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Not sure but here is a list of the results if that's what you're looking for: https://itch.io/jam/dev-squad-...

Good job on number two! You deserve it!

Wow, looking back on that comment I look quite negative about the game, but it was a really great experience and those were just some of the little annoying things that came up.  Good Job!

This is the most mind-bending game I have ever played! 10/10! The Art style is amazing, the gameplay is fun and from the first puzzle, I knew I was into something great!

LOL, well it's still fun!

Whatever it is still fun! I just found it funny how quickly the mood changed lol!

Ok Just trying to help!

I would never have thought of playing as a shadow This is so interesting! 

LOL, the start of the game draws me into a story and I start getting excited... then I started dodging things... for way too long... Fun game anyways!

Try using Input.GetAxisRaw(""); instead of Input.GetAxis(""); It would make the movement fell move responsive. Also, make the rotation of the player update based on the velocity instead of when the keys are pressed. That would take it from a great experience to an amazing one!

The visuals are good, but the lack of music was annoying and I'm not sure if this was just for me, but the controls were very hard to manage and I found myself frustrated just trying to move in a straight line. If you want to improve the game after this Jam is over one suggestion would be to make the controls similar to those of Hotline Miami where w always moves you up down moves you down and the right and left controls to move you right and left regardless of the player's orientation.

This is a good game but it wasn't really built around the theme and only incorporated things from the thyme because it had to.  At least that is my impression. Nice job on the art by the way it looks on point!

Nice game! You should really add some screen shots or else people might not download it!

You are more than welcome! I can't wait to see it finished!

Wow, Nice job! I like gameplay and the art is great!

Wow! This is amazing, I'm not really into horror so when I started to hear the whispering I was totally freaking out! The way the camera lags behind the cursor is fa nominal and really makes this game a whole lot scarier! since it is difficult to check your back and around corners!

From Light community · Created a new topic Very nice Game!

The art style reminds me of Ori and the Blind Forest and this is a beautiful game! The only thing that would be nice at thing point would be a game tab telling you what the control is because at this point even with this little bubbles with the controls in them it is still quite confusing. 

It's not working! Yikes, only 4 minutes left!

Nice concept and great execution! I wasn't expecting much from a WebGl game but this is fantastic!

Nice game I love the controls and graphics! but you NEED to add screen shots to your game page of else I would never know what a good game you have! I came here without any hope I just wanted to see what this could possibly be! Since there are only 17 minutes left at the time of writing this here are some of the screen shots that I took!

Nice game! I love the simplicity!

Only things that could be fixed: are the level generation - because the end always seems to be in a straight line from the player with little in between them!

Although this would be a small change I think it would be nice if you were also able to move with your arrow keys or wasd.  

The last thing would be to stop the endpoint from being an unlit color since that makes every level very simple! and if you took that away then the level generation would be fine!

These things don't need to change for the game to be good, they are just some things to think about if you are wanting to continue with this project!

That is perfectly fine! I don't care at all I was just pointing it out before too many people saw it! 

This is still an amazing game!

Lit community · Created a new topic Beautiful!

This game is fantastic! it runs well and the art is stunning for anything created in such a short time!

Amazing! The graphics are some of the best in the jam so far and the concept is so simplistic and beautiful!

Nice! This was a fun play and was easy to understand once I saw the first torch!

Nice game so far. The motion blur is intense so it is rather hard on my eyes but besides that, it is a very well made game!

Amazing Game! Nice narration lol! Combat somewhat clunky and loading times long, but all in all this is the best game submitted to the jam that I've played yet!

BTW you spelled "before" wrong in your Explanation lol! 

Nice Job!