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Rising Lava

A member registered Jun 08, 2018

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And wow it's for Windows I really hate myself for chosing a mac, it really sucks.

DUDE I just lost my time! I thought something interensting would happen, but it was like watching a movie that you don't care about, that is boring.

What was that? There was an anoying voice that was saying :pitty pitty pitty pu-ty" and it was really annoying. Then i got bored and left.

You have to say "It is spanish but you can turn subtitles on if it's a problem".

Please, mystman,

When I downloaded the game (on macOS), it opened a window, which allowed me to change the resolution and input. But after a few times of opening and closing the app, this window stopped appearing and I have made a mistake in input settings and now I can't change it back!

Please, do something. The game is awsome, by the way.