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I do actually have a lot of plans for this game but they are going to take a while. I will make it downloadable when I release the next update.

Yes but I will definitely have to fix some bugs with them

The update was published 21 days ago late on Labor Day. Does it not show up for you?

I have been working on an update in my free time and I should be able to get it out by Labor Day.

Very nice I like the risk/reward system for holding the button down longer. I don't quite get what holding right click down and left clicking is doing but otherwise the theme was very well realised.

I must say I am throughly impressed with the gifs though sadly I cannot play all of them because I have a mac

For those who are interested here is my game(I could not figure out how to upload a gif so here is a picture):

thank you guys for all the feedback I didn’t think my game was going to do this well this is my first game jam and I didn’t realize you could request a team

Here is my game about killing groups of enemies with one bullet you can control for anyone who wants to try:

My personal best on it is 25,000, good luck beating that.

Weirdly enough jump is the "z" key

The ideas here are really promising i hope you expand upon it much further

Even after reading the controls I don't understand how anything works. I'm sorry but I don't I can even understand this well enough to rate it.