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Richard Jordan

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C# and Monogame.

He does yes, there are lots of animations in Melkhior's Mansion.

The graphics are by this rather talented chap...

Hi, no EXE available yet, still early days. I did indeed solve Painter's algorithm (never heard it called that before). Here's how I did it...

Neat.  Yeh I was thinking of using a shader to recolour stuff, not sure yet.

Yeh I used Blitz ages ago, always found it a really pleasant tool to use. I did mess around with an isometric engine, but was limited by Blitz with how far I could go. I think I came up against a brick wall when trying to figure out how to get fast access to bitmaps in order to process masks. These days I use Monogame, and simple shaders for the masking grunt work.

5 weeks?!? That's an amazing turnaround time. I get to tinker with my game for an hour a day if I'm lucky, so it's dragging on a bit :o)

Wow, that was a treat for the senses!  Only had time for a quick play.  You've crammed a lot of stuff in there.  Love the graphics and sound options.  Must try and find time to have a proper play.  Those stairs and trapdoor effects look very familiar ;o)

Hey this looks fantastic! Haven't played it yet, but I will be this evening.  I'm doing a similar game called Melkhiors Mansion which is an isometric version of Atic Atac, also using the Speccy palette.  Sod the Unreal Engine, Speccy palette is where it's at.  Can't wait to play Viva Mortis :o)

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Fantastic use of the Spectrum palette, can't wait to try this out later.