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yayay thank you lots !! the new update worked and ve just finished playing it~~
ahh the subtleness of zayo's quirk was nice and the endings.. it was cute yet pityful at the same time :c
i really enjoyed this, thank you for allowing me to play this <3

hello again~ thanks for the quick reply! 
i've updated the game and I managed to get to the title screen until another error occured :'(
it stated:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 219, in script
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'visit_all'

i'm melting. . this is so fluff. . i can't,, i love them both.

hey, ive downloaded the game twice for mac but it won't load / would crash. I tried opening through renpy and running it through lint and it said: 

game/script.rpy:3207 Could not evaluate 'Z' in the who part of a say statement.
Perhaps you forgot to define a character?

i really want to play this, the concept and art looks too cute! please help~

oh wow! the dialogue and story writing, the characters... i never expected this to have such intricate setting and backstories !! unfortunately i'm having trouble with Arantis' path.. :(( keep getting the normal, bad end... and the good end was 'a new beginning' ?? 

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!! love love love !! all the characters, and the cgs too, were beautiful~ 

The download link for mac doesn't exist.. apparently..

yayay thank you~ haha ^u^

AWWW i actually cried for all three routes, man it was touching ! and i love their interactions asorogijprg thank you! it was an enjoyable game~ <3

heyy did you manage to get the Reunion ending? I'm struggling even though i tried talking to the bartender after the previous triggered events ;-;

it's really cute and for some reason funny seeing as i choked on my water ???? LMAO but anyways, you stated there were 4 endings but I've only gotten 3 so highkey confused plus triggered cuz im a game perfectionist :((

wow im looking forward to this !! <3

i didn't realise this was in tagalog ;-; waiting for eng ver soon~ 

Absolutely loved this game! The art was amazing, resembled the members quite perfectly haha xD My favourite route would probably be Luhan's or Xiumin's.. <33

I love the piano during Klaude's (i assume everyones?) ending..

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i've played the demo almost over half a year ago and it's still fresh in my mind. can't wait for the full release!

hated chiyo,, overall nice art and music.

i downloaded the game from the apple store and i enjoyed it a lot!! the routes and characters were really sweet and cute~ my favorite route will be Carver's,, he's such a cute lil sour pumpkin XD i hope to see more of your games!!

oh god the references and memes were funny! some parts touched me deep,, i wish my friends would say the same as Skipper and Dahlia did in the game... thank you!!