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Thank you very much!
It helped a lot.

Is there anyway to hide the mouse arrow when playing?


In case I want to use high res images for the thumbnail and menu backgrounds, 

can I use images obtained from outside?

Or should I stick to Kenney's art packs?

Brilliant concept bro! Absolute nuts!!!

Thank you 💚

Lmao. True af. I only had white people art available, hence had to make some adjustments.

Thank you! Will do so.

Hey, the game doesn't continue after the opening screen. I'm playing on browser.

Thank you!

Lol! yeah. True.
I found that out recently. A solution would be to only open the door after the game completely resets to its original position.
Thank you!

Thank you!

Great to know!

Cool bro. You did a great job with your first game. I played it and got my friends to play it as well. And thoroughly enjoyed their frightened reaction.
But I couldn't overcome my feeling of incompleteness at the end of the game. There are two doors that remained locked. One to the right of the basement door, that you clarified. And second one which is the door on the left when you enter the stairs. Any explanation for that?
Also in the basement, there is a sword holder but the sword was missing, which the character comments about. I was expecting to find a sword by the end of the game, but sadly couldn't. It is part of the special ending, or did I miss anything.
Anyway, I greatly applaud the effort you put into the game. It came out as perfect as it could be. I will replay the game again and try to find the secret ending. All the best, looking forward for your future projects.

Fuck! This is amazing game!
Does it have multiple endings? I ask because I completed the game but didn't open the second door in the hall. Or go up on the lift.

Thank you!

PC - Windows - using Google Chrome.

I'll the game again tho. No worries! I just wanted to find out if there are more than 2 levels.

Very fun game! I couldn't get past the second level tho. The second level kept reloading. Dunno why!!?

I assume it is a good game, but I couldn't play it because of my touchpad.

I'd prefer you put the attack control to anything else to support the players without a mouse. It rendered the game unplayable. Sorry!

Thanks! I wrote some good story after the final boss.

I have never thought of character movement speed before. No time for sounds tho.

It took some time to get used to, but it was good. The Lightning was a good one, on the top. Nice aesthetics etc.

Nice game bro!

But very punishing once I fell down. A small miss ruins it all. OMG!!!

I'm not sure if the controls are intentional or not, but I didn't have a good time with both mouse or keyboard.

Anyway, I liked the game.

Then, a better way to approach is by making the initial bosses more difficult. Because, as of now -> the beginning of the game is very easy and the difficulty spikes at Bonnie.

I had to choose from a art asset with limited number of sprites, and I wanted every character to be unique for their small size. Edward has like brownish golden hair!!? So, RED for now!

Also, true. Fuck my difficulty assessment!

I really upped the bar on Bonnie, didn't I!!? I should learn controlling the difficulty curve better.

Regarding the control scheme, I wanted four for movement (WSAD and Arrow Keys). One for Attack, and other for Dash, and another for Interact. And UI used ENTER and ESCAPE also. What do you think would be a better key configuration for the game?

I added Music at the very last moment without any thought or logic. The music is glitchy at my side too, I only noticed that after the submission, and couldn't figure out any way to remedy that.

I didn't have any time to put in the sounds, which really blew the game bad. The sounds, screen shakes and smooth transitions between levels would've helped the game a lot.

Thank you! Did you complete the final boss?

Thank you for this wonderful artwork!

I used it in my game:

Thank you for this wonderful artwork!

I used it in my game:

Thank you for this wonderful artwork!

I used it in my game:

Thank you for this wonderful artwork!

I used it in my game:


There is a good emotional pay off after Bonnie. If you observe her patterns, she becomes easy to defeat.

Try again bro. I promise you'll have fun!

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Thank you!

Did you complete the game? Was the final boss too difficult?

I was supposed to play with the brightness and Light settings, and implement Bloom and Sounds.

I didn't have time for that tho.

BTW, did you complete the game full? What do you think about the difficulty?

Hey, thank you for responding!

I've somehow managed to submit my game in time. Only problem is that it is lacking sound effects. The music is at place tho.

Thank you once again, and hope you have a great time with the game!

This is the first thing I am doing after my home received electricity after a long power cut since the morning. And it is 7 pm here. My entire Saturday plan was gone due to it. I was already lagging behind in the schedule. Now, there is no way I could implement all the planned elements into my game.

I want to find out if there is a wild card way for late submission as my reason is honestly genuine.
Even if not, no worries. I'll just cram everything into the as fast as possible.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Writing the content for itch page, adding the screenshots, and filling in the credits section is going to take a lot of time.

I was wondering if I can submit my game with a basic game page containing Title of the Game only, and work on the page later and update it.

I want to utilize the game jam time to develop the game. I'm not even sure if I can complete the game.

Working on game page will take away the precious time from development.

So, is updating the itch game page allowed after the submission deadline is crossed? (Note: I don't want to update the game itself, only the game page.)

Thank you!

True. My bad!

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I submitted by HTML5 playable in browser game yesterday night. I checked it today morning, and it shows not submitted.

Has my submission been revoked or what? I clearly remember writing the itch page and submitting it in the game jam page by filling in the form. I came today to upload a new update, and the "Submission to VimJam2" no longer shows.

Hi Sarainia, I updated the game. You'll enjoy this version.