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Of course, that's not my intention, I just need a general purpose scene manager script I made.

The rules say I MUST start from scratch. Am I allowed to use some utility code I've written before for other games? Eg. a scene manager

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Seems that v0.10.2 requires a lot of dependencies that are no longer available (Dependency is not satisfiable)

Try using the AppImage instead:

I am present

May or may not complete, we'll see

Alright, thanks for helping me get that taken care of!

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So I don't know if I did something wrong or if there's a second page or something, but when I click "Get for $50.00", it only asks me for credit card details but not mailing address... Am I doing something wrong? How do I get my hands on this cartridge?

I must have that physical release! Great game Tom!

i feel ya

Yeah, I figured out that I had to use static, but once I started using static the sound effects cut out eventually and never come back...

Hey, at least you got something out there, right?

Thanks for rating my game!

Fairly fun. The 1 and the 7 in the font look too similar to me, but otherwise not bad! Your interpretation of the theme was clever too!

Now I'm wondering how you got audio to work... My LÖVE game's audio seemed to break when I tested it with LÖVE Web Builder...

Great game though!

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Yeah, I should've made it so only the player regenerates health...

Maybe I could add an extra stat for that, too?

Thanks for the feedback!

oh hey i beat it


omg brought a tear to my eye

Water: Craft bucket, go to dark realm (jump off island), drop bucket; Rain will fill bucket

Silicon: Grab crates from the drifting islands in the light realm and open them.

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How exactly did you break the game? (It's okay if you don't remember)


"Red Dude" and "Blue Dude" have got to be my favourite video game characters of all time.

"WARNING: Redrift Redux build is NOT COMPATIBLE with Adrift saves. DO NOT attempt to open them or they will be corrupted."

Just change the internal name, then it won't even be able to access Adrift saves.

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Where is this located on Linux?

Add inputs and outputs, wire AND and NOT gates to the inputs and outputs, then press the create button at the top left.

Please make a Linux build.

Very fun game, almost got stuck because I had already forgotten the soul separation mechanic. 10/10 would recommend.

Will there ever be an Android version?

Wait maybe the orbs are donut HOLES? :O

It appears you, in fact, can't walk back out.


2 orbs isn't a doughnut either...

Question: What inspired you to make this game?

I recommend you make builds for Windows and Linux and add a save & load feature.


Download the game, right click one of the application files, click properties, then under Permissions, tick the box that says "Allow executing as a program." Then, just run the game.

Oh hello microman

What was the theme for this Ludum Dare?

You can't just clip back through the ground? I got inside the island in creative and was able to just fly right back out.

Fine I'll use Windows...

I remember when the new Mindustry was in beta and there were no sounds I would just open this game to get some music