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i downloaded the game again and tried just now, even ran it as an administrator. it actually fixed it a bit, but sometimes the delays and freezes still happen. they’re definitely not as annoying as before, but i just don’t understand why this occurs (i don’t have any problems with other ren’py games)

the problem was when the character portraits switched, it took too long and the game froze sometimes. i thought it was strange because my pc could definitely handle it, i checked it today and it went a little better but it still happened a few times…

i had some trouble playing due to frequent crashes but it could just be a problem on my end, despite that i really liked the concept and the characters and i can’t wait for the full game!

thank you!!!!

ngl, i saw alisa and i immediately forgot the names of the other love interests (sorry damon, sorry ryona)

this felt very personal yet i could relate to every word. it’s beautiful.

this is a really cute game! it might be weird of me to ask here, but where should i contact you if i wanted to translate this game in another language?