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really cool !

I enjoyed the first chapter, can't wait to do a full playthrough !

Cool !

Good luck !

I like it, I'm a goblin too

Really cool system, feels great to use. I can even put in my name in full :p

Zip files are compressed files and folders into one file. You can create zip files by right clicling your folder/file or by using software like 7zip or WinRar

Cool, looking forward to more !


Very nice 👌


Is it one screen only, or am I too dumb to make any progress ?

Hmmmmmm, how does this work?

Interesting but, it'd be more challenging if the crowd were walls (in bitsy engine not literal walls)

J'ai bien aimé la découverte des dessins, je ne m'y attendais pas !

I must say this is the most emotional game I've played made with Bitsy

Looks hella cool

What is your number after then #
My discord username is rhebok#7390

"to stop meditating touch the coconut with your cat" 10/10

I'm a pixel artist.
Spookd n' ready to join/form a team for this jam

Meta Jam community · Created a new topic Need an artist?

I'm a pixel artist and willing to form a team for this jam.

It's cool but the controls should be more polished IMHO

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Is it possible to do top down movement ( 4 directions ) with the latest version. I can't find enable_movement_run_horizontal/vertical?

I wanna know the same thing, mouse drawings could probably go in challenges

Looks great!

Basicaly, the game needs to be made of 160x144 pixels no matter how scaled up the pixels are, right?

Looking forward to this jam, I'm a novice when it comes to programming but I'll try :