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Hi! This is a nice game :-)

Working like charm now. Thanks for the fix.

What exactly lock layout means? Is that the commands that cause to wait for something like asking question or choice selection?

Something else is wrong with the choices. You can download and test it from here : and there look for file "bugged - GameBookTemplate_20200803_1605.txt"

To test the bug you start in forest. Click line 2. and you see 'just test 1' message. Click line 9. and you see 'just test 8.'. Now click 1. to move into river page. Click 3. to return back to forest page. Now there is one more option on line 2. Click 3. and it shows 'just test 3' and should be 'just test 1'. Even clicking on 1. should move to river but instead it shows 'just test 1'. Seems to me like clicking the row uses the text as if entered into prompt? Because when i enter with keyboard 1,3 or 10 it works normally. 

I tested it and it has to do something with the html element of list i quess. I remember when my attempts to fix it in java htmleditor and it was working very weird. The <li> and </li> elements inserted into document added newline. Maybe it is similiar to this in some way.

themes->themesettings and there : 
lister_choices {
         gamebook_choice_list_style = inline_no_question
         gamebook_choice_list_style_mobile = inline_no_question

When i set this as no_list, inline or inline_no_question it works, no additional newline inserted after entering invalid choice.
When i change it to : default, list, numeric_list, numeric_list_always, alpha_list it adds newline after entering invalid choice.

Thank you for the scrollbar.

Yes i already entered with an interesting idea. It is about the way objects from scene are dissasembled and reassembled as something else :D. For example you find and icecube and tea. You can split icecube into ice and cube objects. Then you can combine ice+tea = icetea. The way it works gives a lot of possibilities to mess with and have fun in the game. Also i finally started to use the new way of room definitions so the code is more readable. 

Sadly, again time is short and there are new issues that i need to solve. So when i get to it the jam could be at the end dammit :-/. 

Chris would you consider please adding vertical scrollbar into the adventuron IDE? It would be faster to click and drag the scrollbar than scrolling with mouse or key pressing. And maybe highlighting with some color small parts of the scrolling area to indicate where are booleans defined, where is on_start, where is on_describe etc... so you just click and the IDE jumps there. This is good when you write new boolean variable somewhere in the code for the first time and then you need to scroll manually (or ctrl+f search) to boolean section to define it there. Or if it is too much then an easier method would be alt+left and alt+right to jump between the defined sections. 

Just numbers. Lots of them will propably do nothing at all. They try to make teams for a 17 days jam which sound to me as an overkill but it is first time i witness this. So far no one replied on my adventuron thread there but someone downloaded the game templates from my itch io page.

Sorcery! (in a good way) 

In beta it works, perfect :) thanks.

That is nice, thanks for the tip. But something is not allowed this way. Look at this code please, i explain underneath what is strange looking to me :

pages {
   001_start : page "Page 1" {
      : print "This is start page" ;
      : add_choice "goto page 2"  {
         : goto "002_some_event" ;
      : gosub "select" ;
   002_some_event : page "Page 2" {
      : print "This is second page" ;
      : press_any_key ;
      : if (true) {
         : goto "003_the_end" ; -> works only when inside if or choice
      //: goto "003_the_end" ; -> why not directly?
      //: done; -> ok no needed
   003_the_end : page "Page 3" {
      : print "This is third page" ;
      //: done; -> ok, no needed

subroutines {
   select : subroutine {
      : choose "what now?" ;
      : done ;

I understand the ":done;" can be deleted, that is fine. But the "goto page" command cannot exist without if or choice. There are sometimes pages where you do not have any choice just show some text, wait for 'press any key' and 'jump to this page'. This can be added as "choice" or "always true if statement" workaround... Is there any possibility that the goto command in future version would work without if/choice?

(1 edit)

Chris is this possible to do with adventuron book mode?

I have page 001. I want to write description but there are no choices only press any key prompt. After pressing key i goto page 002. And again i output description and wait for key. After that the book ends.

I describe the pages in on describe code part. But this way i see output from both pages and then the press any key prompt blinks. I will post the code tomorrow. Maybe it is just something weird that i do with the goto command. When i use add option and inside it goto page commabd it works as intended.

EDIT: nevermind, figured it out the next mornin.. problem with the :done; commands they are very important :) here is the code 

themes {
   rounded_orbit : theme {
      extends = two
      theme_settings {
         capitalization = original
         layout         = SB O X 
         columns        = 48
         shader         = none
         hide_status_bar_on_endgame = false
      screen {
         experimental_paper_section_corner_rounding = 5
         status_bar_padding_top                     = 4
         status_bar_padding_bottom                  = 3
      colors {
         border                      = #50D
         paper                       = #000
         status_bar_paper            = #090
         status_bar_pen              = 14

start_theme = rounded_orbit

game_information {
   game_name        = test weird page bug
   game_shortname   = IOC
   written_by       = Rigachupe
   year_of_original = 2020
   year_of_release  = 2020
   uuid             = 91383016-8664-4c4c-ad93-0ff6ba2c19c7
   short_synopsis   = Gamebook Story
   game_version     = 1.1.2

game_settings {
   gamebook_page_scan_regex = true

start_at = 001_start

pages {
   001_start : page "Page 1" ;
   002_some_event : page "Page 2" ;
   003_the_end : page "Page 3" ;

on_describe {
   : if (is_at "001_start") {
      : print "This is start page" ;
      : add_choice "goto page 2"  {
         : goto "002_some_event" ;
      : choose "what now?" ;
   : if (is_at "002_some_event") {
      : print "This is second page" ;
      : press_any_key ;
      : goto "003_the_end" ;
      : done;
   : if (is_at "003_the_end") {
      : print "This is third page" ;
      : done;

The joke on the wall is only a joke :). The PI can be read as PIE so another joke sry :D. Had some idea with them but did not implement. 

The symbols in rooms mark something you get later if you progress one step.  Focus on the room where the mysterious machine is and listen carefully. The output is what you seek to progress next. It does not look like a number but it is.

Look at the 4 digit number you certainly have seen and maybe try answer this : How can numbers be represented in computers?

Thank you :). Did you hear the strange repeating hertbeat pulse in the machine room?

Ok thanks for the info on copyright. I hope i changed all of the brand names to "gamebook". You name removed :) sorry for that.

Who is the other guy that makes similiar game mode as me? Is he making games on your JAMs too?

(3 edits)

Fantastic. I write there some information about the possibilities in adventuron engine.

One question on you Chris. The choose your own story book mode - is it in development or finished? I am currently playing in the classrom with this mode and it seems to work with the basics i discovered. I can navigate between pages and add choices based on game variables. I suppose there is no need for locations, connections, objects or inventory? Any other game enhancing hidden features supported?

The story book tutorial i provide will be here :

EDIT : Alright, couple of hours tinkering with adventuron and i created a template for new mode gamebooks. With inventory, sell/buy shops, quests, fighting monsters and making choices. Source is provided on the link.

Hi, this is a question directed towards Chris the maker of Adventuron engine. Chris, is it ok if we use adventuron to make text adventure games for other game jams as to spread the information about this tool? Any legal issues with this?

There is currently starting in 5 days this game jam :
And they allow use of any tool to make various story telling games. No restrictions so far.

Who would like to join? :)

The first time i played this i got stuck in the zookeper room because i did not find the sunglasses. And thus i panicked because the only way out of there seemed to be the ladder or restart. But don't worry about it, that is just from my exhaustion from the work i do now.

Thanks for hints. I am sure i tried everything you mentioned. The points after i left the building stay at 16. Every secret is for 1 point?

Thanks for hints, finished with 12 ghosts and 3 trophies only. The most hardcore features : the hidden doors, that got me good :D. And the lever that i thought would not kill me.. well no undo step so i played it again.

I had really trouble to get past the gorrila too heh. After that i was peace of cake with some good laught moments. Did you had less time this jam Garry? Usually your game is very detailed. I certainly have been looking to eat some bugs from the gorillas back while he slept. That is what monkeys do right? :D

One thing that made me wonder. The accursed ladder. After i droped down to that room the game i had the feel that i can be moved to climb again up. 

Got till the end and enjoyed it. Stuck only on some places because of the unusual multiple words combination (a.k.a the empty fluid into well for example). The graphics is top notch quality. I liked the druids theme and the trippy atmosphere in each screen. 

Finished. I liked the graphics style alot. Reminds me of some games i played as a child. Good way to compress so many puzzles into few rooms. And how the heck do you people get past 15 points? I swear i did everything i could but the last thing possible after every examination is just overeating on peanuts and puking all over on lady champagne for a game over screen. :D

Can i get some hints about the secret points Dee?
PS:I could not "switch breakers" even after i though it could be possible when Samantha plays her game after she ignores me when trying to talk to her.

Got to a dead end. I have a candle (can it be lit?), a piece of mirror (no idea what it is for), a stags head (i can use it in desert but the gazelle is faster).

Could someone give hint what to do in some of these places? Thanks.
1.Something to do with the moon. Get it closer but how?
2.Something to catch the fish in open world.
3.The password to PC is HEIIL or i am supposed to quess the upper pixel line as AEIIL/AEIIC/HEIIC? Does not work either.
4.No idea what to do with the flower or  canon.
5.Something is yelling "over here!" at the stairwell and when i listen at the door. But no idea what to do there. I tried to listen, and to say hello/hi.
6.Can't do anything with the spider bro in the cellar :).

Nice idea with the low resolution graphics. It looks simple and cool enough.

(2 edits)

I think there is a missing description for the box? I carry it, x box ->you see nothing special.

The header thingy was an accident :-) i left it so for fun sake's.

I will not spoil the purpuose in directional system change. The solution is presented in game by exploration and learning.  ;-) Drawing helps, but i would not call it a maze.

I hope you enjoy it well Dee. ;-)

Thank you too for making this challenging jams. It is always fun to create something and watch what others come with. A little bit of dissapointment for me that i did not finish it in time because of sudden loss of free time i had. But do not fear ladies and gentleman. I released at least this playable but not so much finished in details version.

I wonder if someone figures out the main puzzle hehe.


:D Ok, that was a bit of a joke answer sorry. You know like when someone asks you "do you want pizza with pepperoni or 4 types of cheese?" and you answer "yes". Well the games i played at times going faaar in the past that i no longer remember (and it makes me happy) were all about a one use only. I give an example. You have rope. You get to some room where the rope needs to be tied in order to climb down. Use rope -> you tie the rope blabla. Get rope would untie the rope logically. If the rope had more uses it simply means you go somewhere else and use rope and if it is the correct place you get the response. At that time in history the parser was not an advanced AI machine but just a few lines of code to make the game tick and there were no need for special words like tie, untie, hang self, beat the crap out of the bandit with rope in hand and then tie rope the horse to the pole.  I played games made in TADS3 after i let these old "use and use on" games behind me. And boy.. i needed a manual because finding out commands was a bit more puzzle solving than actual puzzle solving?! I remember one very good game about an island where the hero stranded. And when i started to play it the game introduced commands to let me know how to play and ask the npc questions. It was fun and i enjoyed it. But after the first half game i got stuck on a place where no matter what i tried nothing worked. And no walkthrough to this game available.  This is the game :

If i would examine the rope and a message shows "The rope is attached to a nearby stone and leads down into ground." Then i would assume "climb down" or "climb down the rope". But if the rope present in room actually makes the exit "down" available and i see it then i just type "down". "climb rope" is confusing isn't it? You can climb up or climb down the rope but that should be somehow pointing out in the description of rope or room that this action is indeed possible. Hang on (a rope joke lol). Maybe you could use it like this "climb rope down". But then it would be much more work in the code to say to player "which way up or down?" when they type "climb rope" and two ways are open.

Or you can still use my favorite command "use rope" and it is done. Don't throw stones at me Garry pls :D.

As i recall correctly 8-bit text adventure games mostly did not allowed player such a luxury of multiple options. Low memory and the story was more important anyway. It was players responsibility to figure it out by trying to guess the word.  I reffer to the zx-speccy made games in basic. The fun is also in the way to find the correct word.  How many days i had to bite and punch the pillow until i got it right hehe. What a fun. I even had nightmares.. ehm i mean dreams with a solution to the problem yeah. Today's kids will never know how it feels to have no manual, no internet and no one to ask for the solution. Only you and the darn game and maybe an exorcist to beat the devil out of it and shine some light phew.

Well you can always make it simple like this "use socks", "use shirt" or "use shirt on model" and it will dress it. That was a common solution then.  I would like it *winks* mark my words with a simple smile of innocence.

Well, i did play lemmings on a zx speccy so that can tell something about my age :-p. Not a fan of it. I liked Rick Dangerous more at the times then.

I am for example  using a small tileset and create screens from these tiles. The screens look like an old 2D 8bit game. :)  It is much faster for this type of game enviroment i will use. Have a look.

Yes that is what i need to make the puzzle tick right. Thank you Garry.

Maybe a consideration for arrays in adventuron engine? Something that makes setting, getting and swapping values in an indexed array would come in handy.

puzzle : array = [1,5,8,9,1,2]

set_array (puzzle, index, value)

value = get_array(puzzle, index)

swap_array (puzzle, index1, index2)

Hello, looking for some unusual puzzle mechanics in a game that i am trying to create. It works around variables and the way how they can be accessed. I am currious if  the engine allows something like this:

If i have a variables like this -> s1 : string "1234"; s2 : string "0204"; idx : integer "2"; str : string "";

I know the idx variable has number value 2 this means i would like to get content of s2. And then check if s2 contains character "3" in the string. If it contains character "3" the function would return true to me. In the game the idx changes when player interacts. And the result of change is stored as constant in those s1, s2.. variables. The content of the variable is like information for me what can be done at the moment in the game.


str = get_string_variable "s"+idx -> dynamically get the content of s2 string

if (str contains "3") then print "character 3 is included in string " + str;

It is ok as it is. No need to change 😊. The solution to any text game is to just read carefully and don't skip words. That is the place where i stumbled, because i did read the message to fast.

What i did though was that i lured the dog there and then flied from west to east and back because i did think that somehow making more barking noise around him will wake him up lol.

I am not here to tell you in any way to improve this game. It is yours and your wife creation. Like a child of love you both created from joy. And thus i do not want to spoil this beautifull child with my own poopy ideas. It is already playable, fun, unique and one of my favorites in this jam. Good luck. 😉

Hello, i liked your game. Nicely smooth playthrough. Only the puzzle with the sleeping man did stop me for a longer time. Anyway, here is a thumbs up for the idea and overall feel. ;-)

SNATCH = there are synonyms in game : poke, attack, pinch, grab

SPANK = hehe i got it from him *pointing at Aureas* spanking troll ass in his game :-D. I added your suggested synonyms. In game there were these already : beat, smack.

Fixed grammar issues. Thanks for letting me know.

Thank you i make some changes as you suggested. I also tested the SOUTH direction from horse stable and it is working. Did you played from restored game state? Maybe something in the engine is not working good when there are changes in code i quess. But i did not change anything in location connections hmmm.