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There's lots of controversy about the creator. 

I deleted my Patreon account, because it doesn't seem too effective to me and Patreon is doing an awful job with their Android app. I learned that a portion of the money goes to the creators of Patreon. 30% or 40% as far as I remember.

Apparently Ko-Fi and other platforms don't take any money away at all, so I'd prefer to use their services.

You're lucky I even saw your comment, because I haven't been on this website in quite some time... Although you could just click on my profile, it doesn't cost you anything, here is the direct link: 

I'm mainly interested in furry games, partially thanks to the often much better quality and no price tag, but on this list you'll find some gems (very good games) as well. 

You're reported

You're reported

(Did you accidentally reply to me instead of the other person? I can't tell. Also, please don't feel oblidged to respond, the following text is a lot as you can see.)

Yes, so if it happens you support the game from the beginning, oftentimes there won't be a payoff if said game receives the cancel treatment. However, if nobody supports the developer the game gets cancelled anyway. Although unrelated, streaming services and their shows are similar in that regard unfortunately.

From the little you told me I'd say it could be that you constantly feel the need to be acknowledged, because otherwise you can't find true happiness  to whatever circumstances you find yourself in in your life. In my case it's different, rather the opposite even, and frankly I don't know what it means. There are good, friendly and kind furries I met thanks to FVN, with some of whom I have "well established internet relationships". Still, at the moment I can't seem to find the motivation to talk to them. Perhaps it's internet or social media related plus anxiety or depression or both. Fatigue, lack of purpose and a drive for anything are likely also the problem.

If you're interested, there's a helpful channel I randomly came across – unless the algorithm was involved – just now on youtube that made a video about this topic. The psychiatrist who runs the channel has many other, similar videos including the topic anxiety. Maybe they could lead you in the right direction. Youtube recommends his content – clicking on the videos shows "From a channel with a certified medical specialist", not sure if it can be considered professional help to be honest. Besides, don't let the channel name HealthyGamerGG confuse you, apparantly he used to be addicted to gaming. His two videos titled "Why Finding Purpose is So Hard Today" and "Does ADHD Make You More Anxious?" (I have ADHD) are thought provoking particularly for me. Good luck figuring your condition and situation out. Me and many others can relate to how hard it is, so at the very least you can easily find someone to talk to especially in this community.

I would invite you to talk to me so I can hear you out, help and encourage you like I did with others, like us, who helped me in turn. But only if you don't have anyone else, because I'm already not responding to my friends and relatives anymore.... Regardless, the offer stands nontheless and frankly I'm not trying to sound unapproachable.

Have you played those 'updates' or seen others talk about them? 

You can use JoiPlay, if you don't mind using an emulator.

I think you should always be able to copy the save files into the new folder, unless previous paths are redone.

I'm at a similar point. You can't get too attached to FVN or furry games, unless you want to be disappointed. But I can understand it nonetheless, because for whatever reason many furries are in bad health sometimes, and I'm not too different. But of course we can't ignore how much work, creativity, time are required and therefore these projects can be very taxing 

Sounds good! Thanks for letting me know.

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Thanks for letting me know. He says I have to wait a few days for him to finish his work, which is easy enough. The mission says wait until day 16 to talk to him.

Alright, I've got everything done now and can finally leave Akra, not that I didn't enjoy my stay mind you. Are 40 pills of each kind enough for now? (a rethorical question of course)


By the way, can you actually open the vault in the Sithyryan ship? (Nevermind tysm for the guide! I typed in Bradly without knowing, but not in captions oops)

How curious and how strange....

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Sorry to bother, but is it possible I'm stuck on Akra? I forgot about the main mission "Escape from Akra". Now, after having defeated Garth, there's nothing else to do other than wait for Katari to do his job and for some reason the option to talk to Galiano about it isn't available anymore. It vanished but when I have no idea. This is shown after clicking on > Jobs.

How do you get him to "move in"?

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In America, Europe, and most other countries. I didn't know if was different in Russia.

The main character is 16, so underaged? Unless he grows up in the beginning.

Alright, doesn't matter. The gameplay and story are already captivating enough.

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NaruEver has a Patreon account you can subscribe to, and I'm not sure if it's worth it right now but he changed it so he receives payment every update, so not once per month like usual (others like GigaSaddle – Pervader are doing the same). Since you won't be charged for nothing there's no real reason for why you shouldn't subscribe, but I leave it to you to decide.

Apparently, updates are really slow because of his editor. Here's what he wrote last, I just fixed the language errors to the best of my abilities (there might still be errors left):

"Hello and sorry for no updates in a long time.

I got many messages about whether or not I'm still working on Lunateria or the project is dead. My project is still on-going, however, but lacking the material to update. Because of my fault, which happened to be sending the longer than previous Chapter 4 script too late, my editor, who is in fact working on several writing projects, estimates my script will be finalized around the end of the year or later. I can only wait, yet instead of wasting my time I already did what I can in advance:

–pre-coding with unedited script to save time when I receive my script back

–check overall gameplay like character expressions, sound, and music to match with scenes

–complete new scenes and art sprites

–might start writing the last capter's script next month"

If you have anything to ask me you can do so on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you very much for supporting me until now and apologies for the inconvenience."

Keep in mind this was already way back in August.

Until now there hasn't been a new update to reveal what state the game is in, even though I'm confident about Lunateria's return.

I see, thank you for letting me know.

The wolf in the second picture isn't a love interest? "Do you know how sad a wolf can get when left alone?" ...or is he? If it's no trouble asking, because I would like to know before hand.

That's too bad. Do you think you will continue this project one day?

What a fantastic game and experience this is! In my stupor I forgot that I had downloaded Lust Odyseey, but luckily I saw it just a few hours ago in my apps and have been playing through it ever since. I'm honestly shy of saying I'm addicted... The amount of creatures you encounter as well as the sentient beings you can befriend and... fuck... is really quite impressive. However, I'm still only at the beginning, farming the Venom-like slightly intelligent mutations. (But according to the images above there's much more, so...)

One CG scene for every sex scene with a sentient is probably way too much to ask for, plus the development started not too long ago. (Nevermind above are CGs after all). Perhaps the newest version offers CGs, despite having the same name from the previous one I still had (Android). Well, I'm more than simply excited for where the journey will lead us! Whatever is planned for the future I can tell will be great.

What can I say? Congratulations for everything you achieved so far. Definitely more people need to experience this masterpiece! Therefore I've added your project to many of my collections, just to help some out. (Maybe a couple of my subscribers, who make use of them, will find and also enjoy Lust Odyseey~)

You're very welcome! I hope you enjoy some of the games I've listed. Also, I wouldn't say you trashed your money, just that you could get better games for it. 

Is Asterios still in active development?

No offense, but I don't see any anthros or monsters in the pictures. Also, is the game still in development? I hope everything goes well for you.

Unless the engine the game runs on isn't Ren'Py, you can emulate the Windows version with Joiplay (Play Store). If you happen to have questions you can ask me.

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They're overpriced and mass-produced with bugs, while the walkthroughs even cost extra. I highly doubt his games are worth the price you have to pay, but that's just me. However, others have complained on other pages. I tried his first, free game My Soldier (or whatever the name is) and didn't like it. If you enjoy coolpeng's games for the money, then good for you, although considering what you wrote in the op, you don't seeme happy. 

(I made an extensive collection called Bara/Yaoi/BL games & visual novels if you're interested)


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You're welcome! I hope your books do well.

All of his games are overpriced, apparantly buggy, and walkthroughs cost extra. It is your decision, but I would invest my money elsewhere.

The worst part is that walkthroughs aren't included in the games' prices. Anyway, I made a list called "Bara/Yaoi/BL games & visual novels", if you want to play more gay games.

(Please ignore the furry collections)

That's coolpeng's games for you.

The furry tag is missing, just so you know.

I don't know if you do, but just in case, you can upload the book onto It's a website specially for indie authors who often write about, well, similar themes. I'm not even sure I knew people upload books onto itch.

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I checked and yes I have it on, otherwise I wouldn't be able to find most FVN. Anyway, good thinking I suppose. Where I didn't have "allow adult content" active is Reddit, probably because I'm using a very good Reddit client for quite some time now. (Searching for OIHS works for some reason)

I'm not sure if this is important, but might as well tell. Searching for "Only I Have Skills" for some reason results in no luck finding the game. Since that strikes me as odd I thought it would be good if you knew. Love your game and Happy New Year!

Yeah, in my experience tags are a crucial part of the page. In fact, more creators should be mindful of labelling their games correctly. Because otherwise you have like 5 different ones for "gay" alone: BL, gay, LGBT, bara, yaoi, queer (6 already huh)

Thank you (:

That is good to know and sounds great. Thank you.