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i removed the download a while back because i wasn't too satisfied with this project, but i'd be okay with putting it back up for a bit for now! thanks for your interest!

@Daniel Mullins: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you noticed the portrait change. I love including little things like that, so I'm pleased that it was subtle, but noticeable enough to still catch your eye!

@Jupiter Hadley: Thank you, I'm so glad you found it interesting! And thanks so much for featuring my entry; I love watching your compilations! c:

Thank you for the feedback! I definitely would have liked to go much more "unscripted" and abstract with this game -- having only a handful of working hours made it difficult to flesh out those ideas fully, but that'll be something to work on in the future for sure.

i'm sorry for the late responses, but thank you so much, both of you!

@mirandous: i'm so glad you enjoyed the flavortext and atmosphere!! i plan to revise a lot of the flavortext in the future, but i'm pleased that people are enjoying it so far!

@jupiter_hadley: thank you so much for featuring wdytya! the #mfgj series was great and i'm glad you enjoyed the demo! i'm also really happy that you enjoyed the pc's sprite; i'll be updating the demo to include the finished sprite soon!

this is such a neat idea! and that nodemap is so organized omggg i'm jealous.

are you working with twine 2's default format? harlowe doesn't have built-in audio support, so it's a lot more finicky when it comes to implementing audio than sugarcube is. if you were to switch to sugarcube, you'd have to rework your css and any macros already in use, but you might find it more amenable to the audio you want to work with. you could also try a javascript workaround called howler.js! i haven't used it myself yet, but i've seen it referenced before with regards to getting audio working in harlowe.

i'm so on board with this omgggg what a perfect concept. i'm stoked to see the items and enemies you have planned!

when it comes to mapping, it can really help to check out some map screenshot threads on the rpgmaker forums; they get pretty massive, and going through a few pages can net you a lot of advice and inspiration. your maps are looking neat so far though, and i love the color schemes!

your visuals are looking great! i absolutely love the bunny theme *u* "cute em up" is a genre we need like 500% more of immediately.

i'm loving the color tweaks! especially on the house; the muted reds look really great with the strong yellow/orange window lighting. the minimalist modelling look is really working for this project in general. i'm stoked to see more!

omgggg i love this already. your color palette is so nice and this is an extremely adorable lil pup *u*

this kitty and its animations are looking really cute! i'm also loving the background; those shapes and effects look great! and the white enemy is a good look imo; it contrasts sharply with the cat and distinguishes itself from the environment.

i really love your animations!! i'm super lazy and fully animating sprites is one of the most daunting parts of a project for me, so i'm always interested in seeing other people's animations. i'm already impressed with how yours have turned out! i also like the exclamation point as an interactivity indicator a lot. whenever my cats (or friends' dogs) see something they're interested in, i imagine a lil exclamation point popping up over their heads.

oh my godddd this is so precious!! i love the lil ear wiggles and tail twitches ;u;

this game's design is looking great so far; the color palette is really lovely! i'm super into the camera movement and the monster (that fade effect! so spooky and neat!!), too.

i really love this concept and i'm super excited to see how things work out for you!! it might be best to limit yourself to a couple of rooms and a few key furniture elements to focus on at first, but customizing the shelter is definitely a fun idea.

i've also been meaning to give PICO-8 a try and omg this is making me so excited, it looks like a ton of fun! also seconding the love for that kitty in the tree! it's a nice touch that makes the environment extra lively.

this is such a fun concept! i love the mechanics you're working with so far, and it seems like you're working on them at a great pace. i think a tutorial and saving/loading are definitely good features to think about adding atm!

i love your concept and the visuals you're working with so far! your style has a really pleasant softness to it, and a CYOA in unity would be super cool. i'm excited to see more of this game!

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1. Hi everyone! I'm Katana! I write, I make interactive fiction, I study literature and classical antiquity, and I sleep a lot.

2. This is my third round of MFGJ! A year ago I made a demo for my first real dev project, and last summer I learned some skills in a new engine. This time, I don't plan to create a solo project -- I'll be here primarily as a mentor! You can email me, DM me, or find me on Discord now and then if you need help or advice. Unfortunately, I can't be on Discord a ton, but I'll still try to pop in from time to time, and I totally encourage you to drop me a line elsewhere if you need to. I'll also be hanging around the forums hollering happily at all of your projects throughout the jam! I'm so excited to see what everyone makes!!

3. Silent Hill, Soulsborne, Drakengard & Nier, Shadow of the Colossus & The Last Guardian, Baten Kaitos, Okami, and Sunless Sea are some of my absolute favorites and I could sing their praises for years. I love horror games (especially indie horror and classic RPGMaker horror like Yume Nikki, IB, Ao Oni, etc), but I also have a huuuuge soft spot for games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. I just really love video games in general; interactive fiction of all kinds has always inspired me.

4. I have experience primarily with Twine (2.0 & 1.4), Ren'py, and RPGMaker (2003, VX Ace). My projects are typically 2D and narrative-oriented. In the last year, I've worked on about a dozen games and prototypes! I'm currently focusing on WDYTYA and a couple of visual novels.

5. Writing! Narrative structure! Character design! Art! Horror fiction! Weird old stuff people dig up in the Mediterranean! Petting cats!!!

6. Don't be too hard on yourself! The initial vision of any project is usually your ideal vision, and being flexible about its outcome is vital. Everyone's said this, but: keep your scope manageable to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed or discouraged. Don't be afraid to cut, scrap, or rework things. Like if you start thinking you need to switch engines, give it a try as soon as possible. That fresh start can be daunting, but it'll probably make you more productive, efficient, and comfortable in the long run. Remember that developing a new skill takes time, and what you end up making doesn't have to be perfectly polished. As long as you've learned something new, you're doing great.

Sure thing! I'll be in touch soon! c:

Your work is terrific! I love chiptunes and upbeat vibes, but I'm especially digging the feel of "A Painting," "It Hurts," and "The Forest." Piano pieces and ambient synth-y tunes are way up my alley, at least when it comes to my current project. I'd definitely be interested in collaborating, if you'd like!

I'll be working on completing an updated demo for an RPGMaker game called Who Do You Think You Are! It's an eerie exploration game that emphasizes flavortext and atmosphere. I originally started and finished my first pass at a demo last January. I was new to game dev and it was my first finished project, so I'd love to polish it and hopefully end up with a new and improved demo by the end of the month!

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oh man. i love everything about this game. there's a blend of stylized simplicity and minute intricacy to the graphics that works really, really well, and the sound design is spot on. this game is uncomfortable in the best way; the atmosphere is perfect in all its oppressive, surreal intensity. awesome job!

i'm absolutely loving this game! the puzzles and platforming are very well done -- messing around and exploring feels free and fun! -- and the graphics are clean and stylized in a really pleasant way. everything about this game is just so charming! great job!! c:

this is such a neat concept, and it plays very well! i love the hand-drawn animation style and the soft pastel graphics in general.

this is a really charming CYOA!! i love seeing people use twine for quirky, lighthearted projects.

i love how lively this game is! the music fits perfectly and the graphics are excellent; they're very crisp and clean, and the color palette is so bright and unique! awesome job!

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this is a great first foray into platformers! and the graphics are just gorgeous. the silhouettes are very readable, and the foreground and background create a super dynamic effect. i love the use of a cool toned palette with red reserved for emphasizing threats. the abrupt ending is neat as well!

super charming and clever! i unabashedly love all terrible puns.

congratulations on your first game! i absolutely love your artstyle and spritework; everything feels very soft, clean, and cohesive. great job!! c:

i absolutely love this retelling of cinderella! the storybook aesthetic is also really successful; the character sprites are very reminiscent of classic etchings, and they're complemented by the black and white backgrounds. nicely done, and good luck with any future updates!

this is such an interesting premise, and i love the artwork; the style is lovely and the character designs are excellent!

the concept is super, super charming, and so are the character designs! i'm loving the traditional artwork. great job with this demo, everybody; i'd love to see more of this VN in the future!

nice job! there's a good amount of contrast between the dream and the real world, and the floor matching is such a unique mechanic!

i think adding a bunch of ridiculous ingredients was a good move! beyond just being fun and silly, it really expanded on the original idea! great job working from the cover art to create something neat.

i love the minimalism and the intuivite puzzles! the mini-taur is also super cute. c:

interesting concept and gorgeous visuals! i really love the stylized environments.

really lovely graphics and animations, especially the running animation; it's very fluid and smooth. there's a climactic moment while swinging on the vines that's also really well done -- the way the camera zooms out and the music swells is just perfect. great job!

lovely take on the pandora myth and lovely spritework; the technique and color palettes are great!

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there's an excellent, somber sense of atmosphere to this game. as a whole, this project is a very interesting, thoughtful experience.