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Richard08 (Ricardo Reyes Paz)

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Thanks a lot man!

Hi! I'm Ricardo Reyes Paz a mexican indie game developer that released his new commercial game, Doomies: Reloaded, how much can you survive?


  •  4 unlockable arenas
  •  3 different player skins
  •  Trophies
  •  2 different enemies
  •  4 distinct weapons
  •  Screenshake and juicy effects
  •  Blood splatter effects
  •  Great gameplay
  •  And parry when you go REALLY fast

I hope you like it!

Store page:


Youtube video:

The asset pack was called "Realistic FPS Prefab" or something like that. But it was deprecated from the unity asset store, for some reason.

It existed, but not anymore.

It's an ok game. But still, i had some fun anyway!

Very interesting concept!

Very interesting concept, and very fun also!

This game is... alright. I know it's a Game Guru game so you cannot make much there, but it could be better whit a little bit of costumisation, right now it feels like a mod of an existing game with no changes besides the levels, You can modify the sounds the textures, the menu, the logo, to make it more unique. But anyway, good luck in this industry!

Such a fun game, i love it!


Thanks for the review! i'm glad you like it!

Thank you very much for your review! it's always appreciated!

Thanks! <3, i'm glad you like it!

Thanks! <3

Very underrated... This is so polished and very well done... Good job!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

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Very underrated game, i enjoyed it a lot! It's very polished.

Really fun! I like it a lot.

Very simple, but well executed. It's nice!

Neat idea, but the controls are really janky, and when a platform appears and i'm on it, i can't move. I don't enjoyed it very much...

Wow, very polished on everything! it's really, really gooooood.

Thanks man!

Wow, simple but very fun! well done!

It's not super original, but it's ultra fun! i really like it!

Very very fun to play around with the idea, i really like this game!

Yeah, it's true that the brain pop-up, can be sometimes a little bit unfair.

Thanks for the review by the way!

Thanks for the review! i'm glad you like it!

I'm glad you like it! and thanks for the review, i appreciate it.

Yeah i know, it's very, very difficult, in some way i wanted it to be like that because of the nightmare that is having the protagonist, but it's true that it's a bit too much xD.

Thanks for the review by the way!

It's not super original, but it's very good executed, and it feels good. Well done!

The "hold to jump higher" it's actually pretty simple, you just need to multiply the Y velocity by a number that is less than 1 (i usually put 0.5) ONLY when the key for jump was released and the Y velocity is going up (you know, when the Y velocity is greather than 0 or less than 0, depending on the engine) i recommend you this video: it explains a lot of tips to make your platformer controls feel a lot better. 

It's pretty funny and original, good work!

The idea is pretty neat, i enjoyed a lot!

Maybe it misses a little bit of feedback and juice, but overall, really cool!

This game is awesome, perfectly it could be on steam and nobody would think it was made just on 48 hours!

Super cool idea! I loved this!

Hey, that's me???

Jokes aside, really cool and cute!

it's super interesting, and the gameplay feels great! it's just very good, nothing more to say.

It's interesting the idea behind of this game, but the controls are a little bit unrensposive, sometimes look's like i jump higher that other times, and also lacks a lot of juice and feedback, but anyway, i like it! 

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It look's interesting, but the controls are pretty bad, anyway, the simple fact that you succesfully finished a 3D game in 48 hours is great, so keep it up!