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No problem, feel free to delete my comment.

Haha, thanks. That means a lot because I barely scratched the surface of what I was hoping to achieve.


I love the theme. The colors, icons and music express it perfectly. The combat system is interesting—the initial skill selection is confusing without having played before, but I picked it up quite easily after that. I'll have to play some more.

Linux only?

I get the error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'weakAgainst' of undefined" after a little bit.

Also very confusing to work out how to play. it's not obvious that you can throw monsters, even after you select them from the menu nothing happens. How do you put them back in the monster ball?

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Wow, this is a really unique and well executed game. Just sunk several hours into it. I managed to make my first queen (not in time though - that seems difficult!)

When your storage is full, does production/collection stop or are resources being wasted? If the latter, it would be great to get some more in-game feedback about it. I think the storage size text blinks red, but not enough to draw my attention.

I really enjoyed this game! Beautiful and detailed art, mood is perfect, theme is executed really nicely.

However, it has a few rough edges.

I took a long time to understand all the mechanics. For example I was confused that water didn't appear when terraforming (because I was placing them on rocks, which turns them normal land).

The game is very difficult, but it seems that the difficulty varies wildly depending on your generated map. The lose states can be quite unsatisfying. For example, if you run out of metal and just can't build, you feel doomed. Same if you just can't build enough houses.

There are lots of other little things that could do with polish and fixes, but you've mentioned you're working on version 2--I look forward to playing it.

I see only windows downloads.

So far I love this game! (only up to level 2)

Is there a way to quickly restart the game on game over? It seems I'm forced to go all the way back to the company title before I can start again. I can see that I'll be doing a lot of this...

Also, I had a bit of confusion with the names. I entered my name before playing the first game, but then when I died I was asked to enter it again (seems unnecessary already). The second time around I made a typo and couldn't work out how to backspace. I pressed "confirm" because I remembered first time that it asked me "is this correct?" before continuing. But this time it just went ahead and used my incorrect name on the high score table.

I will continue playing for sure, just wanted to share these while they're on my mind.