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This is beautiful!

Hey, this has a lot of charm! I loved the rainbow text, I've seen it a couple times now in these Bitsy games and it always makes me chuckle. Great first game!

All the new changes work well

I'm glad I can help. And hey, thanks for making games, not everyone pursues their passion. Also joining a jam must take a lot of courage. Keep up the good work

This was a fun little experience. I liked the different character abilities and experimenting with them. Good job!

I played the third level over forty times. It is impossible for a couple reasons. The main reason being that the grappling system is fundamentally broken. A good eighty (it might not be as high as eighty but based on my tests it's well over fifty) percent of the time the hook would fire off in a random direction, nowhere near the mouse, making aiming almost entirely pointless. Most of the time it was off by a good forty five degrees and at least once it was off by over ninety degrees. Also the fact that the grappling points are an object you collide with (rather than you simply passing through them) makes it so that, on the rare cases where your grappling goes in the right direction, you get stuck on the grappling point and have to spam the mouse button until you can manoeuvre around it. All of this wastes valuable time. Out of my forty odd tries even the instance wherein I got the closest to completing it I still would have needed an extra twenty to thirty seconds to even come close to being able to finish.

All in all this game could have used a lot more time to bake. I get that it's a jam game but that doesn't change the fact that this is really broken in its current state. I hope this game was a learning experience for you and I hope that, if you make another jam game, you have more time to play test and you make sure it's possible to complete. I apologise if this feedback was too negative, this game was just a very frustrating experience for me. 

There's a lot of potential to this so I think it could still become great if you decide to polish it up post launch. I wish you luck, in the future, with all you do 

This is a fun little game. I'm really enjoying these Bitsy games at the moment. Especially when they have cool art like this. I only wish the other two crows had something to say

The age of the people who worked on this is surprising. If this is quality you're offering at such a young age I'm sure you'll be making even more incredible games when you're older

This was really fun! I spent a lot longer on this than I should have. I'm not sure if the level ever caps out. I got up to seventy something and it just seemed to keep going. All the same great jam game!

Wow! The art is incredible, the levelling system is fun, exploration was cool. The objectives were clear however it was the East that I found the hardest, that's a little thing though. This is a great overall experience, good luck in the future

I'm glad to hear it was fun making it, keep up the good work

Hey, I think it's really great that you've been doing this for nearly five years. You must feel really proud. It's also great to see someone who is doing more than just copying other people's work/ideas. The originality is appreciated. I played through a couple of your games, namely Pump-Action Patrick, Gull, Blep and then this one. I enjoyed them all to different degrees. Making one game a month is an ambitious goal, I hope you go well with it. Good luck!

Oh I understand now, thanks for clearing up the confusion in a kind way, And sorry for being a bit short I just really didn't get what you meant. Good luck with the bug fixes and  the next update

I don't speak Spanish so I didn't understand anything about the story but the gameplay is great! It all handles well. The graphics and animations are top-notch. Keep up the good work!

I didn't say you made changes to the scripts. I said you turned off the "Fullscreen Button" option in your game's settings. That is what you did. As I said, that fixed the issue. There is no longer an issue. I don't understand what's confusing you

Hey, this was really fun and well polished! The tile's freshness number (or whatever you'd call it) offers a great bit of strategy. The only thing I didn't quite get was what decided whether or not the boar would die. It may have just been luck but either way I found the "Kill 5 pigs in one year" task impossible even when there was more than six of them on screen. The most I ever killed was two or three. I got a high score of 35. That might be a great score or a terrible one, I wouldn't know. What was your highest score while playtesting?

PS. This is probably the best 'first' game I've played on this site. Good job!

This is really original! It must have been a pain in the tush to design the levels

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As I stated in my original post, I played the browser version. And the issue was consistent every time I refreshed the game. You removed the second fullscreen button and now it works. I'm going to assume you posted this comment before you understood what the issue was and before you fixed it. And no explanation is needed, once I worked out what the bug was it was an easy work-around

That all sounds exciting, well regardless of what you upload next I'll be looking forward to playing it :) Good luck with it all!

Oh I see and that's good, I played that one as well and it's also really well made. Do you have an idea as to what your next game might be?

Yeah, you almost have to coyote jump, it's a bit unfair really. Thank you , I drew and animated it all by myself. I'm very much a beginner at all that but I'm slowly learning. Yeah I really skimped out on narrative for this but you might be happy to hear that the game I'm currently working on; "Bouncer" is going to have a fully fledged story, with dialogue options. Also it already has some dialogue where you can learn about the different characters that will be in the game

Haha I love the ending! This was really fun to play. I thought the different character abilities were really unique and added a lot of charm to the experience 

Thank you so much! :) I made it in a couple of hours and probably didn't spend as much time polishing and tweaking it as I should have

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I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know why that would be, it's certainly an original enough concept

It seems the oxygen boxes only give you two seconds which, considering they spawn closer to every five or more seconds, makes the game impossible. Still, it's fun while it lasts and I enjoyed killing the poor shark. It's a great result for two day's work

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Oh and I forgot to mention this little thing in the form. If you look at the "play in browser" version of your game, on the bottom right, you'll see that you have two fullscreen buttons; a blue one and an opaque one. that is ovelayed on top of the other. The blue button is the default button that appears on all Unity projects (as far as I know) and the opaque one is added by The problem here is that the opaque button takes what the current cropping for the game is which in windowed mode is almost always zoomed in and doesn't show the entirety of the game screen. It also doesn't change the resolution, it just fills the rest of the screen with a black void. In this case it means that (if you click on the opaque button) its impossible to play the game completely because it crops off the inventory screen so you can't choose between the different inventory options. Basically it's a nonfunctional fullscreen button. This could be a big barrier to people trying to play the game because if they press the wrong one it would make the game partially unplayable and potentially impossible to complete. To fix this on in the "Edit game" section of this game (in your Dashboard) turn off the "Fullscreen Button" option. Then it will be easier for players to use the default Unity fullscreen button which shows the full game and fits the resolution correctly. I hope this helps :)

Hey, this is a great first game! It's different enough to other people's to stand out. The controls are all responsive and it's hard enough to offer a good challenge. I really like the audio design! The graphics are just as good also. Keep up the good work and good luck with your next game! If this is the type of quality you offer right out of the gate, I'm sure, in the future, you'll make many a great game

Hey, I'm very impressed! Also I left some feedback using the Google Form. 

There's just the right amount of challenge

You have to be a little patient

This is a great little idea! The art is cute and everything functions well. I was able to get it on my second try

Thank you! It took me forever to draw hehe

Hey, thanks a lot! I feel like there were a lot of issues with this but I'm hoping some of those were addressed properly for my current game

Yeah, it might be a little challenging to control. Thanks for the tips

Even if you don't revisit the idea, I'm sure you would have learnt a lot from making this

Wow, I played this for forty minutes. It didn't feel like it at all; the time flew by. The gameplay is fun and the different options to customise your experience is great. You did a lot with the limitations. I'm not sure what else to say other than that there's a lot of charm here. Good luck with your game development journey

It can be tricky getting your stuff out there and sadly I don't think there's any tried and true method to doing that. A lot of it can just be dumb luck but I'm sure if you keep it up and keep making quality games, you will find your success

The aiming and slinging is a fun mechanic! I didn't play that much of Mode 1 but Mode 2 really hooked me. I finished all fifty levels. Twenty six was  definitely the hardest. The last two were an interesting idea, I wish there were more of those and that that concept was more developed. Of all the first games I've played this is one of the best. You did a really good job on this

The only problem I encountered was that in level forty three and forty four the apple was off screen. This was the case in windowed and full screen mode. It might just be a problem with what the project's resolution is in the game page

Keep up the good work and hopefully your second game is just as fun