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Republ. of R.U.S.A

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hello! Is theres any Burdoc's Route? And if it is, then can someone help me? I HAVE ALREADY WINNED ALL THE ROUTES  (Except Malik's and Burdoc's one)

Hope so

Hello there! I need to say that I really liked your game, and the Art is sooooo good. The story is really funny also. I'm hopping that the next update comes soon ❤❤❤

I wish that you make a second part of this game 

How do I get the Jack's good ending in the full game??? I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING. Jack is the cutest of them all, I want to be her queen.

Please someone helps me!

//This game is sooooo cute and deep thought. My congrats to the creator

Thank you >w<

Hello! Sorry but I reaaaaaallyyyy need some help... ¡The Rogue trapped me! I gave him the steak but he always kills me. Please answer quikly. I'll try my best to pass trough it.

//I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME. I don't like point & clicks games that much. But yours is special

I've already Played the first game. It was pawdorable!!! I get all the endings in all the rutes possibles. I need to say that I wanted a happy HAPPY ending with Patches, but still I LOVE IT. Pleaaaaaaase hurry up with the third!!!

//I suggest a better murdery friendship