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Renato Lima

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think you should mantain the focus on 2D sidescroll or maybe. This also reminds me of pitfall so maybe you could put some mechanic references from both. What engine are you using?

Feldo try it now :D

Thanks, I was thinking to make updates to balance the gameplay.

Did play it. could have spared me from the click bait.

didn't saw the submission. I'll play later :)

Is your game mobile, and the button appears at the same position always, but with different appearance?

They said it's ok if is multiplayer and each player only uses only one.

Well thanks i guess xD

Thanks for the support. Soon i'll make some ajustments like sound and effects and maybe put on unity to make better mechanics and maybe a 3d low poly =]

Já disse antes, digo de novo. Para uma jam, o jogo está muito bom.

Gostaria de ver uma continuação do jogo ou uma versão que pudesse expandir mais a história :D