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Brain-dead Rabbit (Ricardo Reyes Paz)

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Thanks! 😄

I really liked this game, i personally think the perma-death mechanic from the 8-bit and 16-bit era is really obsolote nowadays, but i understand that the idea behind this was to make a game as old-school as possible, with some modern improvements. And it's also not such a big of a deal simply because all of my deaths felt fear, the game is hard as nails! That's for sure, but every death felt deserved. 

The graphics are also a little bit ugly if i'm being honest, they look like low-budget nes game graphics, but even then i actually found them somewhat charming, i guess it's because it reminds me of old Game Maker games graphics, which used to look this crappy back then, so i actually find them really charming in some weird way.

Overall, great game! I don't think it's worth 12 dollars if i'm being honest, that's actually a really high price for a game like this, although in the sale it is right now it's completely fine.

Esta muy cool! Muy original

Really cool game! I love it.

Thanks dude! I'm happy you enjoy it :)

Yeah, i did later.

Congrats dude lmao.

Thanks mate! I'm glad you like it :)


Nice! I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

Really simple, but really well designed and fun!

I found this game in a collection called "Fun sfw games" Lmao.

Hey! Your game's name is exactly the same as the name of one of my game series xD. 

Nothing much really, i just find it funny.

Really well done! It really feels like a game from that era.

You're using your own engine!??!? Damn, that's badass! Almost any indie uses an external engine, good luck with that dude!

It's simple and fun, though the art is kinda ugly. And i would've also liked a little bit more game feel.

Not bad really!

Wtf am i playing.

Amazing lmao.

Really fun to play! I love it.

Ooh, alright. Again, look's really cute, congrats!

Look's really cute! What game do you have in mind?

Man! This game rocks! I don't see any flaws other than the optimization, which could be better. But still, great game!

Thanks! And... yes 😎

Thanks! The soldiers move with the same keys, so you could say that they're "joined together"

Interesting game! It was quite strange to pick up maybe, a tutorial would have been great. But anyway, good work!


The game is really good, the only minor flaw i see it's that it gets old really quickly, it would have been awesome if it were shorter. But overall, really good submission!

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it!

Stupidly silly, i like it 👍

I love this game! It's really well designed. Good work!

For being made in just 5 hours, it's actually pretty decent!

Really interesting and simple, good for killing some minutes!

Way too easy, the game feels juicy though, but there's no difficulty almost at all.

Really good game! Fun and interesting, the way i like it.

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Seems alright! The idea looks interesting enough, overall, a really nice submission.

Extremely dark, i can't see a thing. The idea seems interesting, but the darkness was too annoying.

Cotrols are confusing, and there's a lot of input lag. Visuals are good though.

Thanks for the feedback!