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Rize of the Summonds

A member registered Dec 13, 2016

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Rize of the Summonds is a metroidvania game, in which player has the power to transform into legendary Summons along their journey in the Kingdom of Elaria. Use the transformations of the fearless Dragon, stealthy Wraith, heavy Orc, agile Cat and many more; each equipped with unique abilities in order to traverse new areas, defeat enemies, complete challenges, avoid traps and solve puzzles.

With the intricate designs of paths, levels, obstacles and battles, players are challenged to transform strategically including managing weapon, spell counts/aummunition. Puzzle elements includes traversing while simultaneously transforming in order to reach greater heights, being immune to certain traps, gaining extra speed, adding or subtracting weight to specific platforms, activating heavy pressure plates to unlock iron bar doors, and much more. Inspiration arose from similar Metroidvania games: Castlevania – Symphony of the Night, Outland, Dust: An Elysian Tail, as well as Salt and Sanctuary.