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New Seraphinite fan here.

I binge-played this game yesterday up to today and managed to finish the three endings. What I loved most about this game of yours is that the conversation of the player to the guys you talk to is very interactive. If you're spontaneous with your choices they'll tell you how capricious you are, or when you're pretty straight-forward they'll tell you about it in certain lines as the game progress. It almost feels like you're talking to a real person. It's fun to change courses with the choices because of it, that it doesn't feel like you're doing it all over again.

I so love the backgrounds that I wanted to screenshot them! If you don't mind me putting them as my wallpaper then, I'll better get right to the screen capture thing. The CGs were something I'm amazed for some time when it was shown that it does feature the appearance of the character as you chose it to. I'm still wondering even now how you were able to do that.

I heard at least three or four BGMs which did its job on giving the whole scenario a nice spring-like 'getting away'-vibe feeling. I cracked up when the guitar-shredding music cues in for the glorious debut of the guys.

And lastly, the guys. It's amazing that you managed to create those two with depth for such a short time. Lucan is my favorite; how he makes the heroine 'react' with his double-meanings which is such a comedic relief throughout his route. As for Tristan, he's like the unique bear you just can't wrapped your arms around without feeling uneasy about it.

All in all, I want to give this 4.6/5 stars. This game is amazing it saddens me that there's no neutral ending for it. I love both of the characters to be freed equally, not just one, but the circumstances being sensible.