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Sure, your Discord?

It is not, but it's cheap. You have to register an account on this website and pay 5$ for 3000 sbenny cash. The game costs only 50. On the same website you can also get Winds of Change for android etc.

I did it and it worked really well.

please write normally and don't forget the number

10/10 thank a bunch, for real!

Shouldn't you be giving your id, because you want something from me?

Alright, thank you for the nice reply. :)

Fully agreed

Down below a commenter asked "will there be an android version?" And your answer was "yeah sure, Ill upload it in a few hours :)"

Did something go wrong? Hopefully you can add it one day. :)

Too bad :(

It does so on Android.

I'd like to, but unfortunately it says "download failed" :/

I'm currently discovering many more gay games/gay visual novels. There's this very well informed hub website that I use for instance.

I know this question must be annoying, sorry. If there was an android version, I'd be able to play. So, are you going to publish one?

To me the game looks definetly intriguing. I'm curious about the story and whatelse there is.

I am planning on buying a laptop, though I don't know which brand and model I should get...

(1 edit)

Is this game going to have lgbt content...? Ah, I presume the description declines that.

Won't this ever be translated...?

Interesting... Can you play this on Android devices?

Is there a possibilty that m/m content is going to be added later on? Don't answer, if you happen to not like the question. :)

Will you be making more games like this and maybe with m/m content? Don't answer, if you feel uncomfortable with this question.

Do you consider adding an Android version? The game looks well made from what I can see.

The .zip file doesn't work on Android.

I do, but because of my "religion" of choosing only one love interest per visual novel, I won't play past the choice when you have to select one of the three, since only Rowley's route is available and I chose Angus... Btw. Rowley really does not look like a panther to me at all. A panther is Sam (Santa Lucia) or Jymsar (Pervader). Rowley has the looks of a Cane Corso,  German Mastiff, Labrador Retriever, or Presa Canario, one of those dog races at least.


Hmm... I see. Thanks for telling.

Please give me the link to that website... whatever.

I see, then here is my name and tag: OfficialNoonOn#0115

I already liked your name when I saw it, but now I know it has a deeper meaning than I first anticipated. Although, tbh, I should have known Cronkonium that is from the periodic table of the elements. However my older/other name, I used in the past (Resbach is completely random and popped into my head one day), [Official]NoonOn has a much, much deeper meaning and background than yours. :p

send you a request~

I. Don.'t. Have. It! And I won't install it. I never heard of it. You have Discord, so use it! ...

Do you remember? You wrote: "Will there be an android version (for Worst Dating Sim)?" Well, I found an android port. But in order to get the link you have to create an account on that website and pay 5 bucks for specific currency. Though it's not all bad, because you can buy other android ports on this website too or download apps freely. I found a Winds of Change android port aswell! It's another gay VN that does not have an android version.

Thank you <33

Okay and what now

Me neither, but that's prefectly fine. Telegram? I don't even know what that means..

Oh... I honestly never expected someone to ask this so genuine...

But first: Thank you so much for your long explanation. 

It's true, I haven't lied to you or anyone else when I wrote that I'm German. 

Did you like your „Aufenthalt“ (=stay) in Düsseldorf at all or was it very difficult for you to communicate? How were the people in the „Umgebung“ (=surroundings)? Personally, I've never been to America for a few month. We visited your lovely country 2 times and my family 3 times (I hate long flights). Once because my sister went to Iowa – lol – for a year, the second time we explored the east and the third flight only my parents and sisters attended. They went to the west, San Francisco, Hollywood, ... you get the idea. :)

Of course I'd love to talk some more. The problem with it is, I know tons more furry VN's than I do what is considered "normal" VN's. Maybe just maybe I can warm you up to very good, very specific furry VN's? Though I definetly won't pressure you. Besides, VN's such as Echo are about the story and characters not... the other thing. (I'm not a fan of it, but oh well. It's a mind fucking horror experience. I like horror, just not Echo)

If you'd like, Discord could be the place for us to talk more freely, so to say. Are you up for it? 

Your discord please (explanation follows)

Oh, okay that's how you found out about it. True, itch's search system isn't fully convincing.

It does so very well and thoroughly, thanks a bunch! Your ways of thinking make a lot of sense to me. Maybe they can make more money with Steam than with Patreon? It could be. If they plan to publish in about a year, I guess what it means is they have even more content in store for us (game looks already big, though Idk. A higher quality, like FHD probably I assume.

I like your comment, so I followed you for no real reason really lol

Heh, I spammed too, on Nekojishi's thread, but it wasn't for nothing. I commented under everyone's comment, who asked for an Android version that I found one. The NSFW patch aswell. 

Hahaha, that was exactly what was going through my head when I was introduced to the characters. Thanks for asking. ;)

Pale, how are you always this early to a new VN? Do you somehow get notifications or just browse? However this time, I think I was first, because nothing was written, yet.

Do you know something about the steam version being filled with more content or something? It doesn't make sense that itch's versions are for free.

Haha, fantastic news^^ I am excited! No, not down there... maybe later? Hehehe~ (let me be premature for once, thanks. Although, does it really matter on a site like this?)

That person is spamming this senseless comment and nobody likes it.