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it looks, feels and plays awesome !the graphic style is the definition of cool.... AND couch coop?! sign me in!

litteraly the best demo i have played yet, and the changes in the dialogs and cutscenes are nice enough to keep me playing it over and over :D

i was expecting something special to happen when i perfected the whole thing but hey :P

you made an awesome game my dudes, keep it up and good luck in future developement!  

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no problem, i can wait for the new version of youtr game if it comes out soon :) Thank you for your explanation ;)

(and yeah i'm running the latest version of JRE8: u161)

thanks for replying so quick, i look forward to playing your game !! :D 

hey my dudes! i really don't know if you are still looking at the feedback since the last one is almost a year old :D

 your game seems great, but i can't play it, for some reason when i try to open it a message appears and tells me i need java, i have it though i don't know what the problem is :/ would be great if you guys could tell me wich settings to change or what to do :) 

i love your game :)

but everytime i try to play with a controller the controls are weird, why not just use the right stick for aiming ? (it uses the left trigger ....)

so please make it more controller friendly, but besides that it's a great game dude ! :D