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Hello Andrew, first of all, thanks for playing my game. I'm really grateful that someone played my game. OK, so as you mentioned, controls are unresponsive. I made the controls in this way so that the player doesn't have the time to react/think while thrusting in the air, so that the game doesn't feel very easy or unchallenging. I want players to grind a little to get used to the controls. As you said, you couldn't pass level two, but I want to mention that I was able to complete each and every level during the playtest, so I don't know what's happening with you( I'm not being rude here). I'm going to upload a video soon where I'll show each and every level from start to finish, so it might help you a bit. Also, if I face any difficulty or find a specific part making the level harder to complete then I'll change it asap. At last, I want to thank you again for taking the time to comment, and I'll add the pause screen and other features in the future when I get the time, as I'm really new to game development, so these things might take some time to figure out.

Hello guys I want your reviews on my game "Rocketria"  so if you played it then I want your reviews regarding what do you think about the game and what did you like/dislike it'd really helpful for me if you guys leave some reviews so that I can improve my game and it'll also be helpful for my future games.