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I really enjoy the art style on this game, going to give it a try.


That was amazing. I loved the way you really get the scope right in the graphics. The characters, are already amazing, even with the short time we get to spend with them. The scene with Lance really got to me, well done. I'll be a supporter of this game for sure.

I just noticed all these threads. I've been messing around with game dev since the mid 90s, going from NES Rom hacks to RPG Maker on the PSX. I finally released my first small project last week on here, and I hope this jam ends up being my second. I specialize in pixel art, but I dabble in a little bit of everything aside from music.

Looks like it is time to see if all my years of playing every collectable monster game is going to pay off!

Are there rules on team size?

My first impression of this game were wonderful, I truly enjoy the aesthetic, it feels and looks like a mining ghetto. The graphics are impressive, and I enjoyed the little things, such as the electricity. I did notice a few things that kind of detracted from this, however, such as the abrupt change in sprites when pulling out a gun or being shot, but those are small details.

The story and dialogue is just far to on the nose and really shoves the point home, kind of hard to swallow. A bit more subtlety and nuance would go a long way in crafting this emotional journey you are trying so hard to craft.

I was given armor randomly, who gives away anything when they are struggling so hard to survive? In addition this armor is useless, the vest I found earlier provided more HP and less defense, and from what I can tell defense has no purpose in the scripted events that are 'combat'.

I also had issue with the 'combat' this game provides, it felt very visual novel and less rpg and really detracted from what could have been a tense moment.

I made it to the fight with Valentina, and just let myself die trying to reason with her. Honestly would have died anyway, the amount of damage I did versus what she was doing was just pathetic.  Despite how much visual appeal and potential story this game had, I just could not get into it. I think if you made it feel more engaging, it would go a long way in telling the story you are trying to get across.

This game had a very solid premise, an interesting aesthetic and a fun game play design. Sadly, I did not get to experience too much of that, as the game has a very high difficulty curve. I made 3 play attempts through this, the first time I was assigned a Chevalier as my second player (I love the randomized addition there) and explored a bit and found myself in a boss fight at the bottom of the observatory, in which I got absolutely destroyed, not fun.

Second time through I got a Shadow which was neat, and realized that I could save at the camp. I explored a bit more, found the forest and explored the first floor which was nice, gained a level, though that might help, it didn't. I went into the second level of the forest, got into a random fight and it was kind of tough, but I got through it. I then died to the Golem boss at the bottom, despite his weakness to my Shadow's attacks. This was disappointing.

Reloaded, tried to explore a bit more, found that I could buy things at camp, or I could if I had access to any of the ingredients required. The map was lacking in any way of gaining xp or items outside of exploring and the few random chests that were scattered on the map. I even risked radiation death by exploring the factory for supplies, it was not worth the results.

At this point I had to stop playing due to the frustration. I love the premise, but a premise is no good if you can't even explore any of the game.

Wow. That story. I have to be honest that I was a bit skeptical at first, it seemed like a generic high fantasy story, but I could not have been more wrong. In barely over an hour I got to know the members of the King's Guard and even the King himself, and developed a great respect for each member. The story was very touching, and even though short, did not leave much out. The atmosphere and the graphics really were used extremely well to develop this well written story, it felt like I was playing the works of R.A. Salvatore or Margret Weiss and Tracy Hickman.

On the technical side of things, I felt there were a few hiccups. The battles were not much of a challenge, which is a shame, because the strategy and skills presented were beautiful. There was an option to change into 3 classes each, but I never touched this as most battles I simply spammed attack, even a few boss fights.  

The graphics of the system really bogged down my poor little laptop and made the fights take far longer than they really should have. That combined with far too much hp on the enemies really made some of the fights a drag. I feel there was a lot of potential in the combat system, but lack of any challenge really shot it in the foot.

I would say my only either complaint is that Dame Alyssa is not really fleshed out, she doesn't have any sort of real personality, aside from being a crab to Nathan. Each of the others had time to shine and really show who they were, but it felt a bit like Alyssa was just there to do a ton of damage, and man did she do a ton of damage.

The counter-attack system seemed a bit broken, at least for what I understand it should be to do. The enemies always counter attack Thomas, who always had taunt on, regardless of how hit them.

Overall, I still rated this game 5 stars. You can tell that a lot of thought and effort went into this game, and it is a borderline short story masterpiece.

I appreciate the review and the honesty. Sadly, spent too much time on assets and did not leave enough for story and controls. Those are on the top of my list and I hope you try out the next demo I put out after IGMC.

I appreciate the feedback. I plan to release an updated demo with everything I did not have time to do once the voting is over. :D

A solid premise to built on. The ambiance is creepy and the music serene. The fact that I didn't see any enemies the entire time I played really upped the tension for me, kind of like the endless hall in PT.

I did find a few things that could be improved in future releases. Some of the southern exits are hard to tell that they are actually  exits, especially true in the dark rooms. On some of the side exits you've set it that you can only exit by stepping on it from the opposite side (right for west and left for east), but you can get to these exits from below because of how the wall tiles work. You really only need to add the same event to the step below it to solve this issue.

Finally, my game was sadly cut short as I entered a room in the upstairs with a dead guy in the bed. My panic meter turned red suddenly and I was unable to move or react. I assume this was supposed to have an event trigger, but instead I just got stuck. 

Over all I see a lot of potential in this title, and can't wait to see what more comes of it.