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cool! i think you can turn down the sound, it is really loud sound

i cant see in this 160x144 screen, please scale it

i love it <3 it is really nice simulation of design t-shirts, the bar mechanic is nice, simple and obvious, is easy to get it, well done

think you should show the game commands in the game nor everyone read all information before download and the keys isnt obvious

i personally dont like this kind of walljump, is very difficult and you need to have the experience with it, the game is nice, but if a simple walljump would be great

the game is nice but if you dont make the right decision you dont have as redo just quite and this is a bit sad

i really dont get it, sometimes the people hurt you somtimes dont, sorry i really dont get it

The game is nice, in the early i thought that the bar moves really fast, but later I got used to it and liked

it is really difficult to understand who is enemy and what kill you, this is frustrating

The game are cool, but i think the walljump is too much "super metroid" and this is not so good because traps the player although it is a good game

hi, i'm a pixel artist and game developer, wanting to work with a team in a game that is already in progress or maybe a new project

some art:

Call me here or in: