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That's fine, we don't always have to write books here.

That's awsome! I bought Terraria for the pc too, but never actually did a playthrough. Instead I played it on my phone and enjoyed it alot. Did you know that both platforms are going to receive updates soon? With soon I mean propably in the end of the year. The PC version is getting the most likely final Terraria update with the name Journey's End and the Android version will finally (it was about time) be getting the 1.3 update with a complety new UI.

Talking about Home Economics (wasn't able to write this word in one motion...), it sounds as if the past is catching up with us or to us. I honestly never heard from it, though I can imagine what it's supposed to be.

Oh well in this case we aren't as modern adjusted as you Americans for example. Upbringing... Another word I had to look up, that means the same as education. You sure know how to make your life complicated with tons of words that mean the exact same thing. Although variety is always nice I admit. 😶

If you mean in real life that would be hard to 

I am sure you're interested in me who started on Repeat. Yeah I did ;) and it's quite charming, to say the least. It feels like some of the VN's I experienced so far were clenched together. You know VN's like Password (Oz), WSSAP (Lingering Mind), the funny atmosphere of TA and, I shouldn't have to say it, Echo.

Will anyone die?? I am perfectly fine with VN-horror where no one dies or where one vanishes and everyone thinks he's dead, but he isn't.

The Incubus Academy is now available for mobile. Have you played TBD?

Still, I couldn't shut my mouth. And yeah AoT has obviously a better reputation than Another. So, I am watching AoT, as I said and I like it, but not as much as Parasyte for some reason. Another is relatively lame until you watch the last (not least) episode, which is horribly amazingly shocking. It's a slow pacing storyline and erupts in yes, the 12th episode.

I do like how the backgroundstory of the two kids is explained in a later episode.

Oh, there flys a thought by, need to write it down... Have you seen Elfen Lied? I think it's the most famous horror anime there is. It has a fsk 18 age restriction. The thing is you can watch the whole series on youtube in german. (It's propably fsk 16 then)

I know it's awful! Many reviewers on IMDb are radical in terms of their rating. On one side are the people that rate most of the time negative on the other side are these who enjoy everything. That's how it is basically. Well there are two other groups. Some rate fair and logical and others are only there to copy the overall mood, if you know what I mean.

Would you like to show me what music you're interested in?

I just happend to meet a gay girl and a gay boy yesterday on youtube, randomly. I was so surprised. On the first look I didn't even notice that the girl had a picture with a rainbow flag in it.  We were talking about movies and suddenly more and yeah... crazy right and so cool! It was under a perfectly normal channel btw too.

We will talk more tomorrow, cause now it's bed time for us, 4 am. I'm eating right now and after that I will only read a little more Repeat.

I hope you're doing good ;)

You can't change the position of a picture, as far as I know. Look at this screenshot at the end.

I commented on this video. I personally don't think Venom is a parasite. He's rather a symbiote.

Hmm, well I watch some gaming youtubers like IGP. Although I am honestly interested in one game called Terraria. It's my heart and my soul. (...surely not, but I really love this game)

I see, no surprise there... Even though it's not really logical.

I could try my luck. I'm not convinced that I'm going to succeed though. I guess Ten's route may be worth it, I am interested. Maybe I can ask someone.

Now THAT is a message you can call truthful. Great video and the guy seems smart and maybe... educated. I've watched it and also reaction videos of it. I totally agree with his message “there's lack of everydays life knowledge“. I know he was not trying to say “stay out of school, it's no use“. I also agree with there are “tons of studies that refute the current system“. If you just think about it for a moment it's more than obvious: our current school system (not only in the US) has the wrong orientation of it's destination. The guys sarcastic tone plus the message is so good!

Combine “Don't stay in school“ with “We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control“ and it's perfection. Well, not really it's rather an opposition. Pink Floyd's song is more or less outdated, but I like it anyway.

(This video (04:04) reminds me of Kingsman: The Golden Circle)

(I love his latest video “English guy takes English citizenship test“. It's so funny and shows once more what has been done wrong/is done wrong all the time. Dave calls the british parliament morons. He fails a question “that's so cool!“)

If you want to download music or videos from youtube use an app like TubeMate. I think TubeMate was there before youtube made the users pay for downloading, if not who cares. It's not l Iike I'm going to change the videos and re-publish them or whatever.

VHS has a different name in german, the reason why I didn't know what you were talking about.

What, you really think my childhood was that modern? I sure know what VHS are. We have a bunch of them in our shelf in the living room. Some of them could propably be better than many modern movies.

You're watching horror in the dark, like pitch black darkness? Sounds as if you want to create the perfect mood to get the real deal out of it, to bring the horror vibe to life...

Weird... I have no idea. I haven't seen this specific movie either. Do you know the german name for it? If not I can look it up by myself.

Weird... Then it must be the wrong Password visual novel or you're just looking wrong. Here's a video example for Password.

(I wish I had a voice like him)

Camp Buddy is there just for show. I am not sure if I want to play it or not.

I even finished a second relatively short anime (except the last episode) called Parasyte The Maxim (Kiseijuu) and it IS betterthan Another. After all Another is just a fairly good horror themed anime. 

Another 7,7 IMDb and Parasyte 8,4 IMDb.

The story and plot of Parasyte by far greater than Another and so emotional, what I didn't expect. I am so glad I found it. Not even Migi is really a parasite, from what I've seen, even though his kind is named parasites. Besides a couple animes Parasyte is my favourite. It's mostly dramatic, tragic, sad, hopeless, flaming, heartless, horrific, monstrous, deadly, ... Lovely right? I prefer it over Deathnote and propably over Overlord too.

Seriously how could you not like the sad anime version of Next To You? It flows like organ music, really cool.

The other version feels like a 180° turn.

There is a video of a guy who plays this track on the piano too.

Apologies for saying Attack on Titan (IMDb 8,8) is not that good. How come I to judge it?? I know now that it's a known anime and it's on my watchlist now too, among with Hunter x Hunter.

I suppose you haven't seen Swamp Thing yet. Yeah, more likely not, me neither.

Have you heard about Wolf Lake? It's yet another horror tv show about, how else could it be, werewolves. Maybe I will check it out too, cause almost all of the latest commenters voted 10/10. The IMDb rating is pretty good with 7,7.

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Emo yeah... Anyway now I have to say sorry AGAIN. I didn't get a message (I think) that you responded, so I waited.

I can comprehend that, yes I can... 

So, you felt guilt and anger and sadness and more. Many feelings come together when stuff like this happens. It's disgusting, but what can you do?

Your friendship broke forever. Honestly something like this in particular never happend to me. You know I never had any close friends like that. Well, let me tell you one thing. When somebody cheats on you, in one way or another then know that you are too good for this person! It's not always your fault that one breaks contact with you. 

I am not sure how the sentence is meant. I guess your mom supports you after all? That's great news! What helped you to get through that time?

...As it isn't hard for a gay person to live with it. Only the people around you think you're a monster, a wrong variable in a perfect formula.

Not exactly, but I subbed to a channel called 'How it should have ended'. These two could be similar. Guess I've seen a couple videos of the channel you mean, maybe. There are tons of film-channels after all, so dunno.

After seeing this 'Trailer' or whatever you want to call it I like Venom even more. Don't care if he is an alien parasite or not.

It is especially funny to look at the comments of this clip. It is propably an incredible rare moment in history where heteros are supporting gay shipping.

You know who my favourite villian is, who isn't really one, but also no anti-hero? Syler from Heroes. He is the best imaginable version of an anti-anti-villain^^

If everyone around you would act as he or she is sopposed to there would only be drama if somebody died and that's impossible. You can day-dream it though...

Oh, good, it would've been a little bit weird, if it was different.

Ah, yes I have heared about this bizarre Kinsey-Scale not long ago. It's a fascinating aspect about mankind. Disgusting is a strong word, I would only call it odd or different from what most people understand of having a relationship.

I happen to have this version of Morenatsu Revisited. So, if you choose the tanuki's route you can date him? Or who was it, I don't remember.

Wait... What? I don't get your stave (?)

0 - 100, okay, but 200? School never made much sence, though. You learn basically every single life basics possible, if I may exxagerate. Then when you are finished pumping your head full of unused and useless knowledge you leave school and never think about what you learned or was supposed to learn ever again.

In Perry Rhodan, they have machines where they transfer knowledge directly into your head. If mankind had something like this so many things would suddenly come clear to us and we had more heads to think with. You know 5 geniuses have a better processing power than just one.

And I don't even blame you for doing it, but me. I never go to the cinema, cause watching for example a horror movie on your own can't be fun. I watch every movie online, with Netflix or illegal. I don't even care if it is the worst quality/resolution. I wonder what watching The Swamp Thing in like 360 ppi will be like..... I feel a bit bad for not paying for watching a new movie, but no one can really blame me for not wanting to watch alone, right?

I wouldn't even buy a 5€ movie. It's not like my family enjoys watching the same stuff I do, unlike yours... 


Zombieland 2 Hype! :D There are alot of movies, and of course series too I am excited about.

Hey! You're allowed to say 'bullshit' in my presence. Whatever, forget it, I am a bad influence...

The Swamp Thing 2019 is a remake of the original and has a suprisingly high IMDb score of 8.6.

You don't have to see a german movie. It's it's just that there do exist some gems, doesn't matter though.

So, I haven't read any of the VN's you wanted me to read/read again, but I read through Password - I don't know how much horror it contains, but it is horror. The story doesn't go far yet - and I SO love Tyson's route. You will see why, when you play his. I'm not gonna spoiler anything important. If you need help with bringing him through alive ask me. I had to ask too... Which is kinda embarrassing and silly when I think about it. The solution (brilliant btw) isn't that difficult to find out.

I wish I could talk about him more, but no, I can't do that to you.

I wonder what Oz is for a person 🤔


I desperatly tried bringing him through alive and failed. His dead body broke the MC's heart (and mine too).

Spoiler End

I will now start on Repeat, then there's still Project Aego, TBD (The Butterfly Dream) and KGT left for me.

I finished Another... Wow, the end is so crazy. The penultimate episode lost it's sanity, literally...

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Ok, first of all sorry for the written mess. I should write during the day and will do from today on hopefully.

“No straight people were harmed in the making of this video“ is my favourite line. Have you seen these videos already?

Not in everyones life the one you have fallen in love with is meant to be your soul mate. I kinda got to experience the same and not with the guy I mentioned...

But wait what did you mean with she ran into your mom? What happend afterwards? How she treated you?

It must have been hard to live with that. I can't relate to this, but I know how it is to be angry at times. Not so much today anymore, though in the past...

There is a crazy cool female character in Iron Fist who has developed 3 different personalities. She is bad ass... and deadly.

My life motto is pretty much Torahiko's “you gotta let nature take it's course“. I don't really care what happens to me. I wish I could be like Jean Grey (who is not dead) or Dr. Manhattan and leave the earth.

Hmmhmm Venom was a good movie, not perfect. It only could've been more bloody (fsk 18). Venom is not a real villain, not at all actually. Together with Tom Hardy he is an anti-hero. Shadow is an anti-hero too. They are the most realistic heroes anyway, I would say. At least they create the most interesting and complex characters. Dr. Manhattan is not even an anti-hero. He is superior to earth' laws.

This sounds as if you have gone through a couple relationship dramas. I am sorry to hear that. Usually I hate dramas. I don't really watch any movies or TV shows from that genre.

It's weird, but explainable. In my previous previous school and class there was a girl who I was closer with than any other class mate. She is on the melo side like me and reads mangas. She's also very horror affine like you are. Yeah, she was good company and gay too I think, I'm not sure.

Really, you want to have kids with a man? Okay... 🤔

Oh, so that is the very first Morenatsu? I know the wolf guy. His name is Teruhaki or something. It's possible to see him as a route in the future. He is supposed to be the same age as our gang, I thought.

No need for apologies. Now that picture looks “stupid“... Sure bara characters are known to have big genitals, but please, not like this... I wonder how big Tora's is in comparison to Yuki's... nevermind. 

Way behind? If you say so.

For us a 4- means passing or was it a 4? Well the fact is you don't want to have many 4th and if you get a 5 you have to make it up in another subject or repeat the exam. I am not entirely sure anymore about how it works to be fair too.

70 - 79 looks hard enough for me.

I use Nightmode pro. It is very effective. 

By the way don't judge me and let me explain. There is an app called readfy where you can read books for free, BUT if you want to read offline you have to pay a few bucks. So, I know how to surpass this. I didn't want them to see my email, but in the end it doesn't matter I guess. I use/d an app called Lucky Patcher to hack it's system (patch the app so you pay without paying). It didn't really bring something, cause the only thing it did is create a chronological list with all offline books. 

I should propably remove the patch and pay the Bruns_LLC saga which is like the most awsome gay-animal-shapeshifter novel book series ever. I'll do it right now actually. I know what I was doing is illegal and I feel even worse, because it doesn't cost much to rent a book for 30 days (2€/$). Although renting is not the best...

I would understand if you think less good from me now.

To be fair I don't do this often. No, the only time the patch worked was on this online app and I didn't do it elsewhere anyway. You should totally read the Bruns_LLC it's so worth it. The beginning is pretty funny. I have to read it again at some point. It's with gay men only, except one hetero story. (Keyla Bruns)

Solo Learn is like Duolingo for all the different programming languages.

Have you ever seen german movies? Such as Der Schuh des Manitu (Manitou's Shoe) or Fack ju Göhte (Suck Me Shakespeer)? For us they are a must watch and classics, for you because of translation issues, they're rather mediocre.

Is Zombieland 2 out? I am so gonna watch it and I am excited for Stranger Things season 3 in 2020 too. Ah and have you heared Netflix is working on a _new_ Avatar: The Last Airbender. Have you seen The Swamp Thing?

I was just remembering a movie that I found unintentionally a while ago. It is one of a very view movie/tv show scenes, which brought me to tears. It is propably the most touching and heartbreaking thing I have watched in my life. The name of the movie is Casualties of War and in german The Damned of the War. It describes a true incident, that has happend during the Vietnam War, in every aspect. I didn't even know the movie is exactly 30 years old. So, If you want to watch something groundbreaking (literally) this is it.

Oh good or I would've had to reject you ;P

Writing this went much smoother this time. Apologies again for the mess of words. I'll take my time from now on.

You know which songs I love so much? (I like many, but these two are special)

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It was just a joke. Sleeping around and being a pornstar is almost the same.

Stuntbike driver sounds cool... Wouldn't expect it from him.

Did you just write *multiple* personalities? And yeah, it's weird but I find Furries like these in Grimoire of Zero (Anime) more attractive than human beings too.. 

I've seen a video of a dog who was chained for years I think, outside of course, no matter how the weather was and it was near Canada. The owners even pissed, yes, pissed on him!! Imagine something so abominably. After a while neighbors or whoever found out about it and called the animal welfare. 

That video made me sad and angry....

I would even prefer a life as Venom (with Venom). You have seen Tom Hardy playing as Venom “We are Venom“?

Well, I am sure you heared about it. Animals (or dogs) can sense if you're horny, though if being naked triggers their instincts I don't know.

Ah Manga, I haven't read any, but Anime is good enough. The Grimoire of Zero (on Netflix) is pretty nice and I still have to finish watching Another.

I've seen the “dreams“. No one of them was nice.

Really? It ripped your heart? It didn't affect me as much as I thaught it would. You know there was a previous ending, which was much more emotional and romantic, but unrealistic. I prefer the new ending. It's obvious and Amicus even told us that he enjoyed their little bed sport seesion, but he also told us he doesn't love the jackal and I believe him. Furthermore the jackal abused Amicus' feelings. Imagine him being never able to feel this way, do that stuff. I bet everything relatable to homosexuality is banned in their world, after what I've seen, so yeah... I feel worse for Darius than for Amicus. 

You may have the feeling that you are one of your “real“ family members.

But do you know the phrase “Home is where your heart lives“? If you are sure you belong to your adoptive parents you do!

You will never turn into a disgraceful person. I am as sure as I can be while I'm writing these lines.

You want to? It sounds amazing doesn't it? I connect this feeling to Hiroyuki's (Homecoming), who feels different from the people in Osaka. He knows where he belongs and that would be Minasato.

You're propably a better person if you date not only who you like... I don't know. As I said I love doing sports and I started doing so when I was around 14. The reason for it is I felt inferior. I basically had a inferior complex, because most other boys around me were taller and wider, what was very disturbing. I was always sporty, but not musculous and I was significantly thinner than I am now. I wanted to change, so I tried to and it worked. Now I'm athletic and quite happy with it. (I was world-champion in situps. You wouldn't believe me how many I was able to do in one go)

Shin having asthma is not the reason. The reason is him not being able to do sports.

That's funny 😂 How did these developers manage to make him not look like his family member?? In Tennis Ace the character arts work perfectly fine. 

I agree, but is Soutarou really a route? If yes omg, seriously HOW? That is just so wrong....


...after a second thought I have to say with the character art is more wrong than I thought...

Rage quit .

Okay I'm back. Now I have to figure out how I answer you properly, because I can't see your text.

Where was I? Ah good there...

I am glad I looked up cradle 😅 Even though you're massively over-exxagerating you're not wrong. Soutarou is too young for f"@_& sake and Shun, well, now I don't see a problem anymore. Hmm... what happend? 😁 He turned from a garden gnome into an actual person and Tatsuki... This could totally come from Uke's mouth (you remember?), but again I can't say you're wrong. He looks like a hinkelstein to me, at least he is as big and round... 

In Extracurricular Activities the MC thinks his dick is as big as Spencers, so we know that it works there. 😂

It's way too much fun (and ridiculous) thinking about this topic and imagining the problems they could have. 😅

You're really TRYING to tell me you rather watch PPD and BIG MOUTH? Get out of my life! What a world in which I live in.............. 

Wow now take a deep breath, right, fill your lungs with fresh Texanian air and cool down a bit, propably get out of the heat... There you go you're fine now.

I don't think any of this of Texas and the people (but now let me go back I haven't seen much of what you wrote)

I figured I take a screenshot, makes my life a whole lot easier.

Okay let me start once again. America was propably the 2nd or at least 3rd country that had the industrialization, so sure there aren't many ranches and what not left. But would you like it? 

I can't offend you? Good, you are hardend just like me.

America is a big country. That means under maybe 50.000 or more people is a genius. The rest is normal-smart-standard, has a normal IQ.

Texas has a better school eduction, okay, I don't know, sure. Grades are A to D right? No can't be true, I'm sorry I knew this I think. In germany it's 6 to 1 with 6 being the worst and 1(+) the best, but there is more to it. It's 6, 5-, 5, 5+, 4-, 4, 4+, 3-, 3, 3+, 2-, 2, 2+, 1-, 1, 1+. (I should have done this [...]...). Later on we have a point system 1 to 15.

Our world is becoming more and more dependant of technolog. Another reason why I like Morenatsu, where a mobile network is practically not existent.

Maybe many parents shouldn't have a baby then. Raising a child without teaching/educating/playing (with) it is a terrible idea. I have the feeling many gays would do a better job with it, well too bad...

So you say because I was watching TV when I was 5 or younger I am autistic? Thank's. (nah, just kidding)

Alright next screenshot. What do we have here?

I wonder how many of our kind, ousiders there were/are.

I feel bad for you. In middle school I only had one good friend and we even... kissed once. Afer that I broke the contact. I don't really know what was wrong with me. In the end I had to leave school anyway, but we could've stayed in contact, it's not like that. At this point I was still shy and little self-confident, that's propably the reason why I did it. Although I don't think he was the smartest. It doesn't matter anymore, though I would've liked to apologize.

The blessing and curse of the internet. It is awsome for meeting new, interesting people, but also addicting and our computer screen bad for the eyes (I use nightmode on my phone).

Next screenshot already. Shit I have to write it again... (Internet connection broke (happens lately) and I reloaded the site, because save button didn't work...)

I already had a coming out, an unintentionally one. The next time I tell them I'll just confess. 

I used to read alot, so I thaught why not buy an ebook. Everything went well and I could download free ebooks. Well eventually it happend that I found the 18+ catagory and downloaded there a couple free ebooks. The problem was I was using my parents email. Long story short as they questioned me about it I got angry and destroyed the ebook. If they're still thinking about me being gay 'is a secret to everybody'.

Game programmer sounds about right. There is a solely game programmer who created an awsome 3D world, with the game name being BrightRidge.

I can recommend the app Solo Learn. You can learn the different programming languages really fast. I tried it and got bored almost immediately......

I am 19, is writing with me not odd for you?

You know what my parents and sisters are going to visit “you“. I hate flights so I didn't want to come with them. They want to see the east side of america, because we, as a family, have already seen the west side. The return flight took 11 hours last time and it was no fun.

Sorry if I didn't write in full detail at times. I'm tired now. I wrote this in a couple hours, with pauses. 

I went in our city forest again today with my weightwest for training purposes and it drained or wasted or wore me out. Walking all the way with it is pretty ridiculous... anyway.

Here you may like these songs, they're catchy^^

One for me and one for you...
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Wow, you have no idea how amazed I am to hear that!

The original creators propably wouldn't copy strike you, if it's even possible, but it's awsome that you respect their decission to not make it pay to play nonetheless. I am not saying that because I think it schouldn't be pay to play. Well, I know you read this out of my other comment.

So, I hope you make enough money elsewhere to compensate the time and money you spend on making this game.

It really is a pleasure to see this game becoming great again. I am gonna stay tuned for as long as I have to, no doubts, no regrets. 

I started the game from the beginning (didn't skip) and you have really done a great job! I am glad I happened to not skip parts, because you changed things didn't you? I am especially glad to see the returning of the character emotions... and blushing. ;)

By the way, I hope it doesn't annoy you, I was talking to a guy on Patreon about Morenatsu and he preferred the old sprites (even has a profile picture of 'old' Torahiko). I personally think besides Torahiko every other character looks mature and how he should. Torahiko looks mature too, sure, but still edgy. The old one looked more pudgier than musculous, but still more how he should look like. To decide this topic is of course your decission, I only say what I think. (Have you ever had contact with the original Morenatsu team? What about you take Tora's old sprite?)

The guy also finds the sprites have lost their bright color, “like they got bleached“.

After reading another persons comment I have to say please change Kyouji's sprite too! He looks weird and apparently his eyes are closed all the time... Sorry for the trouble. I am a terrible person. I know it's hard work...

You having Patreon should be okay, considering being a Patron is voluntary...

Cheers from Germany and farther alot of success and fun <3


Too bad, you're bussy I guess? Well, I'll be waiting patiently... 😊

(3 edits)

Thanks for every reply, it means alot.

So, I use a OP6 (One Plus 6) with Android 9.0, with of course the One Plus skin. I have 19 percent free space and am directly downloading it. The internet connection is pretty good and stable (2.4 ghz). The downloading process does not take long.

I have already downloaded many other visual novels and had no problem at any time.

Right now I see there is a OP update. I will try again after the installation. 

Well, something's still wrong. I am glad that at least other people can still enjoy the. :)

I will try one more thing, deinstalling and re-installing the game.

It actually worked! The 1 mb less big version let me install it.  YES! ...So ...How can I support you now? Are you on Patreon or not? I'd really like to show this game some more love and not only with playing it. Okay, I got it I suppose you don't want any donations, because it's a fan-made-game and therefore free?!

I still can't install the now new newest version. With my phone, connection and phone space is nothing wrong. At least I can't see anything.

There is so much I could write right now...

Edit: yep it is alot

Okay I understand, I just don't like the thaught that while they are building up a relationship Darius is sleeping with others or did I understand something wrong? In either case I wouldn't like having a former porn star as boyfriend...

It's nice too hear they are working on it, but exploiting voluntary sponsers is not a fair method for making money.

How could anyone, should be the question. I am certain you didn't know that in Mongolia they hunt with trained wolves. The problem is they even hunt wolves down with them and I don't get why they do it!

I don't know what brings me to love wolves. Maybe they look very majestic and wild in my eyes. 

I would rather like to be a werewolf, than a pathetic human being who destroys the earth... I know that does sound weird. It's just I don't see advantages of a human life over an animal life. Either one lives the life of each kind. 

Being the hero or villain of a tv-show or computer game sounds like “fun“ too. At least any imaginable fantasy world has to be more exciting. Everything that is possible to do on earth has already been done by someone, so there is nothing new left.

By the way have you looked into Sonic's Alpha? It becomes less nice for my taste later on, but it is still very good written and definetly very creativ.

All of these characters have to deal with all kinds of sad pasts, I assume?! That Reiner doesn't talk much about himself I did notice.

Adastra got updated and it's perfect, a very realistic feeling update. I am dying for what happens next! The update is called “Confessions of a prospective emperor“ (“In which feelings are talked about...“). 

Friends of us have adopt a kid which came from an unstable family/mother like you. I am really sorry to hear this, though I guess people feeling pity for you is what you're used to and therefore you propably don't like to hear it...

Yeah you don't have to say the others are your family if they are that awful. I wish I was closer to my sisters, but they are both very different from me. They have tons of friends, are confident in themselfs, know exactly what they wanna do, are (going to) studying/study...

I wish I was born in the middle of nowhere, on a ranch or something. My mom grew up on a farm, which is now her brothers farm. The best scenario I can imagine is living far away from the civiliaziation with your so loved love...

Both of my parents are past age 50 

If you like criticized movies/series try out “I Kill Giants“. I really like this movie for some reason. I think it's unique/original. It's about a young girl... who kills giants?

I agree until a certain point with that statement. IMDb isn't always trustful.

I can't remember correctly, but I'm pretty sure it was non of them. I think it was Morenatsu Homecoming, from which I can't install the newest update.

Hmmhmm Shun looks more like his age in Homecoming, than in Revisited. 

Tatsuki is more is more the irresponsible kind of guy, with bad drinking habits.

Are you serious with Torahiko's route? He is such a cute and energetic kitten. Shame upon the devs for not expanding or finishing his story, just kidding... or am I?

Kounosuke is a nerd and also irresponsible, but different from Tatsuki.

Juuichi is a nut that needs to be cracked open. 

Kyouji and Soutaro: Soutaro is like Shun too young to be a route. (Or at least he looks young) Kyouji's character art looks weird, that might just be me though.

Poor Shin has asthma, he is nothing for a sports person like me. I admit he's adorable.

Kouya's more the cool, responsibly kind of guy. I like him.

The best of the Homecoming version so far is the change of the MC now being an anthromorphic animal too, like his friends. It is one thing that made and makes Morenatsu better than EA. The anthromorphic animals are like superhumans and therefore not suitable for humans. 

I am glad the devs are reworking and rewriting the story and game almost entirely.

Brandon's “father“ is an idiot, of course his plan killing his “son“ was doomed from the beginning. To be fair shooting is a little different from what you've mentioned, although I agree.

His “mother“ had the right idea, but however Brandon was able to “sense“ her attack. In the end Brandon testing her mother was a great idea, if it was what the creators intended. This idea is very thoughtful of you. I haven't thought of that.

I can't blame “his“ mother for the attempt. She wasn't herself anymore since the moment she saw the dead body near his spaceship. And yes, even though she betrayed him what he did or turned into is much worse. I don't blame any of these people, except “his“ father for such a poor, reckless and silly attempt.

The next movie could be about a guy like Lex Luther who tries to stop Brandon. (Lex Luther is the archenemy of Superman) 

Well, I don't take any of these series serious, so I can enjoy them. Not only Archer is full of disgusting deaths and rape. In Disenchantment there is the one scene were the woman drowns in the lake, because our “gang“ doesn't help her. I am sure you remember her saying “I am non-swimmer“ and the elf answers “I am Elfo“ (or what it was). That's pretty sadistic if you ask me.

Archer isn't even the most cruel and grose series. Netflix's Paradise PD or Big Mouth are even worse. These shows I really don't like, but the drug addict dog of PPD is “cool“....

I don't actually know how or if I should say that... I do it anyway.

From what I can tell your position in society hasn't affected your intelligence or what you're capable of in the slightest. In fact I wish I would've had a harder life like you, not a life full of like rape, drugs and so on, but hmm physical work for example. Why? A harder life makes you stronger and more capable of dealing with stuff. I guess your home education teached you alot of important things.

I know I heared of that. Many people from other countries say America's people are on average the most stupid... I also heared you can use your phones whenever you want or at least kids do whatever they want in class basically. 

I hope I don't upset you with what I write! It's not my opinion and it's not your fault. 

That you and your mom had the courage to go to school as adults is admirable.

Did you work somewhere, early on, to make money? I am rather the modest person. I don't need much, but sometimes I still buy something for myself, because I am bored, I guess...

You can be dirt poor and still be very happy. Rich people are most of the time the ones who are unhappy with everything. There is a video on youtube (in german) which is about a family, of billionairs, of 2 homosexual men who have 2 kids (one boy and one girl). These kids are so called rich kids that get everything they wish from their parents and it's unbelievable sad and funny and stupid at the same time... Example: while the boy is driving with one of his dads in his new car he asks him what his next gift will be....

Here is the video. 

title: 5000€ is too little pocket money (only pocket money, gifts not included)

I can tell you what it is about if you want. 

I am now about to be very honest with you.

As I told you I always was an outsider at school, which made me stronger and more confident in myself than others, but it also left me alone. What I mean is I never really had anybody to do something with, somebody I can trust (a friend for life). I once had a good friend for a couple of years and always a couple other kids, but I could never see them as friends. We never visit each other. I was only together with them at school. 

I had some memorable moments in my school time, but school was mostly “cancer“, especially when I was younger.

Another thing when I was younger is my syndromes acted stronger. I was sometimes aggressive to be honest, had tantrums.

(Propably I am a little exaggerating, but my past is still nothing I really wanna remember again...)

You know what, as much as I love my parents I don't feel close to them either. There is no one around me who has the same interests as I have, the reason why I feel close to nobody. I wish people were more open like me also.

An unknown factor for me is how people, especially my family, will react about my sexuality. I don't want to disappoint them.

You work with computers as a woman? Awsome! I want to become a programmer, maybe, though I don't know if it is what I'd like to do for a long time. I'm an energetic person (when I'm not depressed) and sitting infront of a pc so long doing what programmers do is hard. 

Okay, maybe I'm not really depressed, but often sad for sure. 

I once read a comment from a guy under a furry art video on youtube who talked about himself wanting to suicide. I think he didn't do it though and I replied to him that he is not the only one that feels alone and whatnot.


(1 edit)

EA and TA not? Weird, but each their own as you wrote.

Is it maybe cause the MC lives in a shelter and is therefore to pity or something? 

I mean Yuuichi's and Shoichis story is so heartwarming and cute (not gonna lie :), just look at Uke's reaction, it's priceless (UkeKooki channel).

I know, Blackgate fans are constantly complaining about the pretty much non-existing new content each update brings to them.

You wouldn't expect it from Gear, would you? Yeah he is attractive, charming, I bet romantic and his background story is moving, pretty unlikely for a wolf if you ask me. (When I think of a wolf I think of our 'dog'... or werewolves.)

Even though I don't know Attack on Titan I am sure Assassination Classroom is better :P

9 years how does that work...? I am from my sisters around 2-3 years apart.

Have you watched Deckerlink's VN rating list? He made two videos recently about the worst 20 and best 10. Number 20 is Morenatsu and even though he explained his position pretty well I find it unfair, because it was mostly because of it being unfinished. I know it doesn't excuse everything, but I think it deserves something better. You recommended it to me that means you really like it too?!

I am disappointed that they couldn't manage or finish their project too of course.

I really hope they'll work it out with Homecoming. Honestly I prefer Revisited over Homecoming, for now.

I watched Brightburn and wow was it cool. Although I think they could've made it much better. I would've liked to see more school scences and maybe more police research, more besides the murdering scenes so to say.

It was hard to believe how he hid his new-self (being possessed is like a new-self) and then the end oh my. I thaught he was done. His “fathers“ plan didn't succed at all, but there was no 'hope' for it anyway. The “mother“ though, that scene was amazing. As soon as he grabbed her hand she was already dead...

The end shows us that we are allowed to assume getting (please tell me if this is correct! Or is it 'to get'?) another part or it's just an open ending, which would be fine. (I think he is unstoppable with all his powers)

Do you know the series Archer or Disenchantment? Both are incredible funny (and animated) and I would recommend them adults/teenagers instead of kids. Disenchantment was made by the creators of The Simpsons and is better in my eyes. Archer has 10 -11 seasons and is just so good, but you have to like the comical humor, which is not everybody's favourite and yours propably too.

My family and I are not rich, wealthy yes, but not rich and because I still live with my parents I am still being supported. Dad's a CEO of a pretty big hospital and works alot, sadly...

Mom supports a “syndrome kid“ (like me) at school.

I also got very lucky with my “godmother“ (what a weird translation...). She and her husband have no childs and supported me and their other “godchild“ instead.

I only spend my money for clothes and fitness articles (no weights anymore, well a weightvest and a cheap traning tower) and I rather spend my money for these hard working VN creators, than for a flatrate or video games for example too.

I love doing sports, so I do Calisthenics on my own. I hate competitions, so no teamsport for me. I tried several sports, but I don't know. I think I have the requirements for pretty much any sport and could become pretty good in many, but I'm too shy, no not shy, but I'm too afraid to be marginalized (like at school) to enter a club and wouldn't know which sport to choose... stupid me...

I also find parcour running exciting, though I have no clue if it's possible where I live.

(You don't have to write about your family (maybe I am too open, as you know by now) Everything I write is the truth)

Ha, you don't like natural ways of confessing love, that's it. Or not natural, but you get what I mean. It makes alot of sence to me that childhood friends become lovers. Although I can't say for sure, because I never really had one long enough to call him/her my childhood-friend. (And yes, I know *childhood*)

It could also be that such good friends feel like siblings to each other. If that was true a love story would just be awkward, I confirm.

Ahh it was definetly a nice touch and somewhat unique too, one could say. 

Okay doppelganger it is, well it is german (Doppelgänger: nearly the same pronounciation too) and that's funny, cause normaly it's the other way around. Usually we have words of your language turned into our own. 

Sorry, I can't blame you for saying it like that, but if I was the MC instead I would propably always feel rather suspisious and no betrayed is too strong of a word. But there are just too many couples and marriages that fall apart, so no thank you. (In reality of course)

Yeah, know that. He is a “Lightlion“ while Dagio is a “Shadowlion“ who doesn't look like one, I once stated on Patreon (it's still a secret why he doesn't look like a lion at all).

I am Patron of a couple VN creators, but not WolfBite Interactive. They already earn 7k per month. That is unfair in my opinion, because others put more work into creating their VN's, than they in their.

Really? Gear is your fav? Mine too (quite obvious right?), though I would've thaught you'd like others more.

Juleon and his sex magic... What didn't exist in the past exists now...

You HAVE to try Sonic's Alpha, it's awsome, very well written and dark as midnight! I don't really care about the sex scenes, because I can't imagine these hedgehogs having sex, but the story itself is great.

It is pretty clear what the whole thing is about after a few chapters. Does it make reading less exciting, no, surely not.

I just remembered isn't Attack on Titan an anime? I considered watching it, but there are so many animes and I was/am sure others were better, especially Avatar The Last Airbender which is technically an anime (anime=cartoon) or Assassination Classroom (I almost lost my sanity.....).

I'm going to watch Brightburn soon enough. I hope it is good. I think the IMDb rating is 7. 

Maybe it isn't the bullying only. I haven't watched it, so yeah.

Ok, it isn't Superman, but it is a very similar story as his.

Do you have many siblings? I have two sisters one older and one younger.

To be fair every teen of every country happens to not care about writing skills anylonger nor reading. And writing *rofl* or whatever is more convenient, than writing what you're really feeling. (Not the best example I know...)

Hmm, I supported any VN I could support (I don't know how to support some like Morenatsu where the creator doesn't answer my question about support...) so far including (KGT) the “WOTB“ YAGS.

Even if it is so that it has a short storyline I would read it over YAGS all day and night.

I am very glad to hear that. Keep working on a VN that has the potential to become one of the greatest. Morenatsu Revisited was just awsome!

TA? Hmm, I didn't notice anything, maybe I was lucky.

I will do as you told me then. Thank you for the reply.

On my second thaught I have to say the above statements were both lies...

My second favourite VN would be Morenatsu Revisited, Homecoming has a long way too go still. 

Morenatsu has the best music too, though it is hard to say for sure.

Dagio is certainly a very important and interesting character. His story is my seond favourite route, because “best friends routes“ are just to die for. ;) So Hyper is number one and Dagio a close second. Well Hyper is rather bi than gay, buut whatever.

You know about Cornelius... I may or may not know more than you. There is one scene where the doppel (double?) ganger (german btw) of Dagio (the one in life, if he is one) says something to himself about how it would be nice for the person (don't know who it was, sorry) to meet up with Corny. So, my theory is it could be possible that he is still alive and I wouldn't be surprised too much. It's just a theory though. It could also be that the double ganger (if he's one) doesn't know about Cornelius's death.

Alex, this dirty rat, I don't like him either. He's like the lion from EA, such a cheater. I mean he seems like one...

Did you like UB? I find it pretty great so far and the combat scenes can be hard, so that makes it less a novel. Were you able to figure out the labyrinth? Wait, no, that is WSSAP... 

I already got the 9.1 release, you will get it a while later. It focuses on the lion. What was his name, (so many VN character names to remember) I honestly forgot.

I know this channel, Markiplier, but I haven't watched any of his videos I think.

The worst first, it seems.^ So it shall be it then. There's only one problem. I am reading a Sonadow story at the moment and I will not lie it is awsome, as far as I came. It is called Sonic's Alpha and I will not spoiler anything. It is propably better than An Elemental Secret to be clear about the circumstances, and it belongs to your favourite (?) genre like the following.

Then I have to watch the last few episodes of Another. It is an anime that is different from animes that I have seen until now and has an IMDb rating of 7.8

It fits your favourite genre pretty, pretty good, is my guess... 

And Brightburn is a film I wanna watch too. It pretends that Superman in his early age gets bullied and what do you think happens? You're right, we have a winner, he uses his abilities to do evil...

That is awsome, really. If I took the time I could write too maybe, but then again my english is not perfect enough to write a complex story for whichever fandom...

If you say so by yourself I believe you and it's impressive. 

Now I remember I even have to play through Kilgigan's Treasure for once. There's alot on my list of 'priorities', as you can see.

(Sorry, I wanted to write earlier)

*either* version won't install (titel says it all) and yes I tried it multiple times.

I should've both...

(1 edit)

The translation would be “app was not installed“ (obviously)

Thank you anyway for the update. Morenatsu is one of the totally best VN's!

(Android 9, One Plus 6)

Is there something else you need to know?

Your thaughts are all very well carefully considered, wow. I told it Blaidd. 

By the way do you remember what I told you about WSSAP (Wolfstar Sins and Paradise)? You should give it a shot. It's awsome, my second favourite VN. They haven't made much money with it yet, which I find unfair, because it is so complex and everything about it is well rounded. You may not like the character designs (bara), but the story is definetly worth it. I think they've got the best music out of all VN's I've played. You can check the tracks out in the gallery.

Ah and Uncommon Breed is a similiar case. Again bara designed and a good, intersting story and combat scenes every now and then.

You said FNAF so I thaught you will like his videos, well doesn't matter ...

I bet you know who you like to watch.

So, there are three choices for me to make. Do I play Repeat-Sissel now or Flynn's route or Vincent's route in Blackgate? But first the new update of WSSAP! ;)

Hmm, yeah “An Elemental Secret“ is special. All Sonadow stories are special in a way, but so far this was my favourite storyline. The others are full of sex or darkness... You decide.

Still most or many visual novel stories are better than these. 

(2 edits)

Alright, if a game feels different to you, than real life. For me it doesn't really. It doesn't really compare, but still. For me it's rather the opposite around... Weird I know. The reason is I know the real life people better than the game characters, so I can't predict how they will react.

Yeah, I agree with you with Route 65, but we don't know if he was controlled by some kind of force or his feelings were strengthened by it, the curse. Like if his feelings were so strong that he was easy to control, something like this. Or his trauma of Sydney has something to do with it, as you wrote they're all suffering through stress.

I am not the person to talk with, I know nothing, sorry.

I see, so I should do Flynn's route, but not become his boyfriend. That sounds easy enough, thanks for the tip.

Because of my discussion with Blaidd Llwyd I have a question for you. So, he thinks there was a copy of Chase because Leo said he was in his room with him, when Chase was tugged to the mine by “I can't remember his name“.

So you propably know 8-BitRyan for example he is a nice guy and makes funny horror videos. No, he is not gay, I think..

No, no it is realistic if the computer was somehow connected to the other technical systems.

Wow, seriously? Am I wrong or does this sound as if this journey was almost as depressing as Echo's? 

You know, I am not a steady (right word?) person by any means. I rather play one route, for the moment and then move onto another game. Maybe I just changed in that area, who knows...

I have high hopes for Repeat. Gotta find out if it matches my expectations. 

There are alot of girls though who are fan-girling about the two. 

And I kinda like it too, BUT there are alot of very weird stories. In one Sonic kills his friends as Werehog in another he gets turned into a girl by the author.

Maybe you will like some of these stories...? I read them on a website called There is one story explicit I recommend _An elemental secret_. I think the idea is pretty cool and the story isn't as complex (crazy) as the others...

Just saying :)

Could be, if so I'm a little bit like him and everyone should be. At least be able to hold back when others make fun of you, right?

You were? Shame on you! Just kidding, jk... 

I once checked the browser history of my cousin's laptop, I was to curious.. Although, I would never take the chance to exploit someone or how you say.

In germany everything under 18 is considered rape, I am sure of it. The age of 18 is when we can get our driving lesson and make our own decissions, live our life.

Not finished? That means updates should still roll out, even if I heard something else. That Echo is finished and they won't change anything more.

You know if you like Echo that much Blaidd Llwyd made videos about it. He really liked playing it and his opinion about the whole “darkness“ is pretty much the same I'd say.

He has got a pretty nice dark toned voice to do voice performing. His channel is really small and his videos are nice. The channel is propably only small because of his rather non-emotional talking. Well, I like it. 

I talked to him a little bit on youtube and he seems like a nice and chill guy.

If you want you can check it out on the latest videos of his.

In that case I'm more desinterested... The really big secret is what happend to Echo and not specifically the characters. It's not like everything should be revealed and if that's important is another question for itself. I mean you can already imagine that the town and maybe the people too are cursed, nothing really special. How it happened matters.

Wait a second! I watched Doctor Who and it's not anything like Adastra, like at all! Well whatever, if this is what makes the developers happy it shall be... 

Yeah, I know only a few people like the science-fiction genre. What can you do. Still you know what I think? I think Perry Rhodan is the best written book series of all time and I've read alot.

Really? Killing someone through the internet? How realistic.

True true, it IS getting updated once in a while, but not much. In Blackgate there are nearly only beasty/monstrous datable characters, you'll see.

Repeat sound almost like Echo and it sounds like something... 

Exactly like in Sonic fanfiction 😅 Have you seen the trailer to the new upcoming Sonic movie? Sonic looks like the personification of horror and uglyness in it.

I have to say though, there do exist interesting, well written stories about Sonic and Shadow...

In my point of view the whole Sonic franchise is very interesting, especially with Shadow being the rival of Sonic. Shadow is not good, he is not bad (okay sometimes he is one of those). He is somewhere in between, what makes his personality the best of the bunch.

You don't have to like it 😊

Did you know WOTB (creater of TA) means “worst of the bunch“? It's true he told it. I wonder why you would choose this name 

(1 edit)

No thank you, I won't play it again.

Really? I didn't know that they weren't even full age! Wow, that's really terrible. Maybe I over-read it somehow, still wasn't the beginning of their relationship in both interests? In Route 65 I mean. How old was Leo then? Was he already 18? Whatever...

I am pretty sure Chase survived in my ending, unless this ending was too confusing for me and I read it at night. I can't remember, but he was in Leo's bed after all.

What I agree with is he really turns into an idk mad man. 

Let's not talk about this more.

What do they say about Adastra in that route? Is Flynn's route enlightening? Is it any better than Leo's? Non of the available routes has a great love story in petto, huh?

It's fine if you like Echo more. I guess it's more complex and advanced, than Adastra for the moment.

Though Adastra has alot of potential, don't you think? (Like every science-fiction series...)

In that case Project Aego is just like Blackgate, but worse. On the Patreon page of the creator from Blackgate people complain about the only small updates.

I'd rather read Sonadow, than Echo .... Too dark for my taste.

Anyway Echo is not the only VN I have on my phone ;)

(Go listen to Echo-Minus an Echo parody voice performed by Dirk (the red panda) and 5 others!)

-like- ? Okay... You don't like nor dislike?

Oh no sorry for spoilering you then. Does that mean there is no good ending for Leo's route, strange. It sounds like they break up with each other and Chase's soul gets uplifted?? Wth

Yes, that makes sence. I don't know why I didn't think about this earlier. I know which point in the story you mean, basically the beginning right? Where they all come together. I don't really care anyway. I liked the prequel and that's it. 

At least I want to see a good love story and some romance and not a dark storyline with aliens... Maybe we will get to know more about what is happening in a sequel or rather a prequel. In my opinion a prequel would make more sence. Everything started in the past, right?

That's what I meant. I think Echo is just like Stranger Things. The horror elements in that show aren't really horrific either, but dark/terrific (not horrific).

You don't like Cato and the others? If I was the MC I wouldn't like them too. They are somekind of not villain or anti-hero (of course not), but they seem to be against the “uplifting“ and the MC and other folks in general. They are a strong counterweight toward Amicus and I don't really see an issue with it. 

I have no idea what will happen next, though I think there is no other option than Amicus becoming emperor. Interesting would be if his brother becomes emperor instead and bans Amicus and the MC and they have to go back to earth or something. I really want to see a reaction of earth to Amicus's folk and interstellar travel. That would be hilarious.

It wouldn't make much sence, on the other hand it would be pretty boring if Amicus becomes emperor right away. And I still think the MC will see his family and friends again. Maybe it's just that Amicus becomes emperor and visits the MC every now and then. (Not a pleasing story ending in my eyes! We will see what we get.)

Maybe you find the story boring so far and compared to Echo it almost is tbh.

I still need to finish Blackgate for once. I hope it gets more interesting. It's not boring, but not particularly “perfect“ so far...

No problem, thank you.

My phone won't let me install the newest version. “app not installed“ it says. Android 9 - One Plus 6

Oh yes, I believe you that Leo's route is the darkest one. It is the route I played. I didn't even know that the others are available as routes, it didn't seem like it. (I know I said that before)

So, you had the ending were Chase looses his legs and after this accident (...) he wokes up beside Leo in Leo's bed and Leo says he loves him amd will protect him or so something. This is pretty much everything.

This is so surreal and unrealistic and unlogic. That's what I dislike about this VN. Not only that scene of course.

I don't quite see the difference between “darkness“ and “horror“. if you mean that their minds get tortured and not their bodies, something like that, then I agree. It is as if they were in a simulation of some kind, captured in their own brains. I have no idea how to describe it. The whole story, city and characters seem almost, yes, surreal. There's a possibility that Echo is seperated from the real world in a way, like in Blackgate and Stranger Things too and once they are there they can't leave. Another idea would be Chase is only dreaming, though this “solution“ is too boring and lame. The developers could also say Echo is cursed, idk.

Echo _is_ really dark. It focuses on horror and not a love story.

In my opinion Adastra is much better anyway, what I wrote on their Patreon side. I tried to make it look like I appreciate the work and creativity, what I do, but think it is not what the fans want to see. (No one responded...)

I do wonder how the developers came to the conclusion let's do a completely different type of genre in our next game with actual funny characters and sence.

The artstyle of the characters in Kiligan's Treasure is very cartoony.

I wonder what other things will happen in and around Echo, their universe. Since Echo is finished (I am nearly certain about it) the only option we have are more prequels/sequels. I think it would make sence if the prequel would be just like the main game, but with different characters and events. Although I don't think it would turn out any better.

I don't have much faith in this game.

You don't have to know that do you? I don't know the American laws either and was only once in America anyway.

Did you at least enjoy playing it? In my opinion it's just so good, except the bad ending. A game like this needs some positiv aspects or else it's no good...

I especially don't like how the characters develop. Do you think it was relatively horrific? In my opinion it was or maybe just this ending I played? I only played one route for now.

I actually found out about a new VN, again, it's called Kiligan's Treasure and it is about a, well, monster in a small town that happens to loose everything. The story of it begins quite nicely. Although the art is okay.

In Amorous? Can't play that game yet.

There are still 3 to 4 games I want to play before I buy a Laptop.

(2 edits)

True and Iuckily already found out about a new one which looks really promising. It is called Notes of Cards. Sadly not for mobile devices available. Aaand here's another one called Lunar, seems also promising. Now I know there also exists The Butterfly Dream (TBD). Because of all these youtubers I find out about new VN's almost hourly... ^

If I have new onse I'll text them. There are also Amorous and Lovers of Aether.

And don't forget to check out “Dirk the Red Panda“ or/and UkeKooki for a kind of voice acting. Deckerlink is famous in this scenario.

Maybe it has something to do with the design. That could be it.

And yes, it is *definetly* horror, you are very smart or educated in these things because you are right with your idea. I shouldn't have written that, but it is quite obvious, I think. I am unsure if it is really that, though it is possible. The reader doesn't experience/learn about everything that has happend and led to the events of the presence.

Fact is Echo has alot potential. The base version is incredible well written in my opinion and Echo Route 65 is romantic, at least more than Echo, sadly, because it's shorter. I propably said that already...

I downloaded two new VN's btw. if you are interested, but haven't started on them yet. They are called Project Aego and Repeat, just so you know. :)

I didn't know if I should tell you or not, because they may not be very good.

I know the second season was... strange. I was still able to enjoy it and the end made me exited to see more.

Another prequel? Why not Echo 2 or a sequel? It's like the past isn't completed, I know, but that doesn't mean they have to do _another_ prequel. I wish they'd just move on the story or Idk. Do you think that's how they should do it?

So, 10/10 for season 1 I suppose. That's fair I guess.

I bet it is fascinating, but does pyschology help you to understand why people are thinking something? Well, this leads to nothing...

Okay, thanks. I am unsure if it offcially exists though, we have to see.

Did you like Stranger Things? I'd give it 10/10 points.

Lucy is in no case realistic, still I don't think it was a bad movie. Isn't it funny watching super humans? I think it is.

Beauty&Beast? I haven't watched that, but I get it.

(1 edit)

WSSAP - Wolfstar Sins and Paradise, yeah. It's one of my favourite VN's. There are Adastra, Uncommon Breed, Morenatsu (+Homecoming), Extracurricular Activities, Guardian of ParVa'La, Echo, After Class and Human Cargo. (And TA is at least top 3 ;)

Some of them still need some work and most aren't finished yet, but overall they are really good. 

There are sadly a many more I can't play yet, like Nekojishi or Lagoon Lounge (I need a pc or laptop...).

Horror is fine to me, but when it comes to real life... There's enough shit, I don't need to think about serial killers and cannibals too and propably terrorists and sun prayers or the path of a Hindu! No thanks...

To be honest I can't really imagine pychology being all that helpful since every persons mind is different and the reasons why people do things too. Sure there must be similarities, but these are minor, I guess. (Not that I know what I am talking about, though it makes sence to me)

The 4th game is called “1915“, sadly I don't know where to find it and what it's about. There are pictures on FA (FurAffinity) on Chase's profile, who is the writer of Echo and Adastra. (Chase is the main character in Echo, he is an otter)

I've read Echo Route 65 and it's very emotional. It's a short story, but romantic.

And if you are finished with Echo please tell me how you find it. In my opinion the very end of the story is more terrifying than the whole story! If you think about it you may understand why I think so...

Maybe you'll figure 1915 out and tell me about it?

I'm starting Blackgate now too, because I read through Adastra and Adastra 0.5 (new unofficial version) and it was great, really liked it. Adastra is basically science-fiction and pretty funny unlike Echo. I have a hate/love relationship with Echo. I hope they make more than one path and at least one good and bad ending.

Have you watched something like Netflix's Stranger Things, Dark, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The End of the Fucking World or Love/Death&Robots? Also In my opinion the movie I Kill Giants is underrated. Whatelse is there...? The movie Lucy was cool too. I like the main actor. (Some random thaughts of good movies/series) I haven't watched Dark yet and won't do. I pretend it's too similar to ST. Sabrina is, well, interesting...

Stockholm Syndrome, I forgot what it was about, if I ever knew it.

Be glad for you for stopping, playing YAGS, it was literally a waste of time and I downgraded my rating.

Deadpool was on one of our german tv channels recently, so I took him as an example since I don't know any (“modern“) serial killers anyway. Okay, besides the known onse of course like Jack the Ripper and the cannibal... guy, who even got his own movie...

If you are interested in psychology, why not be interested in why people murder other people for no real reason.

Yeah, sorry for the wrong information. I first thaught Route 65 is a sequel, but once I noticed that this prequel, what it is apparently, shows how everything started or just the time before Echo I forgot to correct it I think. Echo the town btw. where it plays. It has a population of 60 in Route 65.

I started reading Route 65, but haven't read much of it yet. I am pretty sure it's also horror themed. Though I wonder how that will work out... 

(I added „The Echo Project“ on Patreon, but I thaught maybe they don't have the latest version)

They're not 3 but 4 games. Something with  

For your knowledge I downloaded a new VN called Blackgate, for free. It seemes interesting. I know nothing about it and haven't looked at it yet. Although I think it's horror too. I just checked it is horror and made by Bane (Patreon). 

(Blackgate is not on itch!)

Maybe you find more VN's you are interested in on my profile.

You don't like Twilight? My sisters/younger sister is a fan of this. In my opinion it isn't even that bad. I of course didn't read any of the books.

Don't you like vampire and werewolf stories? I found a really amazing book series called „The chronicle of the immortals“ (Die Chronik der Unsterblichen) in our city library. It isn't about „normal“ vampires though.

Do you know “Ink Heart, Ink Blood, Ink Death“ (Tintenherz, Tintenblut, Tintentod)? I am not sure if it's called like that, but the series was so great that they made a movie, which isn't that bad either. Nothing comparable to the books obviously.

Your brother wasn't wrong. Still I don't understand what's wrong with that. It's like he made her queen, while he is the king. They made their “relationship“ look like crazy... In my view they've done a great job. The scenes were awsome enough. I remember the shiny look of the skins. I assume it has to do with the whole romance image. Otherwise it would be useless.

The reason why I'm asking is because I read your opinion about YAGS. I played through this game two times and it was so boring that I quit. There aren't even any nudity scenes, which could make the game more interesting... It is the only VN so far that really disappointed me, even B101 is better with it's terrible translation from Russian into English.

I am hyped for Adastra. It looks like the artwork is edgy, but when the story's good I don't care. 

And you can be hyped for Echo. As far as I know you will rather love than hate it!

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Don't you worry, I'm not addicted to porn and will never be. These humans in it are acting and are motioning like puppets. They are lifeless and boring. How can one even like this

I am pretty sure I know very good how serial killers become serial killers. It's not hard to imagine anyway. Watching Deadpool gives you a good look at it. I know he's not really a serial killer, in the realistic sence.

Yeah, Adastra comes after Echo Route 65, a sequel of Echo. I finished Echo and it was truly horrific, in my opinion. The only big thing that I hate about it is the end (and propably how the characters develop), but what can you do... :( 

Now I actually have a question: Do you know if there is a full version of Echo around? I even forgot how I got the demo. 

Tell me about how you found the game once you finished it. Just so you know the characters are rather simple with only a few emotions/changes. (The drawings) 

Ha spoilers... *grin* I have watched almost all of it.

I didn't mean to make it look like I think your parents drilled you.

The only comics I have read are Asterix&Obelix and the LTB's. For most people are comics more fun than the related movies or not? Or not, but the comics and mangas are always more detailed.

They kept one, maybe the Watcher, from killing Light and he escaped. The you see the first Shinigami monologueing. He tells the viewers it was nice knowing Light and that he had fun and kills me in the end.

I assume you watched Suicide Squad so you should know the movie tells us Harley was (not got, right??) tortured indeed.

Well what a shame :P though I preferred reading these precious VN's over books too recently. (I use Nightmode on my phone not only occasionally)

I still have to read volume 142 to 145 of Perry Rhodan (the biggest and best science fiction series of all time, better than Star Wars, Star Trek and whatnot combined and as old as these series too). The fact that no one knows about it (I can only imagine) is because it is from germany. Yep, not saying germany is any better than other countries, but we are known as poets and thinkers... ;)


Not that you see much of it anymore ~

(How did you rate YAGS? I voted 3 out of 5 stars for it...)

(3 edits)

One more thing.

Since you are a horror junkie you HAVE to read Echo.  I won't spoil much, so... First it seems the story has just a sad, melancholy mood with a touch of nostalgia and funny parts, BUT then you realize relatively fast that the town, where it plays, is maybe even cursed... I don't know yet. I am talking 'bout the demo btw. I don't know if there's a full version and how to get it, if so.

You will see what I mean. I have now read for hours, it's really crazy. One more hint, the name Echo is like perfectly fitting for this game...... 

I used to read alot alot and have read some really fucked up shit, though, this is really crazy.

Such a story in a VN that's supposed to be a love story, I guess... And I have to say the writing is incredible. Terrifying to say at least, then again I wasn't into horror for a while now, I'm out of practice.

One more thing, not that it has to do with any of this, have you heard of Anders (not a german book series, but the word is german (correction: it is from a german author) ?  It is one of the best novel book series's I've ridden. And normally I wouldn't like to read something like this, but even though the story ended anything but good, I enjoyed it. The characters are presented very very good too. It is propably even better in my eyes than Eragon. 

You could say it's fantasy, but it really isn't, well in a way it is...

Okay enough of this!

(1 edit)

I exidently pressed the home button on chrome. Now I have to write it again, great.

So, yeah, discipline is great, though, drilling like for example Chinese, propably Japanese too and Britains do to their sons, who have to train very hard to gain muscle weight (while their parents are fat asses...) isn't fun at all.

Something like this can ruin a childhood, I can imagine.

My parents just didn't know it better at this time, didn't know what to do...

I forgot one series. Do you know Spartacus? It's very realistic to Roman standards and that means it is a very bloody series with violence and you know what else... Not horror though.

Death Note was pretty good, but the end was predictable. I mean there was no way Light Yagami could have lived after what he did, yes he didn't die and if he would've forgotten the Death Note and everything else he could have lived. The problem was he gave his soul up to the Shimigami. 

Thanks for the warning then. I don't think I wanna watch it now.  Remakes suck way too often don't you think?

Joker and Harley, that works, Joker is a psychopath and won't change. I don't think he loves Harley either. Although it doesn't matter for them, because he isn't the only psycho in this 'relationship'. There is propably a way to change Harley unless she is completly fallen for and obsessed with the Joker. (I don't know the comic book story)

Now I have to ask what the last paragraph refers to. I agree with it, but what does it refer to? 

Sorry I can't take things seriously that come from South Park.

I am not totally against horror as you can tell, although I think that senceless murdering or murdering for fun is too fucked up. There are scenes like in The Golden Circle 2 and 1 that are pretty terrible, for example, but still not as bad as scenes from 18+ shows. You have to decide on your own. I much rather watch this than that.

The only real 18+ movies/series I have watched are 300, Doom and some movies of the series Ip Man, which is an amazing story btw. (Ip Man is based of true events). Then I watched Love, Death&Robots and Castlevania. That's all, I think. (Castlevania is 18+ though...) Maybe I forgot something, idk.

I watched Alien Covenant which isn't 18+ but still terrifying.

I still have to watch the other Purge movies and also Death Note the Netflix original movie (not the anime series).

Zombieland was one of the best movies I've watched, it's so very well done and need sequels, for sure.

In my opinion you can still enjoy different genres of movies/series. Anime or Animations or Nature Documentations, Crime, etc.

Your dad really did this? Awful, well my dad beat (hit) my ass when I was younger... not very nice either. I would say my parents are relatively old or average, compared to other parents.

Oh well phones are a hot topic and the price increases on nearly every brand. I am happy with my OP6 (One Plus 6), before I had no phone, for a year...

You may be right with god did actually change, when he walked on earth as Jesus. Yeah, the Old Testament is full of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth“. That's what most people think about when they think about Christianity.

I know which story you're talking about and you could say it's terrifying... And it doesn't make it better that it's not the only one of it's kind. Though, people forget often about the New Testament completly. 

I also know the story with the test and I don't really know how to think or feel about it...

I haven't watched South Park, because I am contrary to those shows most of the time. I instead like Disenchantment (Netflix) and some Anime shows.

I guess it's fine if you are okay with gay (guys) VN's, etc...

I am not the feminin kind of guy, besides my figure. I'd rather say I can be more understandable, for example, than other boys, which is a feminin property, right.

I propably could imagine something like street dance and singing too, because it's what I imagine me liking, as a hobby. I was in our school choir back then. Stripping like Spencer does in EA is a little to much, but interesting enough in my opinion.

You would've gone so far that you considered a sex change? That's something else, huh?

First of all I destroyed it because I was angry with the situation and with myself. Second I wasn't able to read this stuff anylonger. Now I know there exist websites for this topic and you can have ebooks on your phone too...

I don't believe in paranormal activities what doesn't stop me from liking “exclusive“ horror. As an example Castlevania the series or Zombieland or Doctor Who. Most of that isn't that horrific, but nothing for a weak minded person either. I don't feel the need to watch American Horror Story, Saw, The Walking Dead or Final Destination though. You get the point here. 

Although I really liked The Purge. We watched in at school... yep, we did. It is crazy, but realistic in that specific scenario, I guess.

(1 edit)

I write more in your language than mine, because I don't really have anyone to talk to, it's a shame since I am not a bad (boy) person in general. It's just that all the teens of our “church“ knew themselfs for a long time (No one of our family was born here) and do always stuff together. They also live closer to each other. 

And yes they are more open towards people than Idk other people, but not as much as you would like to think. I guess not being open towards strangers/other people is a bad habit of us germans...

It's a curse that so many human beings are full off prejudices. Not only from one nation to another, but within a country.

I watch on my phone all the time so the Huawei Mate X folding phone or Galaxy Fold would be perfect for me. Looking on the price though I decline. Even if you aren't poor you should still know that price is ridiculous.

I like your opinion about believing. Still I am unsure if it's that easy, because there's one line in the bible where it says “god never changes“ so... I do have hope though and as I said I don't wanna change.

Are you somwhat stuck with gay VN's and stuff? Is there not enough selection for homosexuell girls...? It can't be, right? But if so terrible, very unfair and unequal in terms of equal rights!  Or is love for you a general thing and you don't different the gender and sexuality? 

Yeah parents are always concerned about their children. I mean they should be, but in a loving and understanding way. When I was younger I had to take medicine (pills) to control “my power“ (I love sarcasm). They made me tired and weren't good overall. Okay, they calmed me down and that's the only good thing..

(Poor 8 year old...!)

When I had an ebook I downloaded free gay books and because I used my parents email they found out. My dad then told me that he had the same kind of problem, when he was young and said that I will turn straight, when I believe, I think. I guess my dad was so devastated that his believe grew so strong that he turned straight. I have no idea how or why, but it happend. 

My parents were luckily not as shocked as I thaught they would be after this “enlightenment". I then destroyed my ebook and I am since then very careful. I dont know if they still think I am gay, but I am now very good at adjusting myself, so maybe they don't.

Now to me I am, as you know, still gay (I don't know at which age my dad turned straight) and it's propably because all this treatment of my fellowmen (?) hardened my heart, kind off, if that makes any sence, sigh... 


Here is our animal story in short: 

So as very first pet we had a rabbit. He got professionelly butchered. Then we got guinea pigs. One died through a disease, two were killed by a fox, when they were out in the garden. We then decided to buy hamsters (G-Force is a great movie isn't it?). Mine was a “dsungarian dwarf hamster“ Some of them escaped their cages multiple times until they were gone. One died normally. Once I had a gerbil (?! A big mouse basically) which I accidently killed, when I was playing with her. She died through “lockjaw“ on her snout, I cried. 

After all these rodents we finally got a “real“ pet. A dog named Teddy. He died after 2 weeks because of “stomach invagination“. We most likely got him when he was already ill. Our final pet, which we still have and who is very healthy, is our dog Ultimo (U-throw, yk?). Don't even try questioning his name. It's the best we could've chosen anyways. (Ultimo is latin)

Now you know what I meant with 'paranormal circumstances'...

(I wonder what people think when they read our life stories 😅 not that it bothers me any...)