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Hi ! Thank you, I learned a lot from your tutorials.

I don't have a mac so I couldn't test it sorry. It seems that mac doesn't support geometry shaders (that's probably why those materials don't work).

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Yeah you're supposed to trigger the text in the casino in order to be able to go to the next stage. You need to get close to the elevator in order to do that. Normally you're not supposed to be able to see in the metro if you've not trigger the casino scene.

I will look into how to make this kind of thing better in the future, thank you !

It seems there was a problem with the zip.  It's fixed now (normally).

Thank you for your feedback ! :)

Hello, I can't make a web build because the game was made to run on PC. Building for web would mean rewriting some shaders and changing the overall look of the game. Sorry, but if you need a linux build tell me (but I won't be able to test it).

Hi,  I added a Mac build. Hopefully it works correctly :)

Hi,  thanks for the feedback!

For the controls, we're using the french keyboard layout (ZQSD instead of WASD). The default is now WASD.