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I am Dave ! Yognaught and I have the balls

I understand that saving works well in some games, like Jump King for example. I am just saying I don't think it would be good for Teleport Tower because of its specific mechanics.

I want refreshing the page to take players back to the very start of the game, before the intro cutscene. I do plan to add a reset button, but I want the reset button to take players to the beginning after the intro cutscene, as it would be annoying for speedrunners to have to watch the cutscene every time. Saving would prevent players from being able to rewatch the intro cutscene. Saving is also just not that useful in our game due to the nature of the mechanics. 

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This feels like such an odd requirement for this genre specifically. For my game personally I feel like a save feature would only add confusion and detract from what the game is. Are there no exceptions?

I see that now that the community rating period is over, uploading files to itch has been unlocked. Does this mean we're allowed to make any updates to our game? If so, will the moderators/judges play the original version or the updated version? If the former, then how would they even access the older build? Look through my GitHub commit history and compile from the older build? If so, then why even unlock uploads in the first place?

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The jump mechanic is a ton of fun and the difficulty scales very well.

0 complaints. Awesome concept presented perfectly

This game just feels so good to play! I keep coming back to it. My only complaint is that it is difficult to tell the blue lined platforms from the pink ones as someone who is red-green colorblind.

Very fun concept. Extremely polished. Maybe does not match the theme as closely as some other submissions but the checkpoint system works well and is a creative take on Foddian games.

All around excellent submission! My only real complaint is how difficult it was to learn some of the mechanics such as the fact that you can control movement mid-air and some of the details with the 1-way platforms.

The whole vibe of this game is so nice and chill. This game just feels good to play.

Classic concept, well executed with stunning graphics. Well done!

Amazing stuff. The scope of this game for a 10 day jam is absolutely insane

This blurry pixel art bug you're reporting is something I've never experienced personally or seen anyone else mention. Could you possibly share a screenshot and let us know which browser/OS you use so I can try to debug?

I don't have a desktop build, but you could try the GitHub Pages version maybe:

Cool game by talented people

I am a bit surprised by how critical this comment section is. IMO this game is a ton of fun for $3, and I am thoroughly impressed what Tim has made of it with the relatively short amount of time he's been working on it, especially as a solo dev.