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I tried a few things but since I can't get the error, I don't know if it's fixed, but I uploaded a new mac build with my fixes so hopefully that solves the issue!

Ok that's really weird but that's something I can still try to solve. Thank you for bringing this to my attention I will try to fix it very soon!

sorry im having trouble figuring out why these errors are occurring. Are you doing anything specific before trying to save or do you get these even if you try to save immediately upon getting into the game?

ok i've had some issues with the saving with mac in the past. can you show me what error you're getting?

Are you using the mac version or the windows version?

On that scene you're not supposed to be able to move backward, it purposely blocks you after the "scare" in that room, you have to keep moving left. Or at least I think that's what you were having an issue with?

it is based off a true story! it only felt right to make a game about games that made me realize i have this severe paranoia.

thanks! the only way you can really move is down at the end so i just had a few duplicate maps and exits set right below the player

I love the abstraction of shape and color throughout this!