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Yeah i did 

Hey i wanted to play your game but the game is stuck on your company logo and the music start and nothing more , i'm playing the windows build 


The game is very fun to play even alone. I've played with friends and it was absolute carnage in a very fun way this could be an absolute crazy fighter game , i loved it continue this way

Mine is a puncher shooter when you punch slime to survive , Zman110 i play your game tomorrow , i love the art by the way and Zeedar , i will play your game to , (just need to find a friend who's not in holiday.

The game is fun , i like the concept of only doing one thing at the time , the art is great too.

Thanks i'm planning on expanding the game because i really loved making it

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One Punch Gun is a game when you shoot a boxing glove into smiles to get the best score.

I loved the game , it's a great twist on a classic game and i love that you can play with a friend with a bit more level this could be a very great game

Your game is amazing , i love to see the dead body of my character all over the level when i'm playing it and with a little bit more time this game will be a great time waster. I also loved the dash, using it was so nice when a dangerous obstacle went in my way

The concept is very good , i liked it.

For the graphical side , the art style is having this weird blurr effect but for a jam game this is a detail , for the gameplay is correct but i soflocked the game multiple time.

Go in deth in this disign and this could be very fun

The game is pretty hard but i like the music and the use of light in your game

I love this game is a little bit hard but the mechancics are great , the player mouvement are fluid as water , i love it

Very good game i love the mechanics , the puzzle are a bit tricky but i love them and great use of light

The game is pretty simple but additive , i think with some more sound effect like when you're switching  color and when you die and the game could be a very additive game.