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Firstly I really love the piano instrumental in the main menu it's wonderful I'd love to know the name of it.

Secondly I wanted to congratulate you on your body of work through this project, I really have enjoyed your writing and story telling and as a caring person myself I find a dear place for every character in your game.

Thank you for your continued efforts in this creation and also make sure to take care in day to day life as I know it can be hard to continuously be so progressive with these projects. 

I understand thanks for the experience so far, I hope all ends out well for you. I will have to check back sometime next year :)

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I find the caring styled story line with Felix as the most refreshing I understand the game is NSFW and has a bunch of Kink's but I really preferred the romantic styled writing around Felix's story and hope for a good ending based around that.

I very much like the story, as far as I can tell there is going to be a good depth into it which I very much like the idea of, Koshiro is the only path I'm interested in I'm a sucker for looking after the troubled types, I very much look forward to it's updating.

I don't know if the patreon build is much further on then this one for his story if so I may have to take up an interest in investing into that xD

Has production stopped?

I have the same issue where you keep getting returned to a loop on the 3rd visit to the club where Ace isn't there with you from being sick.

Seems to be a bug when you enter the Club room without Ace for the first time and you talk to someone it cuts away to the day of the week then brings you back to the club room over and over everytime you try to talk.

Guys it doesn't matter if your mindset is positive or negative we shouldn't push the creator to do more then he is willing to do, there has already been countless hours of work put into this game.

It doesn't take long to look down the comments to see numerous mentions on wanting more content almost every day. We aren't always guaranteed to be given situations with all the time in the world or put in circumstances which allow us to be continuously creative without worry about general life.

All we can rightfully do is thank the creator for what they have already accomplished in a field which is very dry of many other creations, then allow them to lead where ever they wish to from there on. If @Carpetwurm want's more input from others at least allow him to first ask for it.

I don't like seeing people in our community bickering so often, we get enough scrutiny from the general conformable's as it is.

Your character development feels very human I think you have done a very good job at least with the path I personally went down "Alvy"

I know these projects take time especially with other things in life keeping us busy but if this project does get completed I look forward to revisiting.

Thank you very much for the experience. :)

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I'm almost disappointed I finished it so fast, Renan's my favourite probably easy to guess from my profile picture.

Will there be any continued updates within the kick-starter or a patron or is it a straight wait until release?

Also will there be voice acting in the finished game?

@Carpetwurm You have a great talent for lean male illustrations, your main character is personally and especially enticing..... well done.