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I've just posted an updated package. I don't know what coding language people will be using, but I included very simple pseudo-code. I also posted a demo, and the packet includes all the sound files for the backgrounds in the demo. You can use your own sound files to create your own backgrounds, if you want. Just message me if you have any questions.

Update: I'm in process of: 
1) putting together a video demo of the range of different background sounds that can be achieved
2) adding more sound files to the package so you can have a choice of sounds right away (you can also use your own sound files)
3) including pre-formatted code (in addition to the pseudo-code) to save you time adding this code to your game

In a few more days I should have the demo up and an updated package.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll prepare that and post a link in the description above.

A great song really helps people connect to your story. If you can write code, writing lyrics is actually not that different, when you know the methods. I'm offering a short course that gives you a 7-step method you can follow to write solid, memorable lyrics, for a love song, action song, or whatever subject you need for your project.

If you have existing music, you can add lyrics to it, or you can write the lyrics first and add music later. Check out the images below. There are charts you can use to organize your lines, and rules for rhyming for today's songs, so your lyrics will be in the current style.

All the information is here

This ambient music maker is like having a player piano inside your game that plays ambient music whenever you need it for your game.  Included in the kit is everything you need to add the player to your game. More info here

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Orb Nation is a retro arcade-style minigame set in the skies over a planet in another solar system. With the ambient music track, I think of it as a meditation as much as a mission to win allies among the orbs in the swarm. It's a casual game. Check it out. 30% goes to support

I've been happy with GameMaker Studio, using the GML coding language built in to it (not the drag and drop).