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oh lol so no point in competing then, especially when we have to use core

Thank you, this is an actually very kind comment :D

So wait who gets the money?

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me too, cant be asked tho

Overall I liked this game, the sound effects were good, the particles were good and in that sense it was quite polished. But if feel that the difficulty was a bit high and that there could have been some sort of tutorial, maybe there was but i skipped the text. And i was confused that many enemies seemed to just be walking through my castle things which i thought were meant to kill them.

Thank you so much!

Us chess gang gotta stick together 

Thanks, I love your game, would have never thought of making a party game

I think you cant since the deadline is up :\

This needs to be made into a full game

Damn this was a great take on the chess idea, never thought about chaining the pawn into a queen in mine, very clever

Amazing game!

Yeah that seems to have backfired on me :/

Awesome idea, I would have never thought to create a party game!

Thanks for the feedback, yeah i added that in cause i originally had to have more possible turn actions like equiping weapons or something but didnt pan out

If you are a solo dev working on a project like that... you need time to relax bro, I’m sure he’s still making progress on karlson but that game shouldn’t stop him from doing things he enjoys 

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Hey 0x72 love the assets, considering making a udemy course on game dev and wondering whether or not I would be able to use this assets, is that covers in the CC0 license? Of course I would give u full credit for the assets. Thanks -Retro

yeah thats why i added the restart button, you can only move between objects. I should have really communicated this better

Thanks Poly Mars, love the channel!

So much fun, the more i played, the more I learned to control my ship. Tokyo drifting in space be like...


Overall a good game but i felt that you could have had a few more features and more of an explanation on how to play, I think it would be worth adding a tutorial instead of a block of text

Really creative idea, I can't get enough of this game!

Wow! just Wow! this game is amazing

I really like the sound effects, game is really quite fun and addictive. Keep up the good work!

Really fun, I feel like some of the sprites don't really have the same style, some seem more detailed than others. Still an amazing game

Damn this game is beautiful, how do you generate that terrain?

really great

Very nice


I'm thinking about polishing it and adding more objects and a kind of story, is that something you would play

I loved this game, but how does it fit the theme

well done guys great game

High score 10

how do u get the passcode?

Such a great game!

Keep up the good work guys

I agree

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Hey have you heard of the Dreadful whispers?

I actually really like it I would have given it full marks if I had submitted my own entry