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A member registered Sep 10, 2021

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This looks really nice and clean, love it!

are you sure it's human trafficking.....

I'll leave my comments here in case anyone has any extra keys....

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Just wanted to say that for some reason the image is not showing on Android, but I checked on my PC and everything is fine.

Edit: oh yeah and great update can't wait to explore tribal village

Edit: I forgot to try joiplay first! now it works fine but it still missing some feature but hey it works, sorry!!!

This is amazing!!!!

and also don't forget to take a break



soooo.... it's my pc then

The game is not optimized for android?

My phone can't handle the game, that's where my problem is but the game can still load 

still the same

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maybe i should try the app

i do have desktop app but i downloaded it manually

Do you guys having problem with the game suddenly stopped working?

Or maybe it's because I don't have opengl

(Sorry for bad English)

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Where do i report bugs and also the game is great 

The art is cute that's what i like

It think victorian town is Transylvania

Very cute, I liked it the first time I saw it

hope this game didn't get discontinued like the other game i love :)


I love this :))))