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Riv Hester

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Friend Helper+ helped me make my very first friend, whose name is Friend Helper+. Friend Helper+ saved my soul from Old Harry, who was also making offers. Don't sell your soul to Old Harry in exchange for his friendship! He makes shitty guacamole! FRIEND HELPER+. FRIEND HELPER+. FR| END HELPER+. END HELPER+. LET HIM HELP YOUR LIFE END IN BLISS TODAY.

This is pretty fun to mess around with! I like the art a lot too.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it. Haven't had any problems on the three different machines I was able to test on. Did you have DXWeb installed?

Construct 2. It gives you a pretty good running start with a ton of common game elements built in, like basic platformer behaviors and stuff like that. Great for jams!