both the logic and the graphics, which is why it appeared that was the issue.

What this means is that I have a bunch of work to do regarding optimization in the logic. I'll be back...

Fixed in v3

Another viable option would be creating a key configuration menu in the options. I don't know enough about unreal yet to tell you how, but I assume it would be in changing the action bindings. Again, it's been a while since I did anything in UE4, so I may be talking or my a$$.