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REP Horror Games

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Well done. I gushed a bit on the design of the game about three quarters of the way through, lol.

Fun game! Looking forward to more!

This one surprised me. Really scary, and incredibly well done. You have a bright future ahead of you! It's third in the video, but I consider that headlining!

Lots of fun and kept me on edge till I got out. Great job! it's second in the video!

Great experience! Really enjoyed it! It's first up in the video!

Great job! The screen glitches toward the end were a little hard to work around, but we made it!

Great atmosphere! Just get rid of the random jumpscares lol.

Such a great experience! And it's gorgeous to look at! Well done devs, can't wait for more!

The jump scares got me! Game #3

No idea how to decipher the phone code...Game #4

Overwhelmed by giant rats! Game #1!

Really enjoyed it! Game #2!

So far this is really good! Even without the enemy AI I jumped a few times, so I look forward to this being fully released.

Had some ups and downs with the audio and not sure about the auto-close at the end with the web page, but overall was not a bad experience. Keep up making games!

Quality. You really got me good at the end there! 

The scares got me! Well done!

Really good game! Enjoyed it a ton!

Lots of fun! Just some tweaking and you've got a great game on your hands!

This was way too good for game jam expectations! Well done!

Thanks for reaching out! Looking forward to see where you go with this game.

A lot of fun. Certainly appreciate the atmosphere and stealth!

Thanks for the request! Glad I got the chance to play your game, I really enjoyed it. I hope you get this to where you want it to be and find all the successes you want!

Really loved the ending. I wasn't expecting it! Great job!

Great work! I had a good time with this. Looking forward to what you do next!

Thank you for making it! It was great fun!

Wow, excellently made. Super happy to experience this one. Thanks!

This was too much fun!

Fun short experience! Thanks for making this!

Really enjoyed the game. There are some improvements that could be made but over all great effort. Looking forward to more from you!

Game was great! Very scary! Thanks for making it!

This isn't even a demo. There are no instructions to the game, and you're just plopped into a mine, looks like, with no other input. Please include more in the demos, and I'll check it out again.