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Hi! I really liked your game and want to play it. However I have a disability and cannot use wasd keys. Could you consider to add a remapping option or an alternative control scheme for your next game? I and many people like me would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance and good luck with your projects :)

Good game but iincompetent.

Game good and fun.


Good game.
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I can't edit the video.

Güzel bir oyun, sahibi Türk üstelik.

Good game for idea.

Good game

One Step From Eden game really like.

Good game.

Game good, but only control: WASD!

Thank you

I love the game but I'm not quite mastered the language.

Queremos Tu Sangre community · Created a new topic Video

Good game.

Good game Francisco Rabelo!

Good game, enjoy.


I want to video the game, but I don't have the money, how do we do it?

You're welcome.

Good game...

Good game.

I loved it a lot.

Get the first video for me from the game.

Good game.

Good game...

I video  the demo version.

Good game...
Forager (Demo) community · Created a new topic Video

Good game

You're welcome.

Good game. :D

Şaka şaka, süper bir oyun...

Good game.

Idea good.
Powerglove Reloaded community · Created a new topic Video

Good game but game hard...

Good game.

Good game.

Game good.