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Thanks for taking time to play my game and commenting! I really liked watching the clip of you playing my game! I will make sure to add some kind of tutorial in my future games, as well as a pause menu when you press escape!

Alright! Already sent you a friend request on discord. 

Cool game idea and execution. The movement is great and snappy. Still don't know what is good against what and the actual attacking is a bit weird and clunky.

Sooo cool. The level design was quite clever and I had to restart a couple of them. Good job. Also I didnt know of this game platform before.

Also is there some kind of spread sheet for the different weaknesses and strengths, as well as all of the combinations. Some combinations and weaknesses were kind of hard to understand.

This is some naruto stuff right 'ere. But hey cool, I like the concept. Could be more fleshed out though.

Can you specify? Just unzip the download file and then , if you dont have the redistributable click on vc_redist.x86.exe. Let that download and then click on the No Human.exe file. Worth mentioning : It probably only works for windows, haven't tested on any other platform

Hey thanks a lot for playing the game and leaving such a nice comment! Yeah I really wanted to focus on the atmosphere this time. I should have checked the spelling though....

yeah I feel like it was definitely improved

When you figure out how the game works, it is pretty fun. Could have used some sounds, but considering it was made in 2 hours, good job!!

Very fun! The idea is pretty good, with the weapons doing different things. I also really liked the water-droplet jumping animation. The music is not bad in and of itself, but it needs to be longer, else it just gets very repetitive. I think that the collision is a bit off and I also noticed that you take damage when you hit an enemy, even though you have the sword.

Hey thanks for the criticism! I still think the game is related to the theme though as, you are scripting the game from inside of it. Maybe it didnt come across as I wanted to, as the game is very unfinished, but you are supposed to be implementing different mechanics in the game, like jumping or dashing.

I will make sure to check out your game and rate it when I got time!

The reason I said the movement was slow, is because in a puzzle game the focus is usually on figuring out the puzzle and mostly not on executing it, unless you want to focus on the execution. Either way it can be annoying when you need 20 or more extra seconds each level after having figured the puzzle, because the movement is slow. That is why the block moving puzzles in games are usually not that great. Just a thought.

Ohh that must have been a miscommunication on my part. I wasnt able to play after 15min. But it applies for around the 10-15min mark. But I really liked the idea and the npcs, I just think that they were to much spread apart. Maybe it was because the environment was hard to navigate, as there were only few 'landmarks' and usually you wouldnt see any/many at once. Maybe faster movement / a dash would make it work as well

Cool concept, but there really isnt alot to do. I also find it confusing that you cant just hit enter to send the message. But cool simple game

Great art style and the levels are all very cool. The only problem I have is that the movement is very slow ( moving from side to side, jumping and the sliding of the blocks). The puzzles are cool but the movement needs  some work

The idea is cool, but it does get quite repetitive after 15min. Especially if you are just moving around aimlessly without knowing where to go.

Very fun game. The movement feels great as well as the actual level designs. Had to really think on some of them. Great job!

Hey the sprites, animations and the sounds are very nice. I love how you integrated the settings seamlessly right into the main game. I just didnt understand how the game works. It seems like there is a specific bool for each condition and you just have to press the correct one in the correct order. It would have been nice if it had more of a puzzle game instead of a memorization one, also because its pretty easy to memorize only 3 conditions per level. But cool idea and hope you flesh it out more

Cool game, but it is a bit repetitive

Thanks so much for the critic. I realized that the mini game was quite repetitive, so I intend to make more in the future, as well as make an actual level with actual sprites, music and effects. Also what did you think of the jump? and what about the dash?

Yeah I was stuck at the same spot. Cool game though. Also on the topic of tutorials, maybe you could try to make the UI clearer, maybe by making it flash or something. Either way, cool game!

The controls are responsive and intuitive and I really liked the small effects, like the screen shake and the particles. Its a cute, fun game!

Yeah same. Game looks great, but I by the love of me cant figure out how to play the game. Tried every single key on my keyboard and tried clicking everywhere.

I like the music / sound effects. The art style and the menus are also very clean. The idea is very original. The only problem I had was with the actual platforming and movement. It felt very cluncy and a bit too heavy and I wasnt even able to reach the second platform. Maybe that weird platform in the middle should be a bit lower or the jump should be higher. A double jump would probably not be a bad idea for this game.

It is a very well executed game, with a lot of funny details. The game has a lot of personality and has its own 'game feels'. I like even though the actual gameplay is a bit simple. The dialogue / text is very nice aswell

Really simple game idea and execution. It does have some cool quirks, but for me it was just too simple and with too little variety.

The game is cool and all, but it keeps literally crashing. Not the in-game program, but the game itself. I dont know if it was on purpose, but it is very annoying. If it was on purpose, then maybe you could make the in-game OS restart, when it crashes. Other than that the art is really good and the idea is also really cool. Tjough I still dont know how to beat the game.

Yeah I had the same experience. I think it also has alot to do with the overly floaty jump and the big hitboxes. There are a couple of videos on youtube explaining how to make a 'good jump', you should take a look. I think blackthorn himself made a really good one. But the idea of the game is pretty good

9/10 should never play again. This is way too addicting, played it for like 30min/1hr.  Only problem I have is that there is no 'gamer recruiter' or 'game releaser'.

Pretty fun. Thumbs up! Cool idea, though it is kinda hard to play, probably because the character moves a bit too fast and because you have to reenter the eto box. Also what does eto mean?

Hey really cool game. I love the idea of the game and the small details, like the blocks rotating when you hit them. The gun play and movement needs a bit of work, but its not bad. The art and the music is also pretty good, so well done.

Hey really cool art and the game idea is pretty good. What kinda threw me off, was that you shoot with the mouse button, but you don't actually shoot towards your cursor. Maybe in the next patch you could add a different button for shooting and possibly hide the cursor when in game. 

P.S great background choice, really enhances game feel.