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Yeah game jams can be stressful sometimes, let me know if you work on this further as i would love to play a full release :)

This may be the best game in the jam. The art, audio, ui and everything is really good! Everything is super polished and I just found this game a ton of fun. The only one minor complaint I have is that some levels are just rather easy and there aren't really any proper puzzles, some sort of system which rewards more creative designs would be really cool. With a few small tweaks and a few hundred levels I could see this game as something I would buy on steam.

that's great to hear! feel free to dm me on discord if you want to talk about anything

thank uuuu <3

Thank's luak, can't wait to see what you make!

Thanks Bbomb! <3

Thank you so much for pointing this out, I think i may have fixed it and it would be much appreciated if you could try out the new build to tell me if it works :D

Yup I completely agree, I just didn’t really have time to add that.

yeah I needed up forgetting to multiply by delta time in the jump meaning that the jumps can be impossible for some players, my apologies 

yeah I realised after I submitted that the game was way too hard 😅 you kinda of get used to things when you test games over and over. I would like to come back to everything and remake the game post jam.

yeah I really wish I had improved the movement. Thanks man :) also need to find a way to fix that skip haha. Hopefully I can fix a few of the major issues post jam

Thanks a ton! Yeah, I think I really need to decided whether I want this to be a puzzle or platforming game and not stay in between. Also Zeno's game was very cool

Bro this is amazing, I have no clue how you managed to achieve so much in such little time. The only thing i'll say is that getting stuck on walls could get a tiny but annoying but other than that great job.

Yup, I definitely will add something like that if I expand on this game in the future

my apologies, when creating the movement script I forgot to multiply by delta time meaning that some jumps are impossible depending on how powerful your computer is

Yeah I realised that I forgot to multiply the jumping by delta time. This can lead to the jumps being impossible for some people dependingon your computer, I apologise for this oversight.

Thanks! Do you mind describing the issues you had with the camera movement?

Thanks! If you want to adjust the camera sensitivity you can do so in the menu you pressing ‘P’, as said in the description.

ahh alright my bad, from what I saw the game looks great

Thanks man, i feel so bad that i didn't notice how difficult it was haha.

Thank you so much! Yup I didn't realise the issues with the camera until after i submitted and people pointed them out to me. If I expand the game I'll definitely change the base fov and add options to change it. I tried to distinguish the shootable blocks by making them right but I realised that I didn't make this clear enough and that it may be difficult for people with different types of colour blindness. Ahh alright I'll try to fix that for a later build. Thank you for all the feedback, it's all really helpful!

Thanks my guy! Yeah the platformer controls are really not good haha, I didn't really pick it up when testing since I got used to it though. Ye that's something I think would be cool too, thinking about expanding the game after the jam into something far more polished. I'll add a speedrun timer too if I do so. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks man

Thanks man!

Very cool idea! Would never have thought of screen wrapping as a mechanic.

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Graphics are really nice and the game seemed really promising, however it froze on the first death and after i switched onto the other side I couldn't jump and then the game froze again.

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I keep getting people saying this haha. You can change the mouse sensitivity by pressing 'P' and going into the menu, I did put this as the first thing in the games description :p

I really like the main mechanic of this game, simple but can create some good puzzles. Well done!

I greatly agree, it was something which I planned to add and even started adding but never finished

should be, might need to check though

yeah the controls were way too difficult, didn’t realise until after I submitted though. My bad 

Yeah I wanted to spend more time on it but didn’t get the chance :(

Thank you so much! haha yeah sorry, that was definitely an issue with my submission. Near the beginning I starting implementing coyote time but then sort of forgot about it, im so annoyed with myself as i think it would make the game so much better. 

ah kk thanks man

This game is beautiful! Do you have any resources for how you got such amazing lighting in unity?

thanks man really appreciate it, all credit for the music goes to icoso. Yeah the sensitivity slider was a bit last minute due to some friends play test but I’m glad I added it haha

As I say in the description, you can change it simply by pressing p and adjusting the slider

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yeah I can agree with that, I really wanted to add some sort of coyote time to try and relieve this issue a bit but I never got around to it in the end

Do you have any resources to show how you created this style of graphics?