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Um dominus e sempre bom! 💙

Esse sistema e incrível, dei uma lida nele essa semana e irei recomendar a uma galera pra conhecer, parabéns pelo feito. Realmente é uma ótima alternativa ao 3d&T e uma boa pra se jogar de modo solo

Hello, I'm also sorry for the delay in answering you, because lately I've been busy with some projects and courses that I'm doing too. But I would love to exchange some ideas with you about it and I agree with the rules mentioned above, but as I said, my pleasure is just translating without any paid means etc, that's enough for me, and I just want to help :D

Finally I couldn't find your email to talk more about it, so I'll leave my address here if you want to call me there and we can exchange this idea peacefully and in agreement with everything.

Thanks, I wanted to play with the words and form it there to use in my projects hehe :D

Every game that has a TMNT feel is my passion, thanks for bringing it :D

GOD! ja estou querendo a trilogia toda pra mim!!

Puxa quando eu puder vou dar uma moral por esse jogo, pois ele é bem massa e quando vi o moretti jogar no canal dele amei kk

As I couldn't contribute to the project being financed and have known it before, even to help spread it, I got the copy of it distributed by the community here and I'm grateful for whoever did it to help with this.

What I can say about this game is that it has all the wonderful elements for me to simulate a TMNT table or something like that "genre" that I've been researching a lot in rpg, I must say that this game is complete and perfect with its very easy mechanics. if you learn and play. By the way, I intend to open a table this Tuesday in person with my friends who will definitely have a hell of a hyper with him. I am very grateful to the author and everyone who worked on the project for that.

And I come to ask if it is possible to allow me to translate the material into my Brazilian Portuguese language for personal use? Because if you allow me to do this without charging for any cost and leave it here for you to expand access to the game I will be willing to help, again thank you for the game and for making it available.

I'm finding your game really amazing, if you allow, can I make a translated version into Brazilian Portuguese? Besides, I love using it to hack and create a game with it.

Advanced Farofa System is a file model made for those who want to create their first minimalist games over the internet, using only simple six-sided data you can adapt and use this simple system for any scenario you want to play, whether solo or traditional . Because this system is quite flexible and widely adaptable for those who have creativity, besides being very easy to hack for you to give a homemade touch of rules that help spice up and fun in your campaigns. I hope that with it you can create different worlds and good times.

I'm happy to have known this amazing game. :D

Hi, I would like to say that I loved knowing and playing your game, now I've been trying to create a Golden Ax adapted version with it as it's my favorite Beat 'Up game, but besides that I've done a free translation of your material for portuguese brazil where I'm from and I'll make the link available here for you if you want to rate. (Some things I preferred not to translate because of the "gamer language" even lol). Finally, thank you for calling my attention to the LUMEN system that I didn't know about either.

That's cool, I have Diogo Nogueira as one of the authors that I'm also inspired by here in Brazil, and this material for one of his best games seems sensational

eu amei esse jogo, ando traduzindo ele para minha lingua 

I thank you for providing great material like this. :D

Hi, I met your game recently by a facebook user in the Solo RPG community and I loved your game, but I decided to do a free translation of it to Portuguese, if you want to see the clean file I'll leave a link here.

Hello I have finished the free Portuguese translation of the SRD demo of this game, can I send it to you here?

Nice initiative, you conquered me completely, I would love to translate the material into Portuguese and share it with the groups of fans here in Brazil if you allow, (in fact I will enter the discord to stay on top of the project)

hehe is love the game!! :D

Só esperando uma versão em português do material básico ;w;

Vão parar lá no meu blog sim, mas to divulgando em breve sim, aliás um amigo meu aqui do rio ja se inspirou em até fazer um cenário por gostar tanto do seu jogo :D

Nada mais que perfeito!! 

ja comentei sobre isso uma vez, mas por fim é melhor criar um servidor novo como eu estou desenvolvendo com outros dois amigos meus assim como o pessoal da Espanha fez.

Estou tentando formar uma comunidade via discord para este jogo, pois é maravilhoso cada material dele

puxa queria tanto esse jogo ;w;

BRINKWOOD é um jogo de Forged in the Dark que nunca esquecerei na minha vida assim como o próprio Blades in the dark, apenas lendo a Lore desse jogo eu ja estou pilhado pra mestrar e 100% ativo com várias ideias pra escrever uma campanha e um livro utilizando  eles como referências e inspirações. Meus parabéns ao autor.   :D

Prometo que assim que eu conseguir um trabalho, retornarei para compra-lo ^^