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Big scary good bou

hey man it's okay! It was a really fun game though i enjoyed the puzzles 

It was really fun, but there is so many things... The Escape button made me loose all of my progress over 4 times on accident, the spider would just hover over me and kind of screw e, but overall really fun... The notes were a bit obvious it was cool though, but please lord jesus fucken christ add a pause menu.

Yes my discord it ReZult Studios#6744

Main menus, ui, hud, a lot of things

Hey, if this is made in unity i might be able to help you with the UI of your game.

Alright also just want to tell you you are my favorite youtuber! I watched all of your videos :) When you left i waited almost a year for you to come back and when you did it was worth it :)

Imma do a youtube video on the Demo if that is okay :)

Darktober 2017 community · Created a new topic Finaly!!

I have finaly submitted mine it took a while if you find any bugs with the game Hellsworn Tech Demo please report them in the games comments :D

Actually i was here first

I am making a complete game called hellsworn but it wont be 100% done in the given time, so can i make it like a small tech demo?

Damn Echo It looks so good!!! I cant wait to play it!!! <3

Ill still try it out and stuff though but good job for making a game+!!! :)

Its not even summer

windows please but you can do both

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Sadly Impletmenting the marrige was to much in to little time soooo im just doing a bit of story 

That is why i specified that the map is one. And if people want to use assets like map packs thats ok but they just took the demo scene and didnt put ayny work into the map... And as a solo developer this pisses me off because i love this game he needs to change the map though

I cant believe. This....

This map is a complete asset flip!/content/48976

I thought this game was pretty cool and then i saw this and realized you didnt put any work into your map...

I need a new link for the discord 

I think at the end you should do a youtube video about all of these games or just some of them lol because im doing a full on zombie game with story side quests achivements marrige you might even be able to have kids. You can buy homes im doing everything lol