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So I decided to give it a try and I was actually really glad I played it. Understood is a short game were you play as Miriam, a cute monster girl that suffers from the inability to properly express her emotions, this could easily be a way to not get identified with her as she's the protagonist, but as a person that has a friend like this is depicted very accurately and it hit me way too close to home at some points. You basically do just some short quest in which you end up being an annoyance because of Miriam's problem. Also I must say I smirked and even laughed at some points, is pretty funny, and the characters are pretty likable, I wish it was a little longer and had more proper ending, since things are pretty rushed, but I understand as this game was made in less than a month. 
In a nutshell:
Cute and funny game which explores a real life disease, and I enjoyed. 

Thank u for the assets c: should I just put Henry Software in the credits?

This review is for the version 1.4 so I don't know any future fixes but here's my experience:

You play as angel with the name of Emeriel and your mission is to rescue the lost souls  in the Abyss and find out who closed the gates to reach heaven.

Is a kind of dungeon crawler shooting game, and I actually had fun playing it, I think this game can be hard but no unfair, it heavily reminded me the times I played the original Binding Of Isaac, you just have to be very careful and very patient and at those moments like when I had 1 in my lifebar while trying to get back to the savepoint really made me feel tense and I love games like that. 

And about the story, it's not that plot heavy but I don't think it needs to be, it has a decent plot at least when it comes to the protagonist and other character I won't spoil, on the other hand I do think the bosses need a little bit more of story interaction into them but this game was made in less than a month so it's very understandable. 

What it does lack it's uniqueness, it does look a lot like an RPGMaker game and I think that's limiting the game, I also must say that I've seen the developer update this game constantly so it will probably become an even better game that is right now, overall I felt satisfied after finishing the game and I wouldn't say is awesome but it's definitely a pretty good game. 

Glad it helps! And yeah I think with just enough tweaking this game will be very entertaining, count me in for the second round once is tweaked

Usually I try to finish a game before reviewing it, that's one of the reasons my review took so long, but  I'm completely unable to finish the game (Not by glitch, the final boss is really hard) so I will not talk about the story since I didn't finished it
l I'll start with the bad stuff and finish with the good stuff

Bad stuff:
The game is punishing. When I got to the first boss I was completely destroyed and won after many tries by pure luck, most bosses lack a proper pattern I can follow, most enemies and bosses are life sponges also when you are in low heal you can't attack anything, you're basically death. This is really the worst part of the game, the player will become frustrated after a while, but it could be easily fixed by making the enemies do less damage and having less life, maybe even giving way more ash since in one part I had to grind for being able to defeat the second boss, 

Good stuff:
It does give a sense of wonder, the mechanics itself are really well made, when I started on the first map I was having fun burning stuff and exploring the map, I don't remember any glitch (With companies like Bethesda this has become a good point), also that ost is lit, in the description of the game it says "Original Soundtrack" I don't own RPGMaker MV to know if all was original but if it is, you have talent

Overall, it still needs works, I suggest changing the game status as "Early Access" instead of "Released" (I also did that with mine) since at the current state it's way to hard, I think you could use this a game as a "Hard Mode" and make a much less punishing "Normal Mode". since this game  can be pretty entertaining from the base mechanics

Thank you too c: !

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Guilty as charged! I'm still unsure if I make the player able to move
freely in some areas so you can investigate or to completely scrap the
idea of a map and go full visual novel, but I also think exploring the
building will be more fun as it is, fixing grammar horrors very soon!
Thank you c: !

Hmm I'm still in a inner debate whether to make full drawn backdrops or update the current tiles, since I also wanted to player to be able to move in the investigation and with full drawn backdrops that option is not possible, but I'll consider making it full visual novel style, and indeed I know my origin doesn't excuse the execution, I may need a native English editor. With the score system I actually never thought about a way to raise your score and I like that idea, I'll implement it in the final version. As for the the killer I guess I've got some writing to improve!
Thank you for your review c: !

This game does not offer a big plot with twist and turns, it's pretty simple but what it does have are some really smart and challenging puzzles with likeable characters, I'ts kinda weird since I'm usually pretty good at bird-view 2d puzzle adventures but this time I was stuck trying to figure out an obvious solution,the game is kinda short but it depends on how much patience you have on puzzle solving, it starts really easy and then hell unleashes, the puzzles give that kind of sensation you get from games like portal even to the point where once you completed that one that's so hard the satisfaction is amazing
Now there are still some things for example the issues while trying to download the game (Updated version) or that the music does get kinda repetitive after a while, but overall I had a real challenge over here

I also think that's needed, I always wanted to implement a system that recorded the clues while you're playing and you could check at any time, I'll be sure to add it in the final version...and also updated sprites (Most of them were very rushed)
The grammar horrors are gonna get fixed very soon
Thank you for your review c: !

Just finished this game a few minutes ago, it has really clever puzzles, some simple to solve and others that really were a challenge (I couldn't finish them all actually)  Don't expect a thrilling story, it's just comedy, but it's entertaining, I really liked the tutorial guy (Even though he didn't appeared as much as I hoped)  and for a mechanic based game is very solid since I didn't found any major glitches, if you like a short game with interesting puzzles (Some that are really hard) this is your choice

I get you, not even google translate can save us anymore


I can't deny I always loved the Ace Attorney and jeje sorry for the mispells, my main language is spanish but that still doesn't excuse me for the mistakes, I'll fix any misspells once the IGMC is over 

Thank you for your review! c:

Thank you c: