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Really nice

Zelo epic :D

This game is so clean, very well done.

Thank you for the response! The thing is the world is 2D so the player can't "fall" into the water. I added a collider that you can't stay in for more that a second where the rivers are, but then the character hitbox is too big so they collide at the edge. Will update :D

That ice crack animation is really satisfying

It's 3 AM here, need sleep

The jump is really satisfying and is an interesting core mechanic.

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Thank you :)



Well done animations and 2d/3d combination, some hit feedback would be nice. Maybe change the text color on the page to something more readable...

Can't you guys just unzip  it?

...Check the target directory again

You can now find the discord server at the bottom of the jam page.

I'm still setting it up. It'll be available soon.

There are invisible walls that are disabled when you press the run button. They're there because you could just drag the monkeys to the banana. Sorry for the button problem, Unity is kinda janky, if you press lower it'll work. I'll work on this, thanks for the feedback!

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 Here's my game My Awesome Burgers . Would appreciate if you checked it out.  (work in progress)

Place the circular tiles next to each-other (small overlap) to change em. Moon + tree turns all moon tiles to trees,,, tree + house turns all tree tiles to house tiles. The goal is unknown tho.

How do you beat the game? By reaching a certain population amount?

Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic Nice

Very nice game

Doing that as soon as the voting ends. Appreciate the feedback! Thanks!

Sorry about that. It worked differently in the editor but I couldn't fix it in the last minute. I'll tweak it soon and also check out your game. Thanks for the feedback!

Really love how the chickens head turns toward the cursor.  Also looks really good. It's a bit too hard in my opinion.

Upload the files, not only the .exe!