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Absolutely loved this game! The art was amazing, resembled the members quite perfectly haha xD My favourite route would probably be Luhan's or Xiumin's.. <33

I love the piano during Klaude's (i assume everyones?) ending..

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i've played the demo almost over half a year ago and it's still fresh in my mind. can't wait for the full release!

hated chiyo,, overall nice art and music.

i downloaded the game from the apple store and i enjoyed it a lot!! the routes and characters were really sweet and cute~ my favorite route will be Carver's,, he's such a cute lil sour pumpkin XD i hope to see more of your games!!

oh god the references and memes were funny! some parts touched me deep,, i wish my friends would say the same as Skipper and Dahlia did in the game... thank you!!