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Finally, i waited this a long time!

You need to have CF2.5 Standard or Developer.

Also, due to coronavirus, Clickteam is selling Fusion 2.5 for free to 1 June!

VocΓͺ precisa usar o Tails na seleção de caracteres

DespuΓ©s de Green Hill, habrΓ‘ Chemical Plant, para hacer que mi juego de fans se parezca a Sonic Mania y Sonic Generations

Es legal

I can play it on Exagear Emulator!

Or I'll port it myself

Thank you for supporting Sonic Tour!

We are looking forward for the full version!

To help developing Sonic Tour, talk to me on Discord!


Hey, nice demo disk, sadly that isn't physical...

I'm also making Sega Genesis Haunted Demo Cart!

omg, this my favourite game from haunted ps1 demo disk, game is very good!

Hi, i want to ask about this:

Is Htmaker 3 open-source on github, if yes, i can make HTMAKER compatible for Any Platform.

Can you make it on mobile (Android)?

Wow, zerty.exe on phone!

Check out Scratch Port of the game!

(You need Scratch 2.0 for PC and Android)

So, if BlueStacks doesn't work, try another Android Emulator.

For example Andy which looks like real Android Phone

Hi, i can tell you something, can it be on Android Phones?

Because the Fusion 2.5 Developer spports Android Exporter!

Here's link!

Field Trip, i have found on Game Jolt this port but IT'S UNOFFICIAL!

This game - was a beginning of W-Coins : Series!

W-Coins World is the game that you can explore 6 world, but Level 6 - is fight of Ultra Roberry that steals every 300β„… of W-Coins!

Coming Soon...

P.S. I made a wallpaper of this game series!

Can it be on Android?

I saw yhat original, bithday edition and the Sequel has been on android!