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Yes, but for Linux compatibility, I think the easiest way would probably be to run a cracked version of MacOS on a virtual machine.
With this, you can easily emulate an iPhone on the VM to use Dolphin to emulate a Wii program like DeSmuMe!
Once you get DeSmuMe working, you should be able to seamlessly get the DS version of this game loaded up in no time!
Hope this helps :)

ps: please do not try this, this is purposefully convoluted and terrible advice

egg? egg.

Thank you for helping Bob!

Great video, I agree that sound effects are a much needed addition, but I was scambling near the end because Unity wasn't cooperating so I wasn't able to get any in place.

Nice job, I like your Let-Bob-do-all-the-work-while-I-just-sit-here strategy, I works surprisingly well :P

Okay wow, this was a great entry!

I love the design, and the only thing it needs is more levels!

I can see SO many cool possibilities using this mechanic!


Wow! This is a great game!

This did not deserve to come in last place! The art is amazing, the game plays well with a cool machinical twist, and it has fair yet challenging level of difficulty! Great job!

- ReubenZ

Alright! Thanks for your feedback. I'll add some music controls in my next update.

Thanks for your feedback!

BTW: I just subbed!

Alright, thanks for your feedback!

Would you have any suggestions on how I could more fully flush out this concept?

Alright! Just making sure you knew! Good luck in the jam! I think you have a great chance of winning!

Okay, I just want to say that I went back after leaving that comment and played through the entire game! I really think this is one of the best and most polished feeling games in this jam! BTW: the new thumbnail looks great!

Wow this is a great game! I really enjoyed playing it! The controls took a bit to get used to, but after figuring out how to interprite them the game became alot of fun! Nice work, and good luck in the Jam!

Yeah for some reason games made with the Unreal engine compress horribly.

Great game! Even though the jam is over you can still change the way this page looks as long as you don't change the download. I would suggest adding some screenshots of the game, and an thumbnail, that way more pleople will see and download it.

Neat game, I love the machinic choice, the controls are a bit floaty, but besides that it is quite a fun game!

Sorry, to tell you this but the file that you uploaded is not the game, it is only the unity.3d project file, if you want a playable game you must build the project in unity to make a .exe and then upload that with the data file in a .zip format  to

Okay, this game is fantastic! The tight controls, and smart machnics are perfect, and I really enjoyed how the difficulty ramped up throughout the game. I love the shild sliding, it made me feel like Legolas, I wish there was a better  thumbnail for the game, as the current one makes it look kinda cheap which is a false representation. Great job, and good luck in the Jam!

This concept is fantastic and hilarious!

In that first room I felt like a bad-ass gangerter from the god father, walking through a wall with a tommygun and with one throw, knocking the two thugs to the ground. Then I walked up behind another thug, grabbed him by the crotch and throw him across the roof top knocking down his friend!! This game is funny, does an amazing job with the machanic, has great level design, a fantastic art style, and ontop of that it just is totally bad-ass!

There are a few problems, not with the design, but just standered glitches. One of the main ones I encountered was the gun hitbox, when holding a wepon and spamming the jump button while looking down you are able to fly... this allowed me to sequence break the chopper fight at the end and kill the chopper before  it is active, then walk to the ramp and get the gameover text.

Good job! This is a great game and it's sort of sad that it hasn' t had much traffic yet. The mechanic is very clever and I really enjoyed playing through it! It took me a while to figure out how some things worked, but all in all it was a fun playthrough!

Neat game! The art style and presentation are great, and the game feels fluid and did a great job with the thyme! It would be nice to have some indication of what buttons connected to what machines as that was a bit annoying to figure out at first, but besides that you did a very nice job!

Good job on the game! The presentation is very nice, and the idea of dissabling direct control of the player really worked! I got a little further than Monstr, but there was no way I could make the long jump across spikes, WHILE also trying to burn wooden crates to make a path. Anyhow nice job, and good luck in the Jam!

Hey, I'm sure this is a great game, but I'm sorry to tell you that the download link isn't working... After decompressing the .rar file I tried to run "OConceptO.exe" but it gave me this pop-up. Anyhow, good job finishing your first game, game development can have frustrations like this somtimes, I did almolst this exact same thing on my first gamejam, but regardless of what happens in the end the importent thing is that you made somthing cool, and that you learned somthing new!

It is probebly too late to enter a fixed download link into the GMTK game(jam);, but if you do want to make a new link my best advice is when you click "Build Project" select the folder to build in as a new empty folder, that way once you compress the file it will have forsure everything that you need inside of it, if you do get that working please send me a message so that I can check it out! Good luck on your future projects!

I think we have a winner here! The gameplay is smooth, the artstyle is clean and crisp, the music is perfect for the atmosephere, the machinics are well thoughout, and the level design is on point. I love the idea in the last section where you have to intentionally harm the player so that he is short enough to get to his bedroom, so smart!

Wow! Fantastic work on this game! I love the concept, and level of polish and detail are amazing! Good luck in the jam!

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I'd seen a few  screen shots and videos of this on twitter and I was quite impressed, but playing it now it is so much cooler then just a video can show! Great work guys!

Thanks, yep I agree compleatly about the camera movement and am currrently working on a solution. Also I did not actually finish this 1 day early, I made this submittion page, and submitted a prototype yesterday, but I didn't upload this current .zip file until about 30 minutes before the jam ended. That way I would get a few more veiws from participents before the rest of the games flooded the page, thus allowing for my game to be recommended more often on the download screen of another project.

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A possible solution I just thought of when you said that, would be a time freeze where when you held right-click the game would freeze until rightclick was released. I'll try adding that now and see if it works, although I won't be able to update the game-jam version so a seprate download would be nessassary.

Unfortunately there is no download link, or embedded game so I am unable to play.

Great game! I really enjoyed the camera machanic! It put a really neat spin to the game!

Thanks for the feedback, I agree that something should be done to make it simpler to click on the blocks, but I was not able to find and implament a good solution for that before the time ran out.

I don't usually give 5 stars but in this case I had to, the level design is cohesive and brillient, and the machanic -even though it is simple- forces the player to think in unique ever changing ways! It also allows for some great verticality in the layout because of the way that the floor rose or fell as you switched scenes! Good luck in the jam!

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Wow this game is incredibly complicated for only a 48 hour jam!

Great game, and I loved the disguise machinic! It is rather short since this is only the first version, but I will bookmark this so that I can find it if, or when you release further stages!

Wow! This is amazing! I love the effects, and the smart ways of dealing indirect damage!

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Great game! I love the design and gameplay!

What excactly is the machinic you are doing without? Is it Bullethell without non-stop?

Wow, fantastic job! I love the original tetris, and play it quite a bit, and this is a very smart and unexpected addition which is just amazing! Great work! and good luck in the jam!